The Vegas Shooting & the End Game of War & Tyranny – Part 1


The Vegas Shooting & The End Game of Tyranny – Part One

Warning – Some of the images in this disclosure are graphic.

Before I injured myself and broke my back and left arm, I was working on a very detailed disclosure on the Vegas shooting. I have resumed that project from my bed of recovery. It has been slow and tedious, but I want to release portions of the research as it is completed.

Note – This disclosure is detailed with a lot of information. Please try to examine all of it. Especially, the information and images about Pollock’s, “supposed suicide.” I will be contributing more in the coming days.

By Nathan Leal

They say that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but the ramifications of the Vegas shooting were not meant to stay in Sin City. Instead, they will install another chapter into America’s timeline and take this country into tyranny and ruin. The massacre was horrible and record-breaking, but it was only the beginning. There is more to come. This is because the New World Order plan must be accomplished in incremental stages. One of them involves serving up innocent citizens to bloodshed. In addition, the Vegas shooting was meant to bring about a very dubious and evil outcome that will push America further into a police state and into war.

The shooting was staged and had several motives that are playing out in real time. When I say staged, I do not mean that it was fake. It was real.

I have provided a list of the dead here.


People died.


People were shot.


They were sacrificed.


Innocent people were massacred for the powers of darkness.


The shooting was meant to accomplish several things. One of the motives was to conduct a ritual that was dedicated to Lucifer, their god of the underworld.

Ladies and gentlemen, this thing has free-masonic symbolism all over it, including the location, the timing, and the participants.

The Mandalay Bay property was used because its design, its location, and its history has great significance to the Free-masonic plan to bring chaos and destruction to planet Earth. 

I am going to be going into this in these disclosures. To begin, the official story is a fairy tale, a lie and folks, its odor is soiling the air of the first heaven. Based on the evidence that is out there, this event is pointing to multiple shooters. I do not believe that Stephen Paddock acted alone. I also have doubts that he participated as a shooter in the first place. And worse, I truly believe that this was only phase one and more barbaric exterminations are approaching. Sadly, some of the approaching massacres are going to shock America…and the world. When they arrive, the body count is going to melt people’s hearts.

How can I say this? Because the New World Order is planning to bring chaos. This is how they will bring the world to a giant reboot. Chaos is their goal.


…So fasten your seat belts folks.

To begin, the photographic evidence reveals that what we are being told is not consistent with the official story from the Las Vegas Police Department. They have already changed the timeline several times. So it looks like they are trying to make the historical narrative fit a desired outcome.

Also, have you noticed that the follow up reporting on the Vegas shooting is pretty much dead? The event took place as a profound ritual, but was then buried. Why? How could the largest mass shooting in American history become a dated story?

This disclosure is going to explain some of the things that I have uncovered about the shooting. To begin, we will visit a few of the unanswered questions about it, and then we are going to examine the crime scene, the anomalies of Stephen Paddock’s corpse and supposed suicide, and the confusing narrative about the weapon that was used. The official report says that an arsenal of AR-15’s with bump stocks were used. But is this true?

The Las Vegas Shooting – The Official Story is Confusing

It occurred several months ago, but the official narrative of the Vegas shooting is full of inconsistencies and raises many questions.

1. Why did the CEO of the Mandalay Bay casino, James Murren sell a large portion of his MGM Resorts stock shares a few weeks before the attack? Was it just everyday business or did he know something?

2. Globalist hobgoblin George Soros shorted MGM shares by betting $42 million against the company. What did he know? “To short a stock,” means that the investor is betting that a stock will fall in price, (“Going long” is a bet that prices will rise.)

3. Why did a mystery person (Anonymous-John) make a post on the 4Chan forum on September 10th, and warn everybody to stay away from Vegas, because there was going to be a mass casualty event?


4. Why did the anonymous warning above also say that Michael Chertoff, and Sheldon Adelson, would stand to make billions of dollars through their company – “OSI-Systems,” as a result of a future Vegas attack?

Sheldon Adelson is a billionaire owner of the Las Vegas Sands Corp.


Michael Chertoff was secretary of Homeland Security from 2005 to 2009.


 But he is also the principle of The Chertoff Group.


… The Chertoff Group represents, “OSI-Systems.” OSI was mentioned in the anonymous post above.


OSI is the parent company of “Rapidscan,” which manufactures scanning systems that are used by the TSA in America, as well as throughout the world.


Is there any connection between Chertoff and Adelson? That research is still in development.

5. Why were there reports of additional shooters from other locations including rooftops, and other casinos like the Luxor, the Bellagio and the Tropicana?

6. Why has the official timeline changed several times? The Las Vegas Police Department cannot seem to get the story straight for when Jesus Campos, the security guard, was shot.


The first timeline stated that he was shot by Paddock at the very end of the massacre. But then the timeline changed and we were told that he was shot at the beginning of the massacre. And now, it has once again changed. Why?

7. There were two broken windows at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. One of the windows was to Stephen Paddock’s room, 32-135, but the other broken window was in an adjacent room, 32-134. However, there’s a problem, the initial report said that Paddock did not stay in room 32-134, it was allegedly occupied by an Australian tourist, Brian Hodge. Note – a few weeks after the report about Brian Hodges staying in the adjoining room, the account was changed. 

Update – (1-20-18) – New released police report says that Paddock rented the room in his girlfriend’s name.

So which account is true?



If it was Paddock’s room (32-134), why was it locked from the other side? It took SWAT seven minutes to breach into it.

From the police report: 

11:20 p.m.: The first breach is set off and officers enter the room. They observe the suspect down on the ground and also see a second door that could not be accessed from their position.

11:27 p.m.: The second breach is set off, allowing officers to access the second room. Officers quickly realize there is no one else in the rooms and announce over the radio that the suspect is down.

When the police breached the adjoining room (32-134), seven minutes later, this is what they found…


Several AR-15 rifles with bipods.


8. Why are the photographs of Stephen Paddock’s corpse inconsistent with the official story?

The Photographic Evidence


We have been told that Stephen Paddock committed suicide, but the photos of his dead body appear to conflict with that theory. Instead, they look like a murder, and further in this disclosure I will explain why.

I know that the official narrative denies that Stephen Paddock was a patsy, but when was the last time a person committed suicide by shooting themselves twice?

“What? Twice?”

Yes, and how often does one commit suicide by shooting themselves in the chest, and then throw the gun away from their body before they die? I will explain this in a moment.

I ask these questions because pictures of Paddock’s dead body were leaked by one of the investigators who was in the shooter’s room (32-135), which was located on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel.


The image above was stitched together by an internet sleuth.


The image above is “reportedly” the corpse of Steven Pollock, after he was found dead in the hotel room. I have purposely blurred the image. If you want to see the unblurred image it is located here. Warning, it is graphic.

The photographs reveal a lot. They tell us that the official story is inconsistent with what we are being told. For those who do not have the propensity for viewing a crime scene that includes a corpse, I took the leaked images and recreated them in an animated format. I computerized a 3-D rendering of Paddock’s corpse in the hotel room.


My 3-D rendering was based on the images that were leaked. We could spend a lot of time on each of the images, because they are fraught with inconsistencies.

The image of Paddock’s dead body show a bloody wound to his chest. But the police report ignores this.

Paddock was NOT shot in the Head

Many people believe that Paddock shot himself in the head, because they saw the image of his dead body with blood around his head, but he didn’t. 60 Minutes interviewed four of the first responding officers. One of them stated that Paddock’s dead body had no visible head wound. He also noted that Paddock bled out of his mouth which is apparent from his chest wound that is evident in the leaked photograph. Note – Paddock’s body has been cremated.

From the 60 minutes interview:

Officer Matthew Donaldson: My initial scan, coming in the room with my rifle is just seein’ I’m seeing one male down, bleeding from the face. He was not a threat. Kept going, kept going, kept going.

60 Minutes - Bill Whitaker: Said one male down.  That was the shooter?

Officer Matthew Donaldson: Yes.

60 Minutes - Bill Whitaker: Stephen Paddock?

60 Minutes - Bill Whitaker: What were his wounds?

Officer Dave Newton: I didn’t see any apparent wounds to his head. But I did see a lotta blood that had come outta his mouth.

Officer Joshua Bitsko:  There was — a bloody revolver I think — nearby. Nearby him that was on the ground consistent with him shootin’ himself.


Make note of the blood on his chest in the image below.


Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, Paddock was shot in the chest, so, who shot him?

The Placement of the Corpse

One of the oddities involving Paddock’s body was the placement of his corpse. Paddock’s left leg is under one of the assault rifles that is on a bipod.


I find this odd and in my opinion it makes no sense, because if Paddock really did shoot himself, it would seem that he would have either fallen straight down, or backwards. I struggle to believe that the momentum of his body falling backwards, would have resulted in his leg being positioned under the gun the way it is.


One could argue that perhaps he shot himself while he was sitting on the ground, but as we can see from the image, his body is also laying on top of another assault rifle. Why would a person sit on top of an uncomfortable assault rifle and then shoot themselves? This does not make sense.

Another inconsistency – Paddock was shot in the chest but the handgun is laying on the ground four feet above his head. When people commit suicide, the weapon usually remains in their hand as they die. Or it drops straight down.


So why is the revolver above his head? And why are his arms at his side?


Another question – which hand did Paddock supposedly use to shoot himself? In the image below, Paddock is drinking a shot of alcohol with his left hand. This would indicate that he was left handed.


I find it odd that he would commit suicide by shooting himself in the chest. The maneuver is cumbersome for both the gun and the shooter, and is not always successful. I am not saying that it never happens, because it does, but the placement of the revolver on the floor is not consistent with a left handed shot.

If Paddock was left-handed, and shot himself in the chest, why does the barrel of the gun have blood on the left side of the revolver? Did the blood come from his chest wound? If he was left handed, how did that part of the gun come in contact with his chest?


The Two Shot Suicide

Many people recorded video of the shooting which gives us evidence that we can examine. One of the videos was recorded at a bus stop that was near the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

The recording chronicled several of the rifle bursts toward the end of the shooting event, and it also recorded something else – the final shot(s) that killed Paddock. I purposely made the word – “shot,” plural because we have video evidence of two shots from the revolver.

In the video below, we can hear several sets of automatic fire.

After the final volley of bullets, about thirty seconds goes by, and then we hear two individual shots from a handgun. These shots were supposedly the ones that killed Paddock by suicide. However, the two shots are ten seconds apart. This creates a problem, because how often does a person commit suicide by shooting themselves twice?

Paddock was shot in the chest and bled out of his mouth. But the blood that came out of his mouth was foamy which indicates air bubbles from the lungs. This means that if Paddock committed suicide by trying to shoot his heart, he missed, and instead, shot into his lungs.


I know that one could argue that the first shot was perhaps a “test,” shot made by Paddock, but…uh…really?

I am not buying it! I don’t believe it. I do not believe that Stephen Paddock committed suicide, because based on what I see, I believe Paddock was murdered by someone else. Possibly the real shooter. And if my assumption is true, when did it happen? Was Paddock murdered before the shooting started? Or did it happen after? Another odd thing is that Paddock died with his eyes open. I know that this happens from time to time, but if someone was committing suicide, they are usually anticipating the gunshot and close their eyes in advance.

Paddock had his eyes open. Why?


Are they open because he was surprised that he was ambushed? Are they open because he cannot believe that the other person is shooting him? A betrayal? If so, this might indicate that Paddock knew the other person and was surprised that he was about to be shot and died with his eyes open. I know that this is circumstantial and presumption, but these are some of the things that I’ve wondered about.

If Paddock did get ambushed, and was murdered, did it occur before the shooting started? I believe this is a possibility, and I say this because the blood in the carpet appears odd.

It looks both old and fresh. Take a look at the image below. Some of the blood on the carpet looks like it is old and had time to be absorbed by the carpet.


But then, there seems to be a fresh layer of blood on top of it. Why? Does this indicate that Paddock possibly fell on the ground from an initial wound that did not kill him, but was shot again at the end of the shooting spree.

A newly released report states that he shot himself in the mouth. But since Paddock has been cremated, that cannot be confirmed.

Ladies and gentlemen, based on what we’ve examined, I believe that the official narrative is inconsistent with these images. And in my opinion, point to a second shooter, or even multiple shooters.

I made a short video to show the inconsistency of the official report. It includes the police testimony that Paddock was not shot in the mouth or the head. It also includes the video sound evidence of Paddock “supposedly shooting” himself…TWICE!! It is below.

Based on the testimony of the officers in the video above, Paddock did not shoot himself in the head. He was shot in the chest, which is consistent with the leaked images. Also, the above video reveals that there is a gaping hole in the “supposed suicide” of Paddock.


The official story is fraught with holes and inconsistencies. And this is just the beginning. I have suspicion that a second shooter was in the room with Paddock and used an actual machine gun similar to the one in the image below.


I will be revealing this information in the next installment. The findings will be both interesting and shocking.

In future installments, we’re going to look at several warnings of more false flag attacks. I believe that more of them are on the way, and their arrival is going to lead to chaos and war. God wants us to be warned and notified. We need to be prepared for what is coming. We must have our eyes open and not be caught off guard.

I cannot say it enough, the coming events are going to be submerged in deception and they’re going to convince freedom loving Americans to accept tyrannical policies.

In the third installment, we are going to examine the Illuminati connection. The Vegas shooting was a Freemasonic ritual, and its components paint a symbolic picture. Free Masonic symbolism is littered throughout the narrative including; the shooting, the location, the hotels, the participants, the casino ownership, and more. I know that it may sound preposterous to some people, but the Illuminati shadow government is working to bring about chaos that will result in civil unrest, tyranny, and global war. Those things are developing and my friends, it is up to all of us to stay vigilant because a great deception is playing out in real time.

Please share this information with your friends and family.

In his Service,

Nathan Leal