Psalms 32 – Finding Blessed Assurance and Strength from God – Part 2 – a sermon


Psalms 32 – Finding Blessed Assurance and Strength from God – Part 2

A Deeper Examination of Sin and Forgiveness

By Nathan Leal

(Note – The Youtube and transcript of this sermon will be out very soon.)

In part one of this topic, we examined the first part of Psalms 32, and we broke down the importance of repentance, and how dangerous it is to harbor sin and procrastinate against repentance.

In this session we’re going to take a deeper look at what sin is, forgiveness, and finding blessed assurance with God.


  1. Have you ever wondered how spiritual restoration occurs?

2. Have you wondered what takes place on a human soul, when the person repents and asks for forgiveness?

Something does happen. It is supernatural. It is incredible, and it shows us how much God loves us.

In this sermon, we will examine the miracle of salvation and we will also dissect what REAL repentance looks like. We will do this by examining how King David repented. It is recorded for us in the Scriptures,and it gives us a beautiful template of what we should aim towards.

This message will bless all of God’s people with hope. It contains an in-depth Bible study and it will bless and feed those who are hungry for the meat of God’s Word.

Please share it with your loved ones, friends and family members.


In His Service,
Nathan Leal
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