Written Sermon – Birth Pangs & Sorrow! By Nathan Leal


(Note – the written sermon below was taken from an audio sermon by Nathan Leal. Some editing has been done for clarity. God bless.)

By Nathan Leal

Ladies and gentlemen, a new chapter of time has begun. It is 2020, a new decade. Mark it down. This will be the year to remember. It will be recorded as the season when America’s nightmare arrived as she went further into the night and suffered loss.

… Loss my friends! It is coming.

America’s parade of greatness is going to morph into a procession of grieving widows and fatherless children. And across the land, a scene will be replayed over and over, as her song becomes a lonely trumpet … weeping “Taps,” in the rain.

Sunset is upon us. Darkness awaits, and a destroyer is perched outside the city, anticipating their instructions to break America’s toys and make grown men cry.

… for this, I lament.
… and for this I grieve.

War is arriving. The nation crossed the bridge. There is no going back. If you’re awake, you’re probably grieving with me, because you understand what these words mean, and you also understand, what time it is.

… And you also understand that there are songs like the Ballad of Job, waiting to be played over and over in the night for many people.

Birth Pangs

As a young Christian, I remember learning about the biblical term, “birth pangs.” Most of you know the phrase … Birth pangs. In Matthew 24:8, Jesus talked about them. Most Christians are familiar with it, and according to your Bible version, it’ll say it a number of ways.

The New American Standard Bible reads; “But all these things are merely the beginning of birth pangs.

The King James Bible reads: “All these are the beginning of sorrows.

Some of you have probably noticed that the term, “birth pangs and sorrows,” has been used interchangeably according to the translation. But I want to talk about that word.

The Greek word for, “birth pangs and sorrows,” is odin. (Pronounced oh-deen) It means – the pain of childbirth, travail pain, birth pangs, intolerable anguish, sorrow.

When Jesus was summarizing the end times, He warned about several categorical topics and then He mentioned, “birth pangs.”

Jesus warned of – deception, wars and rumors of wars, kingdom fighting against kingdom, famines, pestilence, and earthquakes, and then He said, “all of these things are the beginning of the birth pangs, (sorrows).”

My friends, this is the season that has arrived. As Christians we must understand this season so that we are not thrown into the wind when we face the turbulent weather ahead.

When I was a young Christian, I never really thought about the season of – “birth pangs.” And I never really thought about what birth pangs would look like. Over the years, I noticed that Christians often talked about them, but most of them didn’t really consider the details of them either. I knew, “birth pangs,” was a biblical term, but until recently, I didn’t really think about their appearance.

Do “birth pangs,” have an appearance folks? Indeed, they do. Jesus was not just reciting poetry. He was describing a spiritual phenomenon that would manifest in the end times.

Over the years, how many Christians knew that, “birth pangs,” also meant that there would be a season of time when the Earth would experience delirium in the physical realm as well as the spiritual realm?

How many knew that, “the birth pang phenomena,” would include a manifestation where the earth shakes along with the heavens?

… And how many knew that, “birth pangs,” would also shake the hearts of men?

In the natural, Birth pangs mean pain! They mean, screams! Agony! Distress! Clenched teeth and groans of affliction.

As a young Christian, I loved to study Bible prophecy. But I never realized that someday, I would observe a season of time that goes through actual “birth pangs.” Nor did I realize that birth pangs would charge the atmosphere with distress and a dark cloud of oppression that many people would feel.

But it has. It’s in the air folks, both the spiritual atmosphere, and the physical realm.

It get’s worse. Because the birth pangs of this planet have had a effect on people. The pangs have caused men to vomit their inner darkness onto the ground. And reveal the ruin that dwells within their souls.

The birth pangs are bringing trials and tribulation. And trials have a way of crushing our flesh into powder and causing us to cry out to God. But trials also have a way of doing the opposite, which is to make folks bitter because they are laden down with sin and do not wish to repent.

…But repent we must!

Otherwise the residue of sin will remain inside. And folks, it is dangerous to harbor sin, because sin is toxic to the soul. It is malignant to the spirit. The iniquity of man is a poisonous mixture of gall and guano that is poisoning the land… and etching itself into the earth.

… and the earth groans and travails waiting to be redeemed.

Yes, my friends, birth pangs will gyrate the Earth with a groan.

In the natural, when a woman gives birth, the birth pangs arrive in waves and cause her body to have contractions. Most of you know this. The contractions cause trauma, both emotional and physical. There is  hysteria, frenzy, agitation, dread, tension, anxiety, panic, loss of confidence, apprehension and so much more! In the same manner, the Bible tells us that in the time of the end, the Earth would experience these things.

When Jesus said that wars would come, He was also telling us that as they arrived, the ground would shake and quake as the hooves of the invading horsemen blitzed over the land.

Ladies and gentlemen, we must prepare for this!

… Birth pangs will burn the forest and paint the sky with smoke!

… Birth pangs will roar in the sea, and push waves over the land.

… Birth pangs will gyrate the earth, and cast men to the ground.

… They will throw a yoke upon men, and turn their hearts to stone.

Unfortunately, a portion of God’s people will buckle under the weight and quit. But as God’s child, you must be strong! You must be determined for Jesus. No matter what happens. You must resist the temptation to succumb as you travel through the night. And if He lives in you, God has called you to be an overcomer.

So, don’t lose your faith, my friend. No matter what happens around you, set your face like flint towards the heavenly city. Because so many others who have gone on ahead, are there waiting for you.

I am led to share these words, because the birth pangs are becoming worse. The earth is going to start shaking violently pretty soon. And most people don’t know how difficult it is going to be to maintain balance as Hell’s undertow takes the land into convulsions.

But we must stand my friend … You must stand! No matter how challenging it gets.

Nighttime Fog and Hell’s Lather.

Brethren of the faith, I must also warn about something else. Jesus said that the birth pangs would bring deception. And as I look around, I can see it arriving. I can also see what it is going to do. Therefore I must warn.

The birth pangs are bringing a fog; a nighttime cloud that infects some with blindness as the sea of judgment pounds the shore.

Make note ladies and gentlemen, a spiritual tsunami of judgment will arrive. It will come in waves, and build in intensity. The waves will bring a flood of turmoil that will soak the land with a deadly mix of lather and foam that boils when it reaches dry ground.

It will be a lather from hell; a foam that will suffocate people with trials and turbulence. And it won’t care you are. It will target the young and the old.

… It will clutter the mind of evangelicals and progressives.

… It will entangle Patriots with pandemonium.

… It will mystify the mainstream, and muddle the masses.

It will unseat men’s minds with disorder.

Why? Because it has an assignment. This lather from hell will seek the parched places of men’s hearts, and as it flows over the land, it will soak the parched ground of America and sprinkle it with sugar plums and candy that looks good, but is actually a counterfeit from hell.

… It will also offer a quenching drink to those who are thirsty, but be warned my friend, it is a secretion from the bowels of the underworld. It will burn your throat with bitterness, and poison your soul with deception.

This is why it is so important to be planted like a tree by God’s river of righteousness and water of life. It is vital to be camped by His well, and hydrated by God.

My friends, these are not just words … they are His instructions. But sadly, the souls of most men and women are parched. They are not partaking of His well and as a result they are dehydrated.

Are you dehydrated, my friend?

Are you?

Does it feel empty within? Is there something missing? How many of God’s people are suffering from dryness of soul?

How many of the redeemed ones have forgotten to take a drink?

How many of those who knelt at the cross and are trying to look for His return, but dying of thirst?

How many?

And worse, how many have tried to take up the cross, but have also sought a drink from rancid vinegar soaked in unrighteousness rags?

I Thirst

When Jesus was on the cross, He became thirsty and He said, “I thirst.” So the soldiers lifted a sponge to His mouth. It was attached to a reed that had been soaked in rotten vinegar! The Bible calls it “gall!

Amazingly, He drank of it. Why? Why would Jesus take a sip of rot?

He did it so that we would not have to. And He did it so that He could then offer us His water of life.

… Water that heals.

… Water that refreshes.

… Water that turns the weary man or woman into a warrior.

We must partake of His water my friends. It is water that will bring life to your dry bones. This is why the Bible tells us to plant ourselves by the river of life, because if we don’t, our spirits will shrivel up into carcasses.

Don’t be a carcass my friend. And don’t lie in a slumber. Awake sleeper. arise from the dead, and Christ will shine upon you.

I know that it’s hard out there. And I know that many of you are tired. But we must fight the slumber. Fight it my friend. Don’t be a slumbering saint. Because if you are, the buzzards from hell will mistake you for a carcass and peck into your eyes… and that would hurt!

Gross right? … And also ouch!

Perilous Times

Perilous times are here folks. And it’s so important that we, the chosen ones, the redeemed ones, the called out ones, partake of His water now!

… and fill our troughs now!

It is important that our spirit are abounding with His abundance. Not just a little my friend, but overflowing and running over.

My cup runneth over.

We have to … We must … You must!

… For the sake of your spirit’s health, and for the sake of your endurance, testimony, witness, and assignment, it is so important to tap into His well, because otherwise the poisonous waters of perilous times will seek to kidnap you and carry you away into the night.

My friend, this is about your soul… and Hell wants it. Hell has opened its jaws, and desires to swallow you, deceive you, overwhelm you, and convince you that you’re worthless.

But that is a lie.

Every human soul is priceless, because it was made by God, and Jesus paid the price to redeem it, For you are His workmanship, created by Him for good works in Christ. And He wants to be your friend and be with you during these perilous times.

Perilous times are here folks. The waves of judgment are approaching.

So please my friends, get a hold of God. Seek Him. If you are harboring sin, it’s time to let it go. Confess your sins. Allow Jesus to wash them away. He will. We all need to do this. Let all of God’s people cry out to Him for cleansing. Let’s do this folks!

May you all become acquainted with the water of God, and His wellspring of life. Call out to Him today, my friend. And make this the Lord’s day.

God bless you all. In His service,
Nathan Leal

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