Trump the Anointed & Humbug Prophets – Polluted Pulpits Part 3


Trump the Anointed & Humbug Prophets – Polluted Pulpits Part 3

Today’s American Church is in a giant mess! The NAR Prophets are at it again, prophesying that Trump will soon be back, and a lot of church folks cannot wait!

The ear tickling poser prophets are deluding God’s people with lies, bad theology, and snake oil from Hades.

Why do Church people fall for the lies about Trump? Simple. Because a portion of them DO NOT KNOW that the Bible has precise rules about kings.

Folks, the Bible speaks about the expected behavior of Kings. Unfortunately, today’s church trampled on God’s principles. looked the other way and gave Donald a free pass with lame excuses.

…. Many are still giving Trump a free pass, and worse, many have turned him into a martyr of righteousness.

This video session will prove with Scriptures that today’s fake NAR prophets have led the Church to FAILURE and corrupted many with theological poison.

It is detestable. It is embarrassing,

…and I have to talk about it.

This program shares the TRUTH about how God holds Kings accountable. It reveals that Trump’s prophets DID NOT behave like servants of God, but rather as priests of Baal!

And instead of the Twitter Prophets holding Trump accountable, they “enabled his drivel” and “energized his babble.”

This program is about biblical truth. It is for those who have the “ears to hear.” Do you have these ears my friend? If so, enjoy this portion.

And please share this far and wide!

In His service,
Nathan Leal