Fighting the Good Fight Part 1 – A Sermon by Nathan Leal – Update – uploaded to Youtube


Update – Sermon is now on Youtube with captions for your convenience. Link is below.

by Nathan Leal

Fighting the Good Fight is our Assignment & the Issues of Life is the theme.

This message addresses several important topics including the question that Christians casually believe which is – “When we sin, is it really that bad? What’s the big deal?

The answer – It is a big deal, because sin brings ailments that are first invisible, but then appear with a vengeance!

How does this happen? We wrestle not against flesh and blood, and many times the wrestling match will leave Christians pinned to the ground in defeat.

This message explains the nuts and bolts of the good fight. And it looks into the strategies that Satan uses against God’s people to deceive and defeat them.

… and how to use biblical tools to find victory in Jesus.


  1. How does a Christian fight the good fight?
  2. How to use the Armor of God.
  3. How strongholds get into people.
  4. The curse of the cockatrice.
  5. The prison of the viper’s web.
  6. Guarding our hearts and the Issues of Life.

Are you not where you want to be in Jesus? Do you often wonder why you are not as strong as you would like to be? Are you tired of stumbling?

This audio sermon explains the spiritual battle that God’s remnant faces in everyday living. It goes very deep into the Scriptures and gives biblical tools that God’s remnant can use to fight the good fight to find victory.

God’s people perish for lack of knowledge, but this message will empower you with sound biblical knowledge to defeat the enemy.

Please share it with your friends and family.

Both the audio link and Youtube link are below:

In His Service,
Nathan Leal
Watchman’s Cry