MAGA Preachers & Polluted Pulpits


It needs to be said folks. The American evangelical Church is in perplexity and Satan is laughing at it …. so is the world!

The Church is now bruised, confused and tattooed with stains that have butchered its testimony.

Some may try to spin it, but the truth is in front of us, and its plain to see.

The shepherds failed, and as leaders, many of them were taken captive by forgetting their heavenly citizenship and placing faith in earthly politics, and worse, by placing their faith in a man, and then promoting the madness to their flocks.

Is this a minor thing? NO! Because the Church is now in disarray with infighting, bitterness and broken fellowship among the saints

As an Evangelical Christian, and a member of the Body of Christ, I must say a few things about this present mess.

How did we get here? The answer is apparent. A portion of the shepherds are mired with the NAR – (New Apostolic Reformation) – Seven Mountain – Doctrine of Demons!

It is a deceitful doctrine that is a dangerous poison, and played a huge role in the present mess.

I invite you to join us as we (Nathan and Alison Leal) discuss it.

My friends, we cannot go forward until we understand the spiritual infection that is among us.

Please share this very important message with everyone that you know.

God bless,
Nathan Leal


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