Coup False Flag Warning – Danger Ahead!!


Coup False Flag Warning – Danger Ahead!!

By Nathan Leal

This is a message from my heart for Patriots and Evangelicals. America is presently in the midst of confusion. Many evangelicals are grieving Trump’s ouster. Some patriots are angry … and some want to try to do something about it.

Hard Times are at the door. Many folks want b_l_o_o_d_s_h_e_d and violence.

This video will visit these things and I also must include a warning about a potential false flag that may be looming.

This message is for all Christians who are trying to make sense of this madness, but it also includes a strong biblical admonition.

My friends, to survive what’s coming we must know the truth.

Please share this message with your friends and family.

In His Service,

Nathan Leal