“Liberty Will Be Decapitated!”


“Liberty Will Be Decapitated!”

By Nathan Leal – Feb.2, 2009

(Audio that discusses this prophetic dream – Listen )


Greetings Brethren,

Over the last several days, I have had a burden that is increasing in my spirit. When I go to pray, the burden turns into travailing.

Last night as I was seeking God, for a moment in the spirit, He allowed me to taste of what is coming to our land. The only thing that I can describe is severe anguish and heartache.

As I continued in prayer and waiting on Him for answers, He revealed to me that sorrow and distress approaching America. When I asked Him for details, all that He would tell me was that His remnant needs to prepare to minister to one another and to comfort one another. The distress that is coming is going to test all of us in ways that we never imagined.

As I went to sleep I had a night vision.

Dream Begins:

I found myself standing in a large field and suddenly the Statue of Liberty appeared in front of me. She was on a small hill maybe 50 to 75 feet high. She was not on Ellis Island. She was about 500 feet away from me. I looked at her, when suddenly her head fell off. It fell to the ground in front of her and bounced down the hill toward me. It stopped at my feet.

The dream was over. I woke up and pondered it. I asked myself what could this mean? I wondered, “Does this mean America will be decapitated?”

I fell back to sleep. I had the same dream again. Everything repeated itself like the first dream but this time, I saw a giant hand coming out of the clouds with a large sword. The sword was almost as tall as the statue. It was the hand of God. The hand reared back the sword and sliced it across the neck of the Statue. Thus, chopping off the head!

Once again the head fell forward and hit the ground in front of her body. It bounced down the hill and stopped at my feet.

Then I heard the words, “Liberty will be decapitated!”

The second dream was over.

Brethren, I do not know what could cause such an event. And I do not know when it will happen. But the Spirit of God is leading me to share this with all of you.

The number one thing that must be stressed is that the NWO will NOT be stopped. This is the plan of God. I know that there are well meaning people out there that think that a revolt can prevent it. Brethren, the NWO is unfortunately, in the plan of God. It will be used as a vessel of dishonor to purge the bride of Christ. These things must be!

Many people do not realize the amount of sorrow and anguish and tears that are coming. When it arrives, the distress will be so burdensome that many people will feel abandoned and alone, and worse, they may not be able to endure.

I cannot stress how important it is that we all began to seek God in a way that we have never done before. Many people call themselves Christians and even part of the remnant, but their prayer life is very lacking.

In the days ahead, our source of strength will only be from our relationship with Jesus. Please brethren, began to strengthen your relationship NOW!

I believe that the Lord is trying to warn us that a shift in events is around the corner. And in His compassion, He is giving us time to get stronger before these things arrive.

Please do what you need to do to prepare for this.

God bless you,