Donald Trump – Rise of the “Despot Lion” – The Trump Chronicles – Part 4


Donald Trump – Rise of the “Despot Lion”
The Trump Chronicles – Part 4

By Nathan Leal

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(Warning – the following information is going to challenge some and be hard to bear for others. But the purpose of these exposes’ is to bring the truth about Donald Trump and his role in the end times, which sadly is NOT being done by many of the other watchmen out there. Pray about this information and ask God if there could be some truth to it. It may take several sessions to absorb the information, but please try to do it for the benefit of truth and your loved ones. God bless you. – Nathan Leal)

In this installment, we are going to examine Donald Trump further. Why am I doing this? The real question should be why isn’t everybody doing this?

– Why are the other watchman not doing this?

– Why are the truthers not doing this…or the patriots?

– What about the preachers?

– And those with Internet radio microphones?

Depending on when you are reading this, Donald Trump is about to become the most powerful man in the world, or it just happened.

He is receiving the keys to Babylon. He is taking possession of the nuclear football; and with that, the capacity to melt sections of the earth.

– He is inheriting the ability to send your sons and daughters to war to enrich the cabal.

– He will have at his disposal the tools that listen to your phone calls and look through your laptop camera.

– He is going to write executive orders that will grieve many lives.

– And for those who end up on his blacklist, they may find themselves with an extended stay at Château Guantánamo.

That’s a lot of superpowers!

And we’re just getting started, because for the first time in history, America will have an unpredictable, unstable president with an authoritarian personality.

– Does anyone else in the room see this as a bad combination?

– Does anyone else find themselves disturbed when they consider the negative consequences of Trump’s manic tendencies and behavior?

He’s not a normal guy folks. And in the coming days, those with the eyes to see – will see. Or perhaps, you already can? If so, praise God. But be warned, those who cannot see will defend Trump’s insanity as something noble and good. They will defend whenever he turns truth into a carcass, and overlook the trampling of liberty, which will happen under the guise of security.

As he does these things, there will be excuses, spins, and made up rationale, but the real explanation is the great delusion is here.

… And during a great delusion, people become indifferent to things that are true, and believe a lie. So my friends, please get a hold of discernment. It’s going to get ugly out there.

The Great Betrayal

Jesus said in Matthew 24, “many will betray one another.”

Those days are about to be upon us.

Trump’s spell is very powerful that has torn relationships apart. It has torn families apart. Why? Because his placement in office exceeds regular politics. He has become a religion. A spiritual force. A captivating enchantment. And whether you are for him or against him, this cannot be denied.

If you are a Trump supporter and a Christian, please try to take a step back and think about this. Why do his surrogates overlook his disturbing traits and make excuses for him? The Bible forbids this and warns us against it.

Jesus said in Mark 8:15, “Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and the leaven of Herod.”

Herod represented the political leadership in Jesus’ time. Donald Trump is the political leadership in our time, and has become the leader of the free world. This is no small matter. As Christians, we have been admonished by Jesus to be careful, because political leaders spit out leaven when they speak. Leaven means deception.

Jesus did not say, “Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and the leaven of Herod,… but if a preacher on radio or TV tells you not to worry about it, then go ahead and forget this warning.”

Does your Bible say that? If not, then everyone reading this should be cautious when listening to the voices that are causing God’s people to dump out their lamp oil and take a siesta.

I know that a segment of the American evangelical community despises any examination of Trump, but as end time remnant believers, our position is not to slumber and look the other way as the end time beast slithers out of Hell’s crevasse.

A Profound Role

Brethren of the faith, I cannot say this enough, Donald J. Trump did not arrive by chance, luck, or a prosperity gospel prophecy. His role is to carry the banner of deception and lead people over a cliff.

His role is profound. It is prophetic.

…And what if?

…What if his role is to ride a white horse with an empty bow?

… Is it possible? (I will be talking about this in the future.)

At minimum, Trump was raised up to accomplish a task for globalist elite. In the coming days, those who are willing to open their eyes will see it. Those who refuse to see will eventually smell smoke, but will not understand the source of the flames; nor will they believe that “Donald’s New World Order Team” likes to play with matches.

This is America’s unfortunate course. I know that it is not popular to have to say this. But I must, because I do not want to stand before God some day and hear Him ask, “Why didn’t you tell them?” So I’m doing it.

Folks, we are in the end times, and the end times means that there will be duress in the land.

The end times means the saints must apply effort to see through the fog of lies.

The end times means that evil forces will use false clerics and politicians to deceive the church.

 Rotten Fruit

The truth about Trump is before our eyes. Jesus said, “you will know them by their fruit.”

Many people do not understand what this means, but it’s very simple. It means that, you can tell how a person is on the inside, by examining their actions, their track record, and their words.

Jesus also said that bad fruit cannot come from a good tree and if a person regularly offers up rotten apples, then they are a bad tree. This is a spiritual law that never lies. So if someone claims to be good, but their words and actions reveal otherwise, the diagnosis is clear, rotten fruit may be served on a platter, but the wise person is not going to eat it.

Which brings me to a question, what’s wrong with some of the evangelicals who are eating Donald Trump’s rotten fruit and calling it a gift from God?

When did these evangelicals lose their spiritual taste buds? How did this happen? And while it is presently embarrassing for the church, it is eventually going to become tragic for the church, because in time, the honeymoon between Trump and the evangelicals will cease, but by then it will be too late.

The Rising Despot

Persecution is coming folks. And Trump’s tendencies portray that he will enact laws that will compromise Constitutional freedom. He is also projecting that he will exploit laws to squash any discriminating media sources or journalists who criticize him. Based on the way he is acting now, Freedom of the Press and the Freedom of Speech are going to become entangled in the briars of his thought police.

Sadly, Trump is convincing his supporters that the press is unnecessary, and that only he can be trusted. Ladies and gentlemen, this is revealing a very disturbing trait. It is also have an influence on citizens who may have forgotten the purpose of the Constitution.

We have seen this behavior in the past. It is the technique of authoritarian dictators to behave this way and is very similar to what we find in Banana Republic Regimes. Former Mexican President Vicente Fox said that Trump’s behavior is ushering in a new American Dictatorship.



Some may say, “Who cares what Vicente Fox thinks. He is not an American.” But Fox’s observation illustrates that people outside of the United States can see the dictatorial signs developing…but Americans can’t. How can this be?

I know that this report is not pleasant. But I have to share it because God’s people need to be preparing for a very dark season that is approaching.

A dark season is coming, my friends.

Will Trump’s media police shutdown Watchman’s Cry someday? Trumps’s disdain against  journalists and the press is projecting that it is possible. This is unsettling. By the way, if they were to shut down this website, I would have to resort to the old method of snail mail, hard copy reports, and sermons on CD’s. (Which leads me to remind you, if have not done it yet, please email your physical address, so that I can maintain contact with you in the event that this happens.)

Trump is Not What Most People Think

I cannot say this enough. Donald Trump was selected. And the voting machines were massaged to give the desired results. A lion was needed to steer America for the next phase of Operation Meltdown.

Enter Donald Trump. He is the lion. He will squash both houses. He will terminate opposition. His fans may hear this and cheer, but he will use weapons that they are not expecting.

During the campaign, Trump endorsed the use of a lion to describe himself.


Ladies and gentlemen, make note that through Trump’s own words, he admits that he does not like or trust either party. But he called the lion reference to himself – “CUTE.” I have been wondering about the lion reference. Why? Because I can find it in several areas of Bible prophecy.

Revelation 13:2 tells us, “The beast I saw was like a leopard, with the feet of a bear and the mouth of a lion. And the dragon gave the beast his power and throne and great authority.” 

the mouth of a lion

Prophecy students have tried to decode that reference for centuries. Many people have opinions about it. I have heard many of them like:

  1. The lion beast leader will speak English, because the lion is the symbol for England.

  2. The lion beast will come from English blue blood royalty.

  3. The seat of the beast will be in the West.

  4. Etc…etc.

But what if the “lion reference” means something different? What if it is a hint at the empire of the beast AND the character of the little horn end time villain?

What if the meaning is muti-layered? The Old Testament Kingdom of Babylon worshiped many false gods. One of them was Nergal.

“And the men of Babylon made Succothbenoth, and the men of Cuth made Nergal, and the men of Hamath made Ashima,” 2 Kings 17:30 

The image below shows Nergal the Babylonian lion god.


But Nergal is not just fiction. Nergal is a demon principality. Several years ago, I shared an expose about how the United States was morphing into Mystery Babylon and the demonic entities that were involved in old Babylon will migrate into end time Mystery Babylon.

I also posited that if America is Mystery Babylon then, we can expect that underworld creatures would be invading America and the world. And we saw that the Illuminati projected this very thing when they visualized the underworld invasion during the 2012 Olympics.

It began with the rising of an oak tree during the Ceremony.


Then creatures started pouring out from middle Earth.


Soon they were in the hundreds. The Earth was under invasion from the underworld.


This was not just theater, it was a prognostication of the fate of the earth.

And if you are a Christian, it is imperative to understand that the end times will also involve creatures from another dimension. While the NAR – Seven Mountain Dominionist theology may claim that the end time invasion can be pushed back with positive sounding proclamations, the Bible tells us that it will happen, and it tells us when…

“And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up.” Daniel 8:23

Make note folks…“when the transgressors are come to the full.”

What does this mean? It means that it will happen when the Earth has become a cesspool of carnality and evil, and also when the Church has twisted the gospel and the covenant of Jesus into mockery and deception.

This is happening right now.

But look at the rest of the verse, at that time…“a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up.”

Does it say that this king would be sent back into the abyss by proclamations of NAR apostles?

No. It does not, but they are preaching that humans can act as door stops and pause it.

But this is not true.

“What does this have to do with Trump Nathan?”

When this season arrives, Mystery Babylon will also rise up. And like old Babylon it will be powered by a lion principality because Revelation 13 tells us that it will have the mouth of a lion. This is a clue that Mystery Babylon will speak for the end time New World Order Beast.

And folks…if America is Mystery Babylon, that means then we can expect the American leader, who ever he is, to speak for the people.

Enter Donald Trump. Do you remember what he said at his nomination? It was the creepiest nationalist statement that a candidate could say and should give pause to students of history.

Trump said, “I am your voice.”


Here it is on Youtube below. Am I the only Watchman who finds very disturbing?

Brethren of the faith, is Donald J. Trump your voice?

The beast had the mouth of a lion and spoke like a lion.

Could the voice of the beast be Donald J. Trump?

Before you say, “no way.” Please consider that it is always wiser to approach end time Bible prophecy by placing several options on the table. Why? Because…“Who Knows but God.”

At this point in time, the possibility of Trump being the end time little horn villain is in its infancy, but over the past few months, I have been finding interesting parallels that are lining up in a manner that require deeper examination, and I plan to share the findings as this series progresses.

For the record, At this point in time, I am not saying that Trump is the Antichrist. And I know that for some Christians, this proposition is preposterous. But as a student of the end times, I am leaving several options on the table. At minimum, Trump is the new voice of Mystery Babylon.

So just think about that folks.

Illuminati Katy Perry and the Lion

The Illuminati projected a lion in Superbowl 49 with Katy Perry. Remember her entrance on a giant one? That was two years ago. Was this a projection about Trump, or the rising beast …or both?


Trump has known for years that he would be the president someday. They told him. He has been undergoing the grooming process to prepare for it. His plan required that he reinvent himself to gain the trust of the evangelical and conservative base that listens to the alternative media. So he went through the steps which took him a few years.

The following are some of the things that Trump had to do in order to sway the evangelical conservative base. It was a ruse. It was crafty and it worked.

  1. Start promoting that Obama was not legit with the birther issue in April of 2011. This won the support of the Alex Jones crowd. – CHECK

  2. Be a guest on Alex Jones and win Jones’ endorsement.  – CHECK

  3. Become a Republican and say conservative things. – CHECK

  4. Switch his public stance on abortion. – CHECK

  5. Become familiar with the evangelical demographic. Befriend Paula White and other big name evangelicals that would promote him. – CHECK

  6. Stay on the frontline of the news, and gain a Twitter following – CHECK

  7. Win over commoner and redneck demographic. Become featured guest on WWF wrestling programs and perform. – CHECK

  8. Get a TV show (The Apprentice,) that familiarizes the public with his persona. – CHECK

  9. Promote populist rhetoric, claim to be an outsider. This lie was a doozy, and his supporters fell for it. Especially when he would campaign and say, “I use to be an insider a few months ago, before I ran for president, but now I am an outsider.” …Nathan’s comment – uhh..what?

  10. Make Hillary the devil, even though she’s really his friend – CHECK

Trump was told how to pull it off. And he worked on the plan for years. But he will not tell you that. His official story is that he decided to run just before he announced it in 2015, but the evidence says otherwise.  Right after Romney lost in 2012, Trump was informed that he would be the next President. So he trademarked the phrase, “Making America Great Again,” on November 19th of 2012, several days after Romney loss.

By the way, Trump stole the slogan from Ronald Reagan. He claims that he came up with it, but this proves otherwise.


In March of 2015, Trump said the following:

“The line of ‘Make America great again,’ the phrase, that was mine, I came up with it about a year ago, and I kept using it, and everybody’s now using it, they are all loving it.”
Donald Trump – 2015

Really Donald? Where I come from that’s called lying.


And it is also called stealing. Folks, how can evangelicals let this kind of stuff slide by and insist that Trump is “God’s Man.” Really? So men of God habitually lie, cheat, and steal?

“But Nathan, technically Reagan’s slogan also has the word…”let’s” so is it really lying and stealing?”

Okay. Well then what about this one?


Based on this evidence, I just proved that Trump is a dishonest thief who disrespected – the Gipper.

…Like really? He stole from Reagan??

Please evangelicals, please stop justifying this nonsense!

But getting back to Trump’s constant lying. He claims that he came up with the phrase in 2014 based on this quote from 2015:

“The line of ‘Make America great again,’ the phrase, that was mine, I came up with it about a year ago, and I kept using it, and everybody’s now using it, they are all loving it”

Donald Trump 2015

But again, the proof below reveals that Donald’s pants are on fire. He registered it on November 11, 2012


Has the investigative Christian and alternative media shared this information with you?

If anyone reading this believed that Trump is a squeaky clean “man of his word,” as self-appointed-prophet – fireman Mark Taylor claims, this information proves that he is not. And if Trump can freely lie about these things, what else is he lying about?

The answer – hundreds of things. My research file is overflowing with evidence like this. Which is why I do not trust the man.

But where was I? Oh yes, Trump is a lion.

Trump the Lion

Trump considers himself to be a lion. It is also on his coat of arms…both of them.

That’s right, he has two of them; one that he uses stateside, and one that he uses in Europe. But both of them feature a lion to represent him and his family.


I will be dissecting the two of them in a future installment, but can you already see it folks? The Freemasonic Symbols are all over the place.

If you can’t see the obvious one, here is a clue…



But I do not want to digress. The topic is Trump and the lion silhouette that follows him where ever he goes.

Additionally, the spirit entity of Mystery Babylon also includes a lion. I will cover this further in the future.

The pieces are adding up, ladies and gentlemen. And as you can see, there is a lot to this. I am not just sounded off about Trump out of malicious political bias. I am concerned because he is a force who will reckon himself against the earth.

Do you remember my Uncle Fred prophetic dream? In it, Donald Trump purposely destroyed both parties in an explosive crash.

I do not know when, but I expect an event of CRISIS MAGNITUDE to occur under Trump.

The way that things are progressing, his presidential honeymoon is going to be short lived. He is making enemies all over Capitol Hill. He has been attacking agencies and people that he does not need to attack. It is going to result in many people on the Hill desiring to see the downfall of Trump, which will cause him to behave even more erratically.

When a lion gets cornered, it becomes very dangerous.

Trump is going to begin his Presidency with sharpened claws that slash left and right. He is going to tear into everyone, because he trusts no one. This will cause him to operate with paranoia, which is another tendency of dictators. He will also operate through anger and revenge. His newly enabled power is going to intoxicate him into madness. We will see him doing things that will shock Americans and disturb the world.

We have to be ready folks.

I know that these words sound disturbing. But my friends, a great spiritual invasion is presently underway. And God is allowing it to take place. What does this mean for the remnant?

It means ALL HANDS ON DECK! Spiritually speaking it is Psalms 91 time.

It also means that all remnant believers must dedicate their effort to get their spiritual houses in order and seek the Lord. We need to make sure that our lamps are filled with oil.

Folks, from this day forward, anything can happen. The Trump Inauguration will trigger a new era in America. It will bring lamentations and grief to a lot of people. I truly believe this in my spirit. And I cannot say it enough. Please do not allow yourself to be swayed that all is well.

I believe that a huge event is coming. When it arrives, it’s going to shake many people, and anger many others. It will be a sucker punch that most Americans are not expecting. It will also surprise the church. There will be many tears. It will strike with shock and awe.

Please prepare your hearts and be ready.

Pray my friends.


In His service,
Nathan Leal
Watchman’s Cry

…To be continued.

(I still have many other installments coming that will present very profound research and information that everyone needs to hear. Please be looking forward to it. Please share this with your friends and family. God Bless.)





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