The Trump-Land Prophecy and the Divided House – by Nathan Leal


The Trump-Land Prophecy and the Divided House

A Prophetic Vision

By Nathan Leal

In my last audio message, I shared a prophetic warning that the Lord showed me several months ago. Because of the overwhelming response, I am providing the message in written format to assist those who want to share it with their friends and family.

This message is also available as a PDF download for off line viewing. To download it, click here or right click to save.

This report will examine the prophetic warning in greater detail and dissect the chain of events that I expect to come to America. So I am providing it for you. There is a lot of information in this message, and it may take several sessions for you to digest all of it. But please take the time to examine it, and pray about it.


Challenging days are coming. When they arrive, the outcome is going to affect the economy, the health of this country, and people.By the grace of God, I have seen a few glimpses of things that are coming. This message will share some of them.

They are going to arrive consecutively, one after the other. I know human nature takes no delight in a stormy weather forecast, but those who are a wise will prepare.

This message also includes a hopeful word for God’s people that in spite of the coming storm, God is not going to abandon you. But we should also not abandon Him. So I want to challenge everyone to strengthen their relationship with Jesus now, before the divine hammer hits the ground.

I cannot say it enough folks, a storm is coming. It is brewing out at sea, and it’s approaching. When it arrives, it is going to thresh this country. And it does not matter who wins the election.

By the way, as of right now, I do not have a prophetic word about winner of the election.

However, based on what I saw, the future president will not be able to prevent the storm from arriving. Why? Because the catalyst for the storm exceeds the border of America. The detonators are located worldwide. The winner of the White House is not going to be able to stop it.

As we cover the information, I am also going to describe the aftermath of the future. I do not know how long it will take to get there, but based on what I saw, I have to say it, “future America is in big trouble,” and the remnant of God needs to prepare for challenging days. I also must include that the coming crisis is going to affect the whole world, so if you live somewhere else, please prepare.

The Vision

When the dream began, I was standing on a sidewalk that was along the edge of a one-way street in an undisclosed city. The street had four lanes of traffic that was not moving. The vehicles were stopped, but not at an intersection.

The traffic was flowing to my right. The vehicles were side by side. They all had several vehicles behind them. Their engines were running. It was the middle of the day. The drivers all had their feet on the brakes.

I then heard to my left, an approach of a semi-truck which was pulling a house. It was a house-moving truck. The house had been cut into two pieces. Both pieces of the house were on the trailer of the semi-truck.

As it got closer to the stationary vehicles, it began to blare its horn, because it could not apply its brakes. I watched and prepared for an impact, because I was expecting the semi-truck to plow through all of the vehicles in front of it.

The Semi Turns Left

When the semi was almost upon them, it made a sharp turn to the left to try to avoid them, However, along the edge of the street was a curb, and beyond the curb was a sidewalk and the front yards of houses.

The truck made the maneuver. It jumped the curb, and proceeded to bounce over the sidewalk and grass along front yards. It tried to maintain control through the maneuver, but eventually it failed. After going past several houses, it lost control and the semi’s tractor, or front portion, began jackknifing to the right. But as it did, the trailer with the load plowed towards the left...into one of the houses.

Jack Knifed

This resulted in a jack-knifed semi truck with a split house crashing into another house.


The impact was loud. Debris went everywhere. The front of the impacted house caved in as the truck plowed into it.

Fleeing People

The loud noise of the crash spooked the drivers who were in their stopped vehicles. Simultaneously, all four lanes of traffic began moving forward. But they did not accelerate slowly. They tried to flee in a panic.

As they moved, they went to my right along the street, which created a new problem because the road before them ended in a T-intersection, which was a few hundred feet in front of them.

The T intersection required that traffic turn to the right, or to the left. If the traffic failed to turn, they would plow into an office building that was along the intersecting street. On both sides of this office building were other adjoining buildings.

As the traffic proceeded forward, they gained speed, but they had no breaks. Ahead of them was the T-intersection. They were unable to slow down. This meant that they were going to have to make the turn at about 30 to 35 mph.

Left or Right, They Can’t Make the Turn

Being that there were four lanes of traffic, the vehicles in the two left lanes tried to veer left. The two right lanes tried to veer right.
As the two left lanes tried to turn, their speed was too much and resulted resulted in them plowing into the office building.

The same thing happened to the right lanes. The attempt to turn right failed. However, there were a few smaller cars that were able to make it. I don’t know what they did for their success, but they were able to turn without hitting the building. So, a few made it to the right. But only a few.

After all of the vehicles had accelerated and moved forward, I stepped out onto the road and watched them from the street. I stood in the third and fourth lanes nearest to me.

A Steel Framework

As I watched the cars from behind, a new structure appeared. A bridge framework formed over me. But it wasn’t a completed bridge. It consisted of a steel girder type of framework. Steel pillars held the framework and were located along the sides of the street. It reminded me of an erector set.

The unfinished bridge was long and appeared over the entire street toward the T intersection.

Paris, France

I also remember thinking that the steel work also resembled the Eiffel Tower. Parts of it was curved and decorative, like the Eiffel Tower.

As the framework formed, I saw that the crossing-girders above had no concrete on them. The framework only contained girders.
But even though there was no pavement, the unfinished bridge was crowded with many vehicles along the top. The cars were stationary on the girders, unable to move.

Swaying Left and Right

Within seconds of its appearance, the framework began swaying left and right. I became alarmed and thought, Oh no, this thing is going to collapse. And it’s right over me. I need to get out from under it.

Move Forward

I considered running to my right, but thought, if it sways to the right and collapses, it’s going to crush me. Or some of the cars may fall on me.

I considered running left. But thought the same thing. So, I concluded that I had to run forward toward the T-intersection to get out from under it.

I ran as fast as I could, as I did, the girders began falling. At first they fell behind me. I could hear them hitting the ground. I ran faster.

The Collapse

In front of me, a few girders began to sag. One of them began falling as I ran toward it. I remember hoping that God would allow me to survive. It was a thought prayer that happened too fast to come out verbally. But before my prayer was finished, the girder slowed down and fell toward the ground in slow motion. I was glad for this oddity and continued running past it. After I was past it, the girder hit the ground with a thud. Within seconds, all of the other ones collapsed bringing down the entire framework with the vehicles.

I reached safety and looked back. The entire structure had collapsed. As I looked at the debris, a woman came to me. She was a news reporter. I asked her, How bad was the damage? Did people die from the collapse?

Women Died

She said, Yes, some women died from the collapse. (two women)
I pondered the severity. And thought, That’s terrible. There are dead bodies under there, under all that mess!

Instantly, a new dream began.


I was in a new place. A dark setting. Total blackness. I do not know if I was inside or outside in the night. Everything around me was black except for an oak door that was in front of me.
The oak door resembled an old castle door that was pointed in the middle.

In the dark setting, I could hear children laughing. They were enjoying each other in merriment. The voices were from my children. I could hear my two sons and my daughter. They were all having fun. It gave my heart joy to hear them in laughter. However, I did not try to talk to them, because I was interested in the door that was in front of me.


I approached it and reached to pull it open. I grabbed the latch. Instantly, the door began to open toward me. It opened about 12 inches and then I was sucked through it. Beyond the door was another world. It sucked me through like a vacuum cleaner.
Immediately, I was in the middle of a new city. It was like I had been taken back in time into the 1930s. I was downtown in a city. Standing on a three to four-lane street. It could have been New York, but looked different.

I stood on the street and looked straight up and saw that the buildings on my left and on my right were all made of concrete. They were all white and had boring square windows. Some of them were 20 stories tall, others were up to 50 stories tall.

As far as I could see along the street, which probably five to ten blocks, the buildings looked similar. They remind me of concrete buildings that existed during Great Depression in the 1930’s.

Trump’s Name Everywhere

Every one of the buildings said the word Trump along the top of them, and along the upper sides. Trump’s name was everywhere, on both sides of the street, as far as I could see.


While I looked at the name “Trump,” I noticed that no sound could be heard. It was total silence. I could not hear cars, buses, or even the wind. I could hear no sound at all. The sounds of silence had taken over this World of Trump.

…And then the dream was over.

What does it mean?

I’m still in the midst of understanding it, because it has a lot of information.
For the record, I want to say up front, that I’m not saying that this means a Trump victory in the election. Because no matter who wins, the events in this prophetic warning are going to occur.
If Hillary wins, I believe that this is the type of world that we can expect, and likewise for Trump.

A Hillary victory will be horrible. That’s if her health can sustain her. Because for appearance raises doubtful questions. Without concrete evidence, we can only speculate, but her appearance does not look healthy. Is she sick? She won’t say. If she is, does she have the endurance to serve as president? Aside from her health, the Hillary package comes with other concerns. When we include her history, there is no question that Hillary would be horrible for America.

Additionally, I am not saying that should Trump win, every building is going to have his name on it in the future.

It was a prophetic glimpse. Most likely, the majority of it is symbolic and includes illustrative, metaphoric, and spiritual references that are representative of other things. Therefore, some of the items are symbolic, while the other parts are indeed literal. All potential prophetic dreams must be examined and put through the spiritual test for legitimacy.

But I have prayed about this one. I have sought God. I have examined it, and waited on Him for confirmation, and I believe in my heart that this vision is a prophetic glimpse and it contains a message for His people.

Dire Times

This prophetic vision has many components that must be digested. It potentially includes some of the following; political upheaval & unrest, civil war, constitutional crisis, martial law, terrorist attack, false flag event, economic crisis, dollar crisis, and people perishing under a coming collapse.

I believe that these things are coming folks. And the wise ones should prepare for them.

Preparation occurs in several categories. The main category is spiritual. This message will serve as a beginning challenge to do that very thing.


Let’s take it from the beginning

I was standing on the right side of a one way street on the sidewalk, above the curb. So, I was on the right, which is expected. Most of you are on the right. I consider myself a conservative. However, at this point, I don’t trust the Republicans. They have failed us too many times.

So, I was standing on the right side looking across four lanes of traffic. The traffic was stopped. The engines were running, but the people behind the steering wheels had their feet on the brakes.
What does this represent? In truth, it means that many people are not moving forward. They are stopped. They’re waiting with their engines running.

How do we translate that image into what we have taking place in America, or the church?

Was this a snapshot of the entire country?
…the Christian right?
…the evangelicals?
…the remnant church?

Could it be you?

The Church is Standing Still

Many times when I have prophetic glimpses, they are used to describe the condition of the church and of God’s people. I believe the drivers in the vehicles represented the church. The people had their engines running. They were waiting. Just like many of you. You’re awake. Your engine is running. Because if it wasn’t, you probably wouldn’t be reading this message.

In the vision, a lot of the people were not moving.
…They were stopped.
…They were waiting.

They didn’t want to go forward, because the road in front of them came to an end. They knew a choice awaited them to the left or to the right.

Is it possible that some of the members of God’s remnant in America have stopped moving, and are at a stalemate because of this election?

And they’re not moving like they should be? Because they’re waiting to see who the winner is going to be before they continue with their plans?

Many of you understand the future. You know we’re in a mess. You know that you should be getting ready. Perhaps some of you also know that personal prepping is not finished.

If I were to ask, could you admit things on your list are not finished?
Is this you my friend? Are you not doing anything, because you’re waiting for the outcome of election?

Is it possible that some of God’s people need to hear these words? I believe so.

It’s Time to Move Forward

I believe that God wants His people to get on the ball and begin moving forward. I know a lot of folks are feeling sluggish right now; like their feet are weighed down with magnets. I understand this.
I also see that many people are taking a break from last minute prepping, because they’re waiting to see if Trump is going to win.
Because if he loses, then they’ll know. They’ll know a Hillary victory means it’s gonna get serious!

How many of you are thinking that? If Hillary wins, I have to get on the ball.

Perhaps some of you are waiting to hear it before you’re motivated to say, “let’s roll.”

Maybe you’ve heard the Trump Prophecies about a potential reprieve for America, and you’re waiting to see if it’s true.
You see the polls move back and forth between the two.

For a while, it seemed like Trump couldn’t be stopped. But lately, it seems like he has been hitting a few speed bumps, because of gaffes in his campaign. But then, Hillary also appears to be struggling.

It’s a ping-pong match. Back and forth, the Hillary growl, and the Trump tweets

…Resulting in a mental stalemate for you! ..Sigh! Right folks?

If you who are in a stalemate, deep down inside, you want to get ready and prepared. Because, after all, you know you should, but instead, you find yourself distracted with the drama, and energy that’s on the news.

If you’re an awake person, there’s a chance, you’re a news hound. You enjoy seeking out the reports about the election with baited breath, crossed fingers, and maybe even hoping for the what if factor.

What if? What if Trump did win. Could he really fix America?

Have you wondered about this? But at the same time, deep down inside, you know the truth.

You know that in the future, things are going to get rough.
You’ve heard some people claim that if Trump wins, we’re going to get a reprieve. Others have said, “with the Trump win, maybe the judgment will be put on hold for one or two years.


So in the back of your mind, you’re saying, “Well, that would be nice. If it were true.”

If this describes you, are these thoughts causing you to put your feet on the brakes of spiritual preparation?

Do some of these words ring true? Do you find yourself distracted so much by the election and the possibility that we may have a reprieve that you’re doing nothing? And your engine is running. You know you should get moving, but you’re not, because you hope that Trump will win the election and buy some time.
Psst …We won’t judge you. It’s okay to admit it.

Standing Still?

In my vision, that’s what I saw. People were in their cars; feet on the brakes; with pavement in front of them, but they weren’t moving. And I believe that right now, many people in the church have put their foot on the brakes. They’re not moving ahead.
Which may also mean they’re not getting spiritually prepared. Nor are they seeking God to get placed in the right spiritual condition, or location.

My friends, it is important that all of God’s people acquire a healthy spiritual condition while they can. Because it will be required to navigate the road that is in front of us. I must also include, that if it is possible, do not neglect your health, and physical condition. (IE “healthy food choices, diet, exercise, etc.)

The presidential inauguration is five months away. Is a war possible in that time frame? Let us not forget December 7, 1941. It showed up while America was preparing for the holidays.

Right now, as I share this, Russia is mobilizing tens of thousands of troops along the Ukrainian border. China is applying the final coat of paint on their new airbases in the South China Sea. Turkey’s President Erdogan, is rounding up political prisoners and making threats to the United States. Folks, the world is a powder keg. And war is inevitable. It is only a matter of, “when.”

Could a war start before the election? Or the inauguration? Yes it could. And it would catch many election watchers, off guard.
Let us not forget the potential of a terrorist attack. If an attack occurred between now and the inauguration, what if it led into martial law? If such a thing were to happen, would you be spiritually ready for the aftermath?

What If?

What if a reprieve does not show up? What if the chaos starts during election time?

What if the, present, is all the time we have?

My friend, please do not waste the time that has been gifted to you. There is no time like the present. Please do not waste it.
It’s time to have that meeting with your loved ones; or with your family and friends. It”s time to work on the plan, both spiritual and practical. These efforts must be done now. Finish gathering while you can. Have that garage sale while you can. If you need to liquidate a few things, do it now while people still have money.

… write that down, folks.

… Number one, seek God on the plan. Is your house in order?

Continue the plan. Ask God about it. Initiate it, continue it.

Take your foot off the brakes, and proceed with your plan, with your prepping.

What if I don’t have a plan, Nathan? And what if I do not know God’s will?

If that’s you, then it’s important to spend some time praying to get direction. God will answer you, my friend. If you have already been trying, but an answer has not yet come, keep asking. Keep praying. Perhaps you could apply a season of fasting, for your answer.

Nathan, What if I cannot hear His voice? Lately, it has been harder to hear Him.

There could be a number of reasons that a person is not hearing from God. Visiting the reasons could go into many sermons and sessions, but step one is addressing it.

Prepping or Neglect?

Spiritual preparation is the opposite of spiritual neglect. Which is my point. God’s people need to address the condition of their spirit and their relationship with Jesus. Do not take it for granted. One of the hardest things for a Christian to do is to take inventory of their Christianity. But we have to do it folks.

If you are in a dry spell and you’re having difficulty hearing God’s voice, then perhaps, this means there are spiritual matters that need to be addressed in your personal life.

Sometimes the culprit is hardness of heart. A hardened heart will filter out the still small Voice of God. If this is the case, what do you do?

The remedy for this is old-fashioned. And it is tried-and-true. It’s called breaking up the fallow ground.

Repentance. Seeking. I’m not talking about, a now I lay me down to sleep, prayer. I’m talking about an earnest prayer session that includes holy desperation. To those who apply this effort, God made a promise;

“And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:13

What I’m talking about here takes effort folks. And stubbornness. Just like Jacob who told the Angel of the Lord, “I’m not quitting until you bless me.”

Jesus said, “The violent take it by force.”

When He said this, He was talking about a disciple of the kingdom who refused to just sit around and watch it happen, but instead apply the effort to make it happen!

So be that disciple, my friend. And take your foot of the brakes.
This is number one. God’s people must inventory their spiritual preparation, and fill in the blanks, stand in the gaps, close the breaches, and trim the hedges.

After that, comes practical preparation. Finish the projects you’ve been putting off. Do you need to do some gathering?
– Buying?
– Selling?
– Liquidating?
– How about this one? “ Do you need to do some giving?

And let us not forget the Boy Scout stuff, Do you need to do some canning? Some hammering? Some sowing and reaping?

Take your foot off the brakes, because approaching from behind, and this is the next portion of the prophetic glimpse, it is approaching, and it is headed toward all of us.

The Crash

It’s coming folks. A crash is coming. And it doesn’t have brakes. It’s not going to stop. In the vision, it was represented as a semi that was pulling a divided house; a house that was split in two.

Let’s just think about that for a moment. The house was divided into two parts. Cut in half.

It’s approaching us.

So, what does the divided house represent? At this point in time I did not have the exact answer, because it could be several things. I have already been contacted by some of you who have contributed some interesting possibilities.

Is it the divided house of the political framework of America?
Is it a divide in one of the parties? Presently, the Republican party is divided. I believe the divide going to get worse.

Civil War

Was it the divided house of civil war?

In the vision, the semi bounced to the left. Is it a race war that’s coming toward the left? That part I do not know. But it went to the left and bounced and tried to avoid the others in the traffic. It tried to avoid the people, but it bounced to the left and crashed into a residential house.

Think about that folks. The divided house crashed into a residential house. The residential house represents the average citizen of America. And it was struck by a divide.

I do believe that civil war is in the future. It is going to consist of several groups who are fighting one another.

In the vision it showed up unexpectedly from behind us, but then it hit a residential house. Which means, it will strike the residents of the country. Everyone will be affected. This is why I am sharing this warning with all of you. When the event arrives, the average person will be going along in their regular business of life.
– eating breakfast
– having a barbecue
– casually hanging out

And then suddenly, it will be here. Its arrival will catch many people off guard, and a great panic will ensue. But it does not have to catch God’s people off guard. Because we have the Holy Spirit to warn us.

A Political Divided House

I have wondered if the split house in my vision represented a division in one of the political parties, like the Republicans. Perhaps, and as the days progress with more developments, I believe the prophetic image will come into better focus. Just like my elephant dream that I had several years ago.

You may remember me sharing it back then. Because it is now taking place, and the fulfillment of my prophetic vision involving elephants is presently happening in real-time;

For those who may not be familiar with it; I was traveling in the right thing of a freeway, and ahead of me in the right lane, was a crater in the pavement. It was a giant hole about 5 to 6 feet across. To avoid it, I veered into the left lane to go around it. Within seconds of me being in the left lane, elephants appeared in the right lane. They were walking in single file, holding on to each others tails. They had red blankets on them. And then something spooked them. Some of them started trumpeting, but they all began running in their lane. A right lane exit appeared, and many of them exited to the right.

(Update – comment about the elephant dream. I recently had another portion revealed to me. In the elephant dream, I represented one of the Republicans. Because I was traveling in the right lane. But the crater in the right lane caused me to veer left. For the remainder of the vision I continued in the left lane. An addition to this interpretation is what we’re witnessing right now. There are Republicans who have admitted that they’re going to vote for Hillary because of the concerns over Trump, and their concern over the destruction of the Republican Party. This happened in the vision. I veered left. How many other Republicans are doing the same thing during this election cycle? It is almost shocking that some Republicans are willing to vote for Hillary, because of the divide that is taking place in the Republican Party and with Trump.)

My elephant prophecy was several years ago. Now we know what it means. In the vision, the elephants were trumpeting in a panic.


It is self-explanatory.

They were trumpeting, a vocal tribute to Donald Trump.
Also, today Donald Trump’s influence has caused the Republican Party to be in a panic and a lot of them are exiting to the right.
(Update – additionally, some Republicans are veering to the left with their vote for Hillary as a protest to Trump.)

The Republican Party is fractured. And presently there’s a big hole in their Republican Party. It is cratered and has fractured. We see all that happening now.

In the same manner, the semi-truck in my vision that was pulling a divided house crashed. The impact was dramatic and very loud. And the people who are standing still will then realize that it’s time to move. The crash is coming folks. The divided house of division is approaching.

As it gets closer, it will veer to the left, but when it does, it will lose control, and the result will be a crash. The impact is going to cause a panic. Causing the idlers to run for an exit. But when they do, the results will be disastrous.

Please do not be in the group of those who are idling and caught off guard.

A Housing Crash

By the way, I want to include that the the split house imagery has several possibilities. It may represent two parts of a housing crash.
We saw the housing markets crash in ’08. I have always believed that the crash of 2008, was part one of something bigger. I consider that crash version 1.0, the second half is still approaching.

Eventually another financial reckoning is going to take place.
Why? Because in the natural, the law of gravity in financial physics will not be ignored. What goes up must come down. When a balloon gets too big, it pops. All of them do. And the larger the balloon, the louder the sound. This is elementary. And even a child at a birthday party knows that it’s true.

When the first crash occurred 2008, the problems in the world markets were not healed. Instead, they had a Band-Aid applied to them, with a covering of veneer and nail polish.

Some of the air was taken out of the first balloon, but once again, the balloon has inflated. And folks, eventually, the markets are going to experience another pop. It is approaching in the rear view mirror.

If the divided house does represent another financial market crash, it’s going to go to the left and try to avoid impact. But its attempt will fail. When the next crash happens, it’s going to stir everyone, especially those standing still, and cause them to seek safety by running forward in a panic. And that’s what happened next.
People went forward. Those who were in the left lanes tried to turn left, those in the right lanes tried to go right. But as they sought to maneuver, they panicked. And were unable to navigate their momentum and crashed as they made the turn.

This resulted another impact; into a commercial office building that was a long their path.

The Stampede Effect

What does this mean?

It means when the crash arrives, many fleeing people will get spooked, and the stampede effect will take place; a mad dash to the exit, with negative results.

Why did those who were fleeing crash into office buildings? I have wondered if commercial real estate will be involved. I am not sure, but I am laying the possibility on the table. Nevertheless, make note, the results of those who were fleeing were not good, and the majority of them crashed.

The left and right of politics will not have a solution. The Democrats cannot save us, neither can the Republicans.

Translation – Hillary cannot save us. But I must also include this, neither will Trump. Sorry folks. I don’t see it. Nor do I believe it. I know this sounds negative, but this is what time it is.

I know this is not what some people want to hear, but I cannot lie about this, or pander to a political paradigm. This is the report folks. And the reason I’m sharing it is so those with the ears to hear can prepare. I do not place hope in the left / right paradigm.

However, I have to include that a few people who were in smaller vehicles were able to make the right turn. Why? I believe this represents several factors.

The right also represents conservative values which include Christian principles. So I believe that those who were traveling with humble means and faith in God were able to make the turn.
I also want to include this, but I will admit that it may be speculation. Another reason they were able to make the turn to the right was possibly because they were citizen of common means. In other words? They were those who were not over leveraged. You know the old adage, the heavier they are, the harder…?

Again, this is speculation but if this is what it meant, please pray about the possibility that the imagery was also addressing the burdensome maneuvering that is caused by debt.

So if it is possible, pray about it ladies and gentlemen. And if it does apply, try to do some financial readjusting while you can. Try to apply financial measures of security and safety. Because financial burden 2.0 is eventually coming. And I am concerned that it is going to involve real estate in various categories.

The Infrastructure Overhead

As the traffic exited in front of me, an infrastructure framework appeared over the street. It looked like a bridge made out of steel pillars and girders. It reminded me of the Eiffel Tower. It was not complete. Concrete was missing from the pillars and the pavement. It was an infrastructure that was halfway built. And then it began swaying left and right.What does it mean? It could be a number of things, and I want to briefly visit them.

The Financial Infrastructure of America & Europe

It goes without saying that the financial infrastructure of America and Europe is teetering.

The dream represented events here at home in America, but the framework reminded me of the Eiffel Tower, which is located in Paris, France.

France is a member of the European Union. Therefore, I believe that the imagery of the infrastructure includes Europe. In my vision, the infrastructure swayed left and right.

Presently, the world has watched the EU see-saw in financial turmoil. We have also witnessed several member nations of the EU make drastic proposals to the political left and right. When Tony Blair was the Prime Minister, he was a centrist. Meaning he was in the middle, but in these days of protest politics, we are watching radical proposals in both directions, left and right. In Europe, left-winged socialist movements are gaining support, but so are far right populist movements. The Brexit is an example of a move to the right in Britain.

Here in the United States, Europe’s problems have not been on the news, because the American election has been the primary news story, but Europe’s problems have not gone away. And Brexit did not solve Britain’s problems.

By the way, we could do a whole program on Brexit, because there are some who are saying that Brexit was a victory for the little people, and showed that the common man can fight back and be victorious over the New World Order.

Side note – I disagree with that. Why? Because Bible prophecy does not lie. The end time New World Order Beast is rising. God will allow this until the return of Jesus.

Translation  the New World Order will not be defeated. And in my opinion, Brexit was a part of the script. It was allowed to happen, and the framers of the New World Order wanted it to happen. I know that this is not what some may want to hear, but the source of truth is the Bible; not CNN, or a populist movement of man. Satan is crafty. He knows how to deceive. He knows that giving an inch allows him to take the prize. Because it reduces the vigilance of the people.

Consider this folks, how often are the little people thrown a bone, and made to believe that it was a victory when really it wasn’t? The elite behind the New World Order are powered by Satan. They possess dark craftiness that has been around for thousands of years. Their script fuels their plan. Brexit was a bone for the people. But the people believe that it is a victorious trophy.
Be wise ladies and gentlemen. The child of God is aware of Satan schemes. Those who are wise must be vigilant not to misread the schemes of Satan as victories for the people. I could talk a lot about this, because I believe we are also witnessing a scheme with the American election. But lest I digress.

The Unfinished Framework

The framework appeared like a bridge network under construction. However, it was unfinished. Why? As I stated a moment ago, I believe the structure represents both America and Europe. What do these regions have in common?

Answer  The Central Banks of Europe and America, which includes the Federal Reserve System and the Dollar as the world’s reserve currency. The Dollar is joined at the hip with the EURO, and the IMF. These things are a part of the financial framework of the West.

In my vision, the structure began to sway. It swayed both directions, to the left, and the right. Eventually it collapsed.
Folks, the financial markets of the West are eventually going to collapse. When they do, many people will be crushed. But was this what the vision meant?

I believe that there are several possibilities. And this is one of them.

Therefore, it must be placed on the table for consideration. If perchance, this is not what the imagery meant, I still believe that a financial collapse is coming. Eventually, the Dollar is going to lose its world reserve currency status. When that happens, America will loose financial strength. Her citizens will lose prosperity by a huge percentage. This will result in the largest transfer of wealth in human history as America goes from first world status to second world status. The impact will be incredible for Americans. The trickle-down effect will also include Europe.


One thing that’s interesting about the structure was it was unfinished. And I will add another possibility.

(Note – the following explanation is not predicting that Trump is going to win. I am merely proposing the meaning in the event he does win.)

So in this example, let’s say that Donald Trump becomes the President. At first, the economic recovery may go well and the initial success will affect the perception on Wall Street. One of the key components that helps the economy is perception. Perception translates into confidence for the consumer, which plays into their willingness to spend money. In this climate people may say, Hey check it out. Trump the Builder wants to rebuild America. Let’s give him a chance. Let’s see if the plans work. And at first, those who are unemployed will be glad they to have a job.

Trump has stated that he wants to fix the road and bridge infrastructure of America and turn the idea into a works program for the unemployed, like we saw during the Great Depression. If he were to initiate such a plan, at first, it might appear to be a hopeful remedy for the unemployed. Of course, it would result in an added debt load for the country, but initially, the public will focus on the success of it. In this narrative, the concept may sound good. But we are not living in regular times.

And eventually the markets of America are going to collapse. Because the canvas of America has a huge rip across the seam, and the canvas is fraying.

But even if Trump does win, and in acts a program to try to fix the country, the financial cards are stacked against America, and her outcome is going to be affected by components that exceed political promises and poetic words.
– America is in overtime.
– Her collapse is on borrowed time.
– The narrative is near the end of time.
– And we must get ready in the remaining time.
– Because the appointed time is upon us.

The Reckoning

The infrastructure of the West has an appointment with a reckoning.

So, if the infrastructure that I saw in my vision represented a works program of some sort, then the program will initialize. Would Hillary enact a similar program? I don’t know. Maybe. But for sake of example, I am using Trump in this explanation. If he were to enact the program, the results may be positive at first! And it may help people to obtain jobs. I can see the benefits. And it will appear that it’s going to turn everything around.

However, in this vision I had, now folks, please remember this. If we find ourselves witnessing a works program, a year from now, and it seems to be successful, please remember this report. I’m going to have this on record. It’s going to be in print form, because I want to have reference to look back on.

If my vision represents an infrastructure program of some kind in the future, then we will see a program that looks promising, but before it has a chance to finish, it will collapse.

I say this, because in my prophetic dream, there was no concrete, no pavement. The vehicles could not successfully use the infrastructure. They were sitting on the girders.

What is the reason that it will not finish? At this point, I don’t know. When it comes to interpreting this vision, there are parts that I am not sure about. I know that I am throwing out several possibilities, but I’m doing it to help with understanding.

Left – Right Imagery

One of the profound elements about this vision is the left/right symbolism that is reoccurring.

1. I was on the right side of the street when it started. The cars were stopped.
2. The semi approached from the rear and it went to the left as it crashed.
3. The semi jackknifed to the right.
4. … but the semi’s trailer portion crashed into the left.
5. As the vehicles all began moving, some try to escape towards the left,
6. Others tried to escape towards the right.
7. After infrastructure framework appeared, it began swaying left and right.

There is a very profound message in this vision. As the framework swayed left and right, I didn’t want to remain under it, because I knew in doing so, I would perish.

Translation when this collapse comes, neither the Democrats nor the Republicans are going to be able to stop it. It’s going to happen.

In my vision, I ran forward, meaning, those who want to endure must navigate forward with their plans.

You need to go forward, my friend, with what God has been leading you to do. That is key. Move forward with God. Press on. Your remedy must be God. He must be the foundation of your faith, and where you place your trust. This admonition must supersede any political remedy of going to the left or the right. Politics are not going to save us from this.

Politics will not rescue you.

Politics are not going to rescue this country from the collapse that’s coming. That is the other thing that God’s people must get a hold of. I know it’s not easy. And I know in this season of a fiery election, it is easy to get caught up in the frenzy. But my friends, politics are not going to reverse America’s problem. If you are a child of Jesus and are awake, you know this. The left / right paradigm portrays itself as having wings that is gliding through the air, but in reality, it is a crippled plane that is headed for the ground.

The framework swayed. I knew it was going to collapse, so I ran forward. As I did, the girders began coming down.

So, while we are pressing on, the collapse is going to come. And those who do not escape in time will be caught under falling debris.
I heard the woman tell me, Some died in the collapse. Then I also remember the words (two women died). People are going to perish my friends. Please do not let it be you or your loved ones.

Darkness Enters a New World

After the collapse of the framework, I found myself in a new dream. The setting was in complete darkness. I don’t know where it was, but I heard people laughing. I heard joking and merriment. I heard my children laughing. But why were children laughing during darkness?

I believe that there is a profound spiritual truth here.
and it applies to all of God’s people; No matter how dark it gets, it is still possible for you to find the joy of the LORD.

This means that the peace of God is always available for you no matter what.

I am not saying that it will be easy. But Jesus promised that if we get a hold of His lamp, and put oil in it, we will be able to see when it is dark. Praise God!

This applies to you my friend. When your night comes, God will provide the lamp for you. It is available. And in the midst of darkness, we can see a great light, because Jesus is the light.
I heard joy and laughter and my children. That was a prophetic snapshot of what God does for all of us. This means you my friend. I am talking to you!

You are a child of God. And God provides peace and joy in the midst of darkness.

Therefore, with joy, will I draw water from the well of God.

You can have joy while you draw his water. You don’t have to be depressed and you don’t have to be defeated while walking in darkness. I’m bringing this up, because I’m going to be talking about this in an upcoming messages. Please try to remember that God will be with you during your trial.

Trump Land

In the next part of the vision, a large door appeared in front of me. It was an oak door. It was medieval looking. I reached to open it. I pulled on the latch about 12 inches. And immediately there was a giant suction beyond the door. The suction created an airflow that sucked me into the other side.

I found myself in Trump-Land. Every building had the word Trump along the top of it. It was Eerie.

I was sucked into Trump-Land.

Is it possible this represents the fervor of the Trump phenomenon? It is very powerful. And I don’t think that some of the affected people have taken the time to dissect and examine it.

But I did. I had to folks. You know why ? Because God instructs us to be vigilant. Jesus told us, Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, and of Herod.

Those words are not just poetry. They are warning from our Master. There is leaven out there. And it is very appetizing. So I am examining its ingredients. If the Scriptures admonish us to examine everything carefully, then we should.

Trump is God’s man, don’t you know?

I understand that some are claiming that the Trump phenomenon exists, because it is a God thing. Some have also added that Trump has been anointed with the mantle of Elijah. So let’s examine that logic for a moment. And folks, please stay with me as we do.

The claim states that; God has placed an Elijah mantle on Trump. Therefore, it is God who is powering Trump’s progress and success.

Before I go on, the concept of the Elijah mantle is related to a special anointing that radiates with the power of the Holy Spirit. Few people have had this anointing in the Bible. It is powerful and it brings people to repentance.

John the Baptist had it. The two witnesses in the book of Revelation will also have it. They will use it to preach against sin during the tribulation. The Elijah anointing is special and it is holy. A glimpse of it is revealed in Malachi chapter 4:5, 6

“Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord: And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.”

To insinuate that Donald Trump has this type of holy anointing does not pass biblical scrutiny. The anointing of God is guarded by his prophets. It is not taken lightly. And the person who possesses it is always a person who has proven themselves to be a vessel of honor.

They have usually been purged in the wilderness. They understand righteousness and repentance. They know Jesus. They walk in His ways. The light of God shines upon them. When you look at them, there is no question who they serve.

And folks, when it comes to Mr. Trump, I don’t see it. He is not a prophet. Nor is he one of the two witnesses. He might be a nice guy. I’m sure he has a good sense of humor. In human terms, he’s a businessman who’s had his ups and downs. I could spend a lot of time talking about this, and perhaps in the future I will. But lest I digress, where was I?

Oh yes, I was sucked into Trump land in my vision. Why?

I was sucked into Trump Land

In my vision, I was sucked into a new world. The appearance was a throwback to the 1930’s. The buildings looked the same. As I stated earlier. Why?


TRUMP’s name was along the top of every building. The letters were large.
Is this a sure sign that he is going to win the election? Not necessarily. As I stated earlier, I don’t know who’s going to win. If Hillary wins, she will be horrible for America.

But what about Trump? And folks, please try to hear me out – Is it possible that a Trump presidency could also be painful for the country?

Some may say, Maybe. But not as bad as Hillary.

But if we are Christians, our perspective must include Bible prophecy, and the spiritual realm. We also cannot discount the possibility of a political sucker punch. What’s that? In simple terms, it’s the old fashioned, “uh-oh factor,” Where voters look back at their political choice, and later admit, they didn’t see it coming.

See what coming Nathan?

You know, the unpleasant things. The stuff that ends up being printed in the history books like; political betrayal and tyranny. It’s happened before. Betrayal showed up in other world leaders who started out with hopeful promises, but then they got weird. Could that happen during a Trump administration? I am not saying that it will, but I am concerned.

In my vision, his name was everywhere. But I did not see his name along the street level. It was up high on the tops of all the buildings. Why? I could speculate about the possibilities. But if the imagery is symbolic, then the meaning is meant to be something else. Therefore, understanding it is challenging. But here are a few thoughts. I have even included a few long shots:

1. Trump is going to buy every building in New York and put his name on it? (Comment – this one is silly, and would be too expensive, so I don’t think so.)

2. Trump decides to advertise his business empire and rents advertising space on the tops of every building. (Comment – again, not sure, but I doubt it. Way too expensive.)

3. A political and tyrannical meaning. Trump becomes president, and decides to become tyrannical and will enjoy plastering his name everywhere? (Comment – this could only happen if he won the election, and went Mao Tse-tung on America. I believe that this one is possible.)

4. An Orwellian meaning an Orwellian future is coming to America, and God chose to use Trump’s name as the example of how it will be. But personally, Trump will not be involved. It will happen with a different president-turned-dictator in the future. Which does not eliminate Hillary. (Comment-this one is a maybe.)

5. The Trump presidential wealth card – Trump becomes president and uses his executive privilege to obtain great wealth through various methods like insider-trading, self-serving government contracts, shorting the market through dummy corporations, and skimming the top foam from the treasury. Which will result in an incredible financial gain for him. For this interpretation to be true would mean that he is going to win, but he is going to be very corrupt. (Comment – this one is possible and he has probably thought about it.)

6. Another great depression is coming. The buildings reminded me of the 1930’s. The great depression was during the 30’s. (Comment – this one is also probable.)

7. A future Trump? Could this have been a glimpse of the future of America, but it was further in years. And it will involve a different member of the Trump family? (Comment- this one is way too early to comment on. At this point, we do not know if the Trump family will become a dynasty. But if it did, Donald Trump has several children who could become involved in politics in America’s future. When Donald Junior gave the speech at the RNC, I wondered if he looks more presidential than his father. Today, it’s too soon to know. But I placed this one as a maybe.)

8. The wildcard guess. I want to include this possibility, because I have been hearing a rumor lately. It is saying that should Donald Trump lose the election, his backup plan is to start a news media company. Which will involve TV and radio. If this were to occur, the sky is the limit for the influence that he could have in the future. He could become very powerful as a media mogul and influence the future of American politics. If this is what the imagery meant, it may explain why Trump’s name was along the top’s of the buildings. It was to signify the Trump signal that flowed high in the sky and settled on the top of every building.

I want to comment about the above proposition, if this is the proper interpretation of the imagery, then that means several things.

a. Trump is not going to win the election.
b. He is going to become a powerful media person.
c. If he does start a media company, it could be used to launch his children into politics. Or to affect the future politics of America, which could change the structure of the two-party system. It could also introduce a future political party that ends up playing a role in the future of America, and the rise of the beast. We will visit this one if it develops.


I could continue with more speculation, but in summary, I believe that this prophetic glimpse was a warning of the chain of events that are coming to the world.

The collapse is out there like an armada waiting to make landfall.

It’s coming folks. So please prepare for it.

I am going to be releasing a series of messages about spiritual preparation. The first one is almost complete and will be out soon, so please be looking for it. Also, please pray for this ministry. There is a lot that I need to do, so with your help and support, I will.

Please share this with as many of your family and friends as you can. We need to get the word out.
May the Lord bless you and keep you.

In His service,
Nathan Leal