Being a Watchman is Not for the Blind – By Nathan Leal


Being a Watchman is Not for the Blind

God called me to start this ministry over 10 years ago. It was during the presidency of George W. Bush. I started doing this when a Republican president was in office, and back then, the Lord made it clear that a watchman is to watch and report what is seen. So I did. I looked over the horizon, and I saw great corruption in the US government. I saw that George W. Bush passed legislation that goes against the Constitution.

Do you remember those days folks?

President Bush created many tools for big brother like the: Patriot Act, and NSA spying. He also forged the Department of Homeland Security which has essentially militarized domestic law enforcement, and turned privacy inside out. Bush also sent America to wars based on false pretense, i.e., Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction that never existed.

So I reported those things and I also shared that the left/right paradigm was a farce, it was theater. Thus, I trusted neither the Democrats or the Republicans and I proclaimed myself a political atheist.

My message was not very popular back then and a lot of Christians did not understand how I could say such things about a Republican president, because after all, he was a good Methodist.

“Nathan, Christians don’t speak against the Republican Party. Don’t you know?”

Apparently I didn’t, because if I did, I would have kept my observations to myself, but folks, being a watchman is not for the blind. The watchman is supposed to look and report what he sees. It’s a simple job. If the watchman sees something, they’re supposed to inform the people. God is clear about this, because if a watchman sees something and denies it, they will suffer at the hand of God. This takes us to another requirement – Denial.

A watchman cannot deny what he sees. They cannot hide it. They cannot pretend that it is not there.

So ten years ago, God sent me to the wall and He told me to watch. He also did something else. He began to show me prophetic glimpses of things that were coming. So I shared the glimpses with the people… with many of you.


Eventually George W. Bush left office. Obama took over and the evangelical church became very concerned. Conservatives became vigilant in their Obama watch. The reporting on Obama’s evil was endless. A lot of folks suspected that he would be the last president. I myself wondered about it, but I wasn’t sure.


Why? Because during Obama’s presidency, God gave me a prophetic dream about a future president. I saw a glimpse. There was a mob that gathered in the night. They were holding torches. They were angry at the president and wanted to hurt him. In my prophetic glimpse, I also saw the Secret Service in division. Some of them also wanted to hurt the president. They were in a shoot out, the president was cowering in a corner, so I could not see his face. It was toward the wall. A Secret Service agent had a gun pointed at him, but in my dream, I stood between the president and the agent. I told the agent not to hurt him. The dream was over.

I have shared this dream over the years, and I do believe that at some point, the atmosphere of chaos will arrive in America were citizens will want to hurt politicians. I don’t know when it will happen, but I believe it will.

I also must include this. In my dream the president was a white guy. I saw this during Obama’s reign. So in my heart of hearts, I always suspected that Obama was not going to be the last president. However, I did not trust Obama, nor did I trust Hillary, and I openly stated this many times in my programs and written articles.

America is in Judgment

Over the years, I also continually shared something else – America is under judgment. If you have been with us since the beginning, you probably heard me say it.

The message from this watchman has been that America is under judgment. I have shared that the judgment will occur in four categories: famine, pestilence, the invasion of evil, and eventually war.

I still maintain that warning.


Because at no point during Obama’s reign did America ever repent. In fact, the opposite happened. Over the past several years, the American church got slimed with a weird theology; the Dominionist – NAR (New Apostolic Reformation ) – Kingdom Now – Seven Mountain theology incubated in the church, and the clerics of this theology contaminated evangelicals with the doctrine of demons.

The Seven Mountain theology claims that before Jesus can come back, the church must take over the world and basically supply Jesus with a spiritual helipad so that He can land His white horse.

Of course, this theology cannot be found in the Bible, but that doesn’t seem to matter. A lot of Christians now believe it. Why? Because they have not studied their Bibles and sadly today, we are witnessing a famine for the Word of God.

Another Republican

Which brings us to the present. When Donald Trump showed up on the campaign trail, I did not know what to make of his rhetoric. Why? Because over the last several decades, Donald Trump has shown us what he is all about. He has a record. He has fruit. And folks, his record stinks to high heaven with shenanigans that have hurt a lot of people. I’m not making this up. There is documented proof about this that is exhaustive.

But I still was not sure.

Did he change? I wondered. Is he sincere? Is he really a Republican? Is he really a conservative?

I took it to God. I asked Him to show me the truth and He did. During Trump’s campaign, I had a prophetic dream where I saw a creature fly over America. The creature had pterodactyl looking bat wings. It was orange. It had leathery skin. It glided over America. And get this, the creature had Donald Trump’s face.

What does this mean? I asked God. I wanted to understand.

God answered. He told me that a spirit of deception had gone over America. It was a very powerful principality and it had a job to do which was – Deceive the country and deceive the church about Donald Trump.

Why would God allow this? It’s Bible prophecy.

“And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish … because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie.” 1 Thessalonians 2:10,11

Trump Land

God also showed me other glimpses. He showed me a prophetic dream revealing the aftermath of Trump, which was Trump-Land. I saw buildings, high-rises.



They all had the name – “Trump,” at the top of them. It was an odd dream because everything was in black and white, like a 30s movie.

Ladies and gentlemen, I saw an America that was under the bondage of a dictator.

I saw it folks! I asked God about it. God said warn the people. So I did. I shared that I did not trust Donald Trump, and I also included my concern that Trump desires to be a dictator.

This did not go over well. I got hate mail, and hateful Facebook messages. Some of my faithful listeners said, “how dare you.”

Then they started insulting me. “Nathan you are false.”

But I maintained my vigilance. Why? Because being a watchman is not for the blind. Nor is it for cowards. This is something God made very clear, if I see it, I must share it, because He wants His people to know the truth.

It’s about truth folks. It is not about political bias. It is not about lies, not falsehoods. It’s about – Truth. As Christians, truth should be the goal for all of us.

I asked God to show me the truth, no matter where it led. And during Trump’s campaign, over the span of several months, God revealed a few more prophetic glimpses.

Infrastructure Crash

I had a prophetic dream that revealed a crash. Actually, it was more of a collapse. I saw the infrastructure of a bridge under construction, but when it was halfway built, it collapsed and great chaos ensued. Therefore, I maintain that a crash is coming. It will happen when most people think that all is well.

When I saw the glimpse of the collapse, one of the most notable things was a bridge that was halfway built.


The infrastructure was under construction, but then the crash came. The girders and steel work of the infrastructure were made of decorative steel like the Eiffel tower. This has me wondering if France or Paris will somehow be involved. Or perhaps the coming crash will be related to a financial calamity in either France or the European Union? But whether or not France or Europe is involved, the collapse is coming.

It is coming folks, and in spite of Donald Trump being the president, it is still coming. He will not be able to stop it. If for some reason Trump leaves office, Pence will not be able to stop it.

Regarding Trump at the helm during the collapse, I have suspicions that he knows it’s coming and was purposely chosen to navigate America through it.

It is coming folks. Why? Because America is under judgment.

Cyrus will Save Us

During Trump’s campaign, the Seven Mountain clerics went full force with their deception. They issued false proclamations about Trump. They told the church that Trump was Cyrus. Some of the clerics also claimed that Trump was a number of other biblical heroes, like John the Baptist, David, Samson, Elijah, Nebuchadnezzar, etc.

Mark Taylor, the retired fireman, was promoted by several of my ex-colleagues.

Taylor then teamed up with lady-cleric Mary Colbert and they wrote a book about Taylor’s false prophecy.


Mary Colbert promoted Taylor to the next level and slimed the church with his false words. Jim Bakker swallowed it up, the church swallowed it up. Why? Because someone didn’t read their Bible.


Then it became weirder and weirder. Some of the voices that I respected in the past, also swallowed the Mark Taylor Kool-Aid. They jumped on the Trump – Cyrus train and promoted a lie.

How could these things be? How could people who call themselves watchmen look to the horizon, and ignore what they see? How can they ignore that America is in trouble? How could they ignore their own words?… Words where they stated that both Democrats and Republicans could not be trusted? How could this be?

It is because being a watchman is not for the blind, and it takes bravery to stand for truth. It takes bravery to stick to the truth no matter how unpopular it is. It takes bravery and courage to not allow oneself to be tainted by popular trends.

Some of you know this all too well. God is also shown some of you things that are similar to what I’m saying. God has shown some of you the truth about Trump’s deception. Sadly, some of you also know the painful rejection that is experienced when trying to share the truth with your friends and family. Some of you have loss relationships over this. But in spite of that rejection, God has given you the courage to stick with your vigilance and your conviction about this matter.

As a side note, I want to encourage those of you who are in this situation. Be strong my friend, and have courage. God is with you.

Some of the Watchmen are Blind

How can it be that during Obama’s reign the watchmen spoke out about things like the Bilderberg meetings, Goldman Sachs, CFR, the Illuminati, political corruption, the Hegelian Dialectic, but now those things are ignored.

“Ignored Nathan?”

Yes ignored.

Donald Trump claims to be an outsider, but reality reveals something else.

His administration is full of insiders. It is full of Goldman Sachs, CFR, Rothschild, Skull and Bonesmen. This is the truth folks. Trump meets with the elite regularly.


Henry Kissinger has met with Trump three times and counseled him.


Several years ago, these watchmen spoke out about the elite. They spoke out about the globalists billionaires of the world who influence government policy. But now, those same globalists billionaires are riding in Air Force One with Donald Trump.

What Nathan? Seriously?

It’s true. When Trump went to the Saudi Arabian CEO Forum and placed his hand on the weird wizard ball, he took billionaires with him to Saudi Arabia, and many deals were made that serve his billionaire globalist friends like Stephen Schwarzman of Blackstone.

Did the watchman say anything when it happened? No they didn’t.

Trump then went to Davos, Switzerland and met with the billionaire globalists. He had dinner with them. The majority of them are Bilderberg Members, they are big Pharma, big oil, big globalists.

Did the other watchmen say anything about this? Why not?

Donald Trump hung out with the CEO of Bayer pharmaceuticals. Bayer is about to merge with Monsanto.


Monsanto folks!

There is no closer insider than Monsanto. Trump says he hates insiders, but did he say anything about it? No he didn’t.

When asked about the president’s position on the proposed merger, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said, “… I’ll have to get back to you.”

So where are the other watchmen? Why are they not speaking out about this?

It’s because they swallowed the Kool-Aid of deception, and instead of exposing Trump’s shenanigans with the globalists, they have adopted his lie which blames everything on – Deep State.

Deep State is the Bogeyman

Deep State is Trump’s fiction folks! He tweets about it, and all of his followers believe it. Why does he do this? So that he can blame somebody else.

And he does this while at the same time, padding the pockets of his billionaire globalist buddies. Don’t believe me?

Why does he want to carve up America’s interstates and convert them to toll roads?



Why does Goldman Sachs want to take over your drive to work and make you pay a toll? They are doing this in Puerto Rico.



Alex Jones used to scream about this years ago. He used to say, “The elite globalists want to convert America’s roads into toll roads.”

But now, Jones is a Trump apologist and blames everything on Deep State. Ladies and gentlemen, Deep State is a farce. I am not saying that it doesn’t exist, but it is in the White House. The members of Deep State are the globalists…. These are the same people who are guiding Trump. But in order for Trump to deceive America about Deep State, he has turned the concept into a WWF wrestling match with the theatrics of – the good guys versus the bad guys which Trump is familiar with since he used to participate in WWF Wrestlemania’s theatre.

It is the Hegelian Dialectic, and the evangelicals are swallowing it up.

The other farce to distract is Trump’s fixation with Hillary and Obama. Trump likes to blame them for a lot of things, but again, this is theater. Unfortunately, Fox News is happy to provide airtime for it. Remember when all of the watchmen used to tell us that Fox News was fake? What happened to that warning? Why do these same watchmen / Trump supporters now use Fox News as a legitimate source?

I believe that is a fair question. Why? I’ll tell you why, because being a real watchman is not for the blind.

“Nathan, are you saying those other watchmen are blind?

Yes I am, they are blind or they are in denial, and that’s too bad, because God’s people need to know the truth, but unfortunately they are being led astray by blind watchmen.

What do we do Nathan?

Step one: Desire to know the truth. This must be a guiding principle in our hearts. We must want to know the truth no matter where it leads.

Step two: Ask God to open your eyes. God will answer this prayer for the person who wants to know. He promises this in the book of James 1:5, “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him “

Step three: Fact check everything that you see. When Trump tweets something, don’t just believe it without checking out the facts. I have observed and witnessed that the majority of Trump’s tweets are outright lies.

In spite of this, Trump has decided to use this method as a replacement for the Free Press, which he has demonized and claimed to be enemies of the state. <—-Ladies and gentlemen, this should concern every freedom loving American, because Trump has convinced a portion of the country that the Free Press is not necessary. This is a dangerous ploy that has precedent in history with other dictators. This essentially has turned his twitter feed into the State Run Media. When we add Fox News, the State Run Media is alive and well.


Does the meme above offend? Make note of the gentleman’s name, Wayne Simmons. He was a contributor to FoxNews as a former CIA operative. But it turns out Mr. Simmons NEVER worked for the CIA. He was found guilty of fraud for doing this and sent to prison. 

During World War II, Hitler had Joseph Goebbels as the minister of propaganda.


Goebbels giving a speech in Lustgarten, Berlin, August 1934. This hand gesture was used while delivering a warning or threat.


During the Gulf War, Saddam Hussein had Baghdad Bob doing the same thing.


Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf AKA Bagdad Bob

Back then, watching Bagdad Bob was hilarious, because he would tell lies about how the American forces were getting beat up by Iraq and running away “like rats.”


Today, Trump has Fox News and Twitter, but the result is the same. The lies are spilled over the airwaves, and many evangelicals are swallowing up the rhetoric without checking the facts.

So where are the other watchmen​? Where are the other voices that used to speak out about such things?

Where are the other watchmen? I’ll tell you where they are, they have joined the Trump brotherhood where assault and battery against the truth has become their bloodsport.

Are these strong words? Yes they are. But being a watchman is not for the blind, nor is it for cowards. Therefore I must say these things, because deception has become the children’s bread.

… And it is poisoning men’s hearts.

May God awaken His own to know the truth.

In His service,

Nathan Leal
Watchman’s Cry