New Youtube Disclosure – Why is Trump Tower Dedicated to Freemasonry & 666 ?


Greetings Brethren,

I have finally finished my latest Youtube disclosure. It was a massive project that involved over 80 hours of effort and now it is ready for all of you. Please take the time to view it, because it will reveal and answer so many questions about the Illuminati, Freemasonry and modern day Baal worship.

It is will also visit the question – Is Donald Trump a Freemason?

The video also examines the recent discovery about Trump Tower which has 666 purposely built into its architecture. Why did Trump do this? We have also looked further into his penthouse and have discovered that much of his interior is modeled after a Free Masonic Lodge.

This video disclosure is a “must see.” And takes the information that was revealed in my last installment of the Trump Chronicles and builds on it with more information.

Please share the video with everyone that you know. May the Lord bless you.

In His Service,

Nathan Leal
Watchman’s Cry



May God watch over His people.