Nation Under Siege Part 2 – Martial Law & Civil War – Now on Youtube

Update – Audio Message is now on Youtube with captions for your convenience. Link is below.

Nation Under Siege Part 2 – Martial Law & Civil War

An Audio Message by Nathan Leal  – (Audio Link is Below)

(A Note to Trump Supporters – It appears that Trump is vying to take over the country and become the first Dictator. Anyone who is okay with this did not pay attention in civics class! Hitler did these same things! … Be WARNED!!!)

Several US Generals want Trump to declare Martial Law and suspend the Constitution!

The Generals are leaking what’s coming…

  1. Suspension of Habeas Corpus.
  2. Suspension of the Constitution
  3. Military Tribunals.
  4. Military Control of a new election.
  5. A takeover of all three branches of Government by Trump.

What’s the end result? Trump will be the first Dictator of America! Unfortunately, history has taught us about these situations.

This is a tyrannical power grab folks! … And its being presented as the remedy for the last rigged election.

This should alarm every student of history and Bible prophecy!

The End Times are NOW here folks! This development is not about Republican vs. Democrat. We are about to witness the Beast rising from the Sea, and its about to shackle its yoke on America.

If God does not stop it, say “Goodbye,” to the USA!

These things will all be discussed on this program.

Please share this program with your friends and family.

In His service,

Nathan Leal

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