News from the Wall – America in Crisis – Updated now on Youtube


Update – Program is also on Youtube – link is below

News from the Wall – America is in Crisis

Nathan & Donna Leal share the untold truth about America’s developing Constitutional Crisis where a storm is about to EXPLODE…

Donald J. Trump has participated in money laundering for several decades. The Mob Operation used the sale of his real estate to launder money for Russian oligarchs, drug cartels, and dictators.

As a result, Trump is compromised. He is a “Putin kompromat,” posing as a president.

This ain’t “Fake News” folks! And it is about to get worse…

In order, to prevent his downfall, Trump needs a distraction with a national emergency and a war … which is developing!

The program also visits the unsaid mystery of “Trump,” and it asks the hard question – “Who is he really?”

Chaos is coming folks. This program visits the details. Please share this with your friends and family members.


Update – Program is now on Youtube.


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(Note – This program will be available on Youtube very soon. So be watching for it.)