A Visit to Auschwitz – A First Hand Account – Now on Youtube

Update – Audio Message is now on Youtube with captions for your convenience. Link is below.

It is one of the worst atrocities in history, the Holocaust. But did it really happen? Sadly, there is a movement in this late hour that denies it.

In this program, Alison gives a first hand account of her visit to Auschwitz. She reveals the details of her visit there and also shares about the testimony from a former concentration camp survivor who told her about the nightmare and horror of Auschwitz.

This is one of the most sobering programs I have ever produced, and it needs to be heard by everyone, both young and old.

This program contains information that will shock many of you, but it has to be known. We will also discuss the rising sentiment of antisemitism that is becoming prevalent in today’s church among Christians.

Sadly, it is happening folks. There is a growing stereotype which implies that the Jews of today are a bunch of impostors and that the Nation of Israel is an “INSIGNIFICANT,” secular nation that is full of Zionists!

Ladies and gentlemen, I have to say something about this disturbing trend, because it is very dangerous and it is theologically erroneous! As end time believers, it is very important that we possess the correct theological view about this topic.

I will also address the rising theory about Jewish Kazaars, which seeks to nullify legitimate Jews who are now residing in Israel and labeling them as frauds and impostors.

In this program, the Bible is used to disprove these false theories. If you have been struggling with this matter, then it is vital that you hear this program from start to finish.

My friends, the Lord has prompted me to share about this matter and offer biblical knowledge to shine the light on the rising darkness about this topic.

Also, the end of this program includes a very important announcement about Alison in Germany and our future.

Please share this program with everyone that you know.

In His service,

Nathan Leal
Watchman’s Cry

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God bless you all.