Updated to Youtube – Dominionist Deception, Part 1 – News from the Wall with Nathan & Donna Leal


UPDATE – This message is now on YouTube. Link is below.

News from the Wall with Nathan & Donna Leal

Dominionist Deception and the Rise of the Beast – Part 1


An audio report with Nathan and Donna Leal


There is a takeover of the Church right now. A great deception has slithered in and it is going to play a role in end time prophecy. It is called “Dominionism” and it is going to lead America into World War Three.

In this program, Nathan And Donna Leal discuss this end time intruder that has invaded the Church.

The Bible tells us that the deception will look like a lamb, but speak like a dragon. This program is very important, and should be heard by all vigilant Christians. Please share it with your friends and family.

In His Service,
Nathan Leal



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