An Appeal to the Remnant


Sections of Europe have entered the panic zone folks. The shelves of certain items have become empty, as well as other places in the world, people have bought up all of the masks, toilet paper, hand sanitizers, canned foods and other staples.

The Coronavirus panic is spreading worldwide. Several public schools in Berlin have closed after a teacher tested positive for the virus.

I am working to get Alison and her teenage son out of Germany. She is forsaking most of her possessions to come to America to become a part of my family.

I am appealing to all of the brethren to please pray for her to have a safe and speedy escape and passage. I need to get her here before any drastic government measures are enacted to restrict travel. Israel just announced that they will quarantine travelers from several countries including Germany.

Also, if at all possible, I ask that those who can, would please help us with needed provision. The migration for her and her son to America is very expensive.

I have been asked if we have a wedding registry. I appreciate that, but the priority is her passage out of there which requires a large financial sum, so please search your heart and consider contributing. Any and all donations will help, whether they are large or small.

After her arrival, we will have a small and private wedding ceremony. Check back for updates. After that, we will hit the ground running with a large volume of reporting about the pandemic crisis. Both Alison and I have been searching the scriptures for understanding about this PESTILENCE that is striking the Earth, and we have MUCH to share.

My friends, it appears that we have entered a very sobering chapter in the prophetic timeline. It is going to be very challenging in the coming days, but with a nourished relationship with Jesus, we as God’s people can endure and prevail, and this ministry is going to provide the needed wisdom and direction from God. We have a lot of things that are coming.

Again, we appreciate your gifts of support. If everyone contributed just a little, we can get this done.

In His Service
Nathan Leal

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God bless.