The Christian Onslaught Against Christmas – A Bible Study


The Christian Onslaught Against Christmas

By Nathan Leal & Alison Smith

It happens every year, and I will say it folks. It is horrible. It is the annual crusade against Christmas, and it appears to be getting worse, especially on social media!

But it is not the atheists who are doing it. Nor is it the progressives, but rather, it is a certain sect of Christians who feel strongly about it. And every year, a number of these brethren, remove their gloves and become anti-Christmas gladiators on social media with a mission to tear into the saints and set them straight.

… Facebook becomes the octagon, the body count rises, and many Pro-Christmas Christians fall by the wayside with a sword sticking out of their heart, while their attacker rides off into the sunset shouting – JEREMIAH 10!!

When asked why they attacked the brethren, they proudly say, “Because they had a pagan Christmas tree and Jeremiah 10 forbids it…. so I am doing God a favor!”

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is wrong on so many levels, so I have to talk about it.

DISCLAIMER – First, I have to say that not all of those who forsake Christmas behave this way. If you are not one of the them, this message does not apply to you. But if perchance you do participate in these antics, please listen to this program, and prayerfully consider my appeal.

… Because it is an appeal folks! I want to appeal to reason, peace and goodwill toward men.

An Appeal to Reason

In this program, the Bible is used to address the arguments below that are against Christmas.

1. Jeremiah 10 – Does this passage really refer to a Christmas tree?
2. Are Christians allowed to celebrate a certain day if it has not been included in the Torah?
3. Are Anti-Christmas folks in error when they use the Bible to condemn those who celebrate it.
4. Are God’s people allowed to have a holiday if it is not a part of the Mosaic Law?
5. Are the Feasts that are in the Old Testament, the only celebrations that we are allowed to participate in?

This audio program addresses these topics and more. Alison joins Nathan in this in depth Bible Study to get to the heart of this matter

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In His service,
Nathan Leal