Operation Deception – The Dark Stone


WARNING there are images below that are disturbing, but I am showing them to expose the impostors who have infiltrated the alternative media and Christian radio.

The Alternative Media has Been infiltrated

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a grievous operation of deception underway in the present election and most of the country is falling for it. This includes millions of those who are in the truth movement, the remnant body of Christ, and the alternative Christian media. This is happening right now! This invasion of impostors is fleecing God’s people, loyal patriots and conservatives. The infiltration is taking place before our eyes.

I don’t like it!

And I have to expose it. I wrestled with how I was gonna do it, but I don’t think that there is any ideal way to say it, other than to just reveal it.

So here goes!

But be warned folks, this information is going to be disturbing and may shock some of you who thought better of the world of the alternative media and the watchmen universe.

The infiltrators are insiders who have been manipulating elections for decades. They cloak themselves as conservatives and right-wingers, but in reality, they are proponents of the liberal agenda including homosexuality and gay marriage. This disclosure is going to explain it. Again be warned my friends, because the truth may not be what you think it is.

As an aside, I want to say up front that I am not for Hillary Clinton. In my opinion, she is a vile creature who is entombed with oppressive minions. I do not support her, nor do I want to see her in the White House. If she were to win, America’s gates would erupt into a flash flood of pandemonium. So please know, that this report’s motive is not to influence votes for her. This disclosure will reveal that both candidates will each bring their own method of poison. When it comes to voting for Trump over Hillary, the choice is not picking the lesser of two evils, instead, it is about picking your poison.

– Hillary will bring death to America by joining hands with Satan.

– And Trump? Sorry folks, the country will receive no quarter should he win, meaning no clemency or mercy.”

Folks, the Trump Train is a crafty mechanism.

Let me say that again, the propeller that is driving Trump’s momentum is deception! And you’re about to see it. To understand this deception, we must take a look at Donald Trump’s presidential team which consists of political consultants, advisers, and public relations experts. Politics is a dirty business, and a presidential election requires the worst of the bunch. Their efforts include tactics of infiltrating social media and political manipulation to gain voter support and favor for their candidate. Accomplishing this chore requires a waltz with the dark side, hitting below the belt, and destroying the opposition.

Black, Manafort, Stone and Kelly

Donald Trump has hired a team of advisers to help him achieve presidential victory. His top adviser and campaign chairman is Paul Manafort. One of his other key advisers is longtime friend and associate Roger Stone. Trump has known these two for decades and has relied on their skills for many of his business and political deals.

Make note of the names; Paul Manafort and Roger Stone. These two individuals are veteran lobbyists who have been made wealthy by coaching, advising, and steering political candidates in the dark world of elections. They have also acted as lobbyists for dictators, warlords, casino owners, and misfits.

Paul Manafort was the principal of the lobbying firm; Black, Manafort, Stone and Kelly. While it existed, their firm was retained to help political and presidential candidates win elections. Some of their clients included Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bob Dole, Bill Clinton, Phil Gramm and others. They have also represented many foreign governments and third world heads of state and dictators including; Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines, the Filipino dictator who looted billions from his country.

– Mohamed Siad Barre of Somalia
– Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire
– and Jonas Savimbi of Angola

These dictators and warlords were responsible for the looting of their nations and countless bloodshed. But retaining and promoting dictators is all in a days work for Paul Manafort and Roger Stone.


We could spend a lot of time discussing the history of both of these men, but spending too much time with them would leave us caked with sewage. So I am going to share one of the more urgent concerns. It has to do with Roger Stone. Now folks, please stay with me as I explained this matter.

If you are a follower of the alternative media, you may already be familiar with the name Roger Stone. He has been making the rounds speaking for Donald Trump. Some of his promotional talking points include that he is…

1. A political insider
2. Trump’s confidant
3. Trump’s close friend of 30+ years.
4. Trump’s adviser.
5. Trump’s political strategist, etc.

Roger Stone is a regular on the Alex Jones program.


He was also recently on Trunews to discuss the merits of Donald Trump.

UPDATE, It appears that Trunews scrubbed the link from their website.

But here is another link to the program.  It begins after the 58:00 mark.


I have also found him on many other radio and TV interviews. His talking points include; complaining about how Donald Trump is being mistreated by the media, liberals, the GOP, and anyone else who disagrees with him.

At this point some may be thinking, So what Nathan, who cares about Roger Stone? Stay with me folks, because here’s where it becomes disturbing. Presently, Roger Stone is campaigning for Donald Trump. However, he recently stated that he no longer works for Trump. I did not understand this, because his non-stop flurry of interviews says otherwise. They are countless, and in his interviews, he portrays himself as a sincere conservative.

So far so good, right folks? What he doesn’t tell us, is that he runs his owns pro Trump Super PAC. Which is a political action committee that exists to take in unlimited campaign contributions for Trump and promote him. His Super PAC is called, The Committee to Restore America’s Greatness, which explains his motivation to conduct so many interviews for Donald Trump. This means that even though he claims he no longer works for Trump, his involvement in his own Super PAC reveals something else.

But it must be told..

When it comes to Roger Stone, things are not as they seem. And he’s not who he says he is. Because after he finishes his interviews with Alex Jones and other radio hosts, Roger Stone takes off his conservative mask and reveals who he really is.


STONE COLD ROGER – a promoter of homosexuality, gay marriage, prostitution, gender promiscuity, brothels and the dark side. When he’s not shilling for Donald Trump, or one of his clients, he likes to attend homosexual rallies. Below is his participation in one of them. The image was taken when he attended to show support of homosexual rights and also to show support for gubernatorial candidate brothel owner Kristin Davis.


That’s right folks, the man who is being interviewed in the alternative media and in Christian radio has slithered in under the radar. He acts and appears as one of us. But in reality, he is against us and promotes the lifestyle of the rainbow.


Several years ago when he worked for the Dole campaign, a report was released that exposed he had a secret life of frequenting sex clubs, wife swapping, and inviting men in uniform to join him and his wife in the marriage bed. The report also revealed that he and his wife placed soliciting advertisements in swinger (wife swapping) magazines throughout the country.

At first he denied the story, but his credit card receipts for the placement of the picture above proved that the story was true, which he then admitted. Here are the details if you can stomach it.

Moving forward, Roger Stone openly promotes the homosexual agenda on his website “Stonezone.com.”

Below is his statement against a proposed amendment to ban gay marriage in 2006.

Florida has a Constitutional Amendment on the ballot on Tuesday, November 4 which would theoretically ban gay marriage. I am voting against it and urge my fellow Floridians to join me in voting NO. As a libertarian I don’t want the government telling me what I can do in my private life. Life is short and true happiness is hard to find. If loving gay couples want to form a union what business is it of mine? Why shouldn’t gay people be protected like everyone else when it comes to credit, property rights and equal protection under the law? Saying God ordained that marriage be between a man and woman is mixing Church and State-it’s unconstitutional. I don’t want the government telling me what kind of gun I can own, what kind of drugs I can ingest or who I can marry. I want government out of the boardroom and the bedroom. I don’t want the government deciding what consenting adults can do in private. The first landmark anti-gay ballot question, the Briggs Amendment, was defeated in California when former Governor Ronald Reagan had the courage to oppose it because it infringed on personal freedom. Amendment 2 is much the same. Vote against it.

What’s going on?

And might I add, what happened to discernment in Christian media? Ladies and gentlemen, this thing is messed up. Infiltration is infesting the Christian world and I find it disturbing that it is being allowed to happen.

Alex Jones regularly features this man. Roger Stone is not a conservative and has bragged that he is the Prince of darkness.

He has nicknames within the Republican party: “The Godfather, The Prince of Darkness.” The latter is a name Stone himself likes to repeat. It is, he has told more than one friend, good for his aura.

Really? His aura? I saw his “aura” folks. When he appeared in a YouTube video. His “aura” reeked of darkness and deception, and it appears that most people can’t see it. But I am hopeful that those of you who are children of Jesus can see this darkness.

Again, I have to ask, “why is this creature being promoted by the alternative media?”

Roger Stone is easy to vet on the Internet. There are countless articles about the horrible things that he is done over the past few decades. He is been involved in shady dealings, corrupting elections, even the Watergate scandal.

According to journalist Marc Ames:

  1. Roger Stone’s dirty tricks specialty is manipulating vote fractures, and weaponizing anti-establishment politics to serve the electoral needs of mainstream Republican candidates.

  2. Roger Stone and Donald Trump have been working together since the mid-1980s, mostly on sleazy campaigns to help Trump’s casino business, but also in politics.

  3. Roger Stone and Donald Trump worked together in at least two major black bag operations manipulating anti-establishment politics to help the mainstream Republican presidential candidate.

This means that Roger Stone majors in vote manipulation by causing the voter base to fracture. How does he do this? By dividing the vote with candidates who were never intended to win. Marc Ames reports that this occurred when Al Sharpton entered the 2004 election under the orders of Roger Stone. Meaning that Sharpton never planned to win, but he joined the race, to purposely split the vote.

As it turns out, Al Sharpton entered the 2004 Democratic primaries on the payroll and orders of Roger Stone, who directed Sharpton’s attacks from the race politics-left against Howard Dean. And as the New York Times revealed that year, it was Donald Trump who took credit for introducing Al Sharpton a one-time FBI informant to his old friend and lobbyist, GOP dirty trickster Roger Stone.

Interesting huh folks? Roger Stone and Donald Trump influenced the candidacy of Al Sharpton with black bag  money tactics. How many of you find yourself protesting this information? But it gets worse.

Roger Stone learned his tricks from another charlatan attorney named Roy Cohn. Make note of that name. He was the attorney who taught Trump everything he knows about using negative media for personal gain. I will be talking about that in the future. But Roy Cohn died of AIDS, because was a homosexual. After his death, Roger Stone was asked in an interview with New Yorker Magazine about Cohn’s sexual preference. And get this folks…

well, you gotta just read it for yourself. Talk about absurd!

“Roy was not gay, Stone told me.  He was a man who liked having sex with men. Gays were weak, effeminate. He always seemed to have these young blond boys around. It just wasn’t discussed. He was interested in power and access. He told me his absolute goal was to die completely broke and owing millions to the I.R.S. He succeeded in that. Cohn was a role model for Stone. I’m a total Republican, but I’ve never claimed to be a Christian-right conservative. They’re a large but dwindling part of the Party. We need to get suburban moderates back.”

Do you see the absurdity in the statement above? According to Roger Stone, being gay has nothing to do with sexual preference, but instead acting effeminate. I guess this means that according to Roger Stone, if a homosexual portrays himself as a manly man, and bypasses the effeminate gestures like this…


… Then that means he is not gay. In spite of his desire to indulge with the same sex. Why am I bringing this up? Because Roger Stone went on Alex Jones and argued that Donald Trump is not gay.

Here’s the quote:

Folks, there is no report Donald Trump is gay. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but he is a red-blooded American male and he is most definitely heterosexual.

There are two things wrong with the statement above. The first one is Roger Stone’s doublespeak. Since he redefines what it means to be a homosexual, a person has no way of believing him. Apparently Roger Stone’s speaks a different language when it comes to being a homosexual. And since Donald Trump is not a limp wristed effeminate sissy. According to Roger Stone, it would be impossible for Donald Trump to be gay. Even if he has had sex with other men. By the way, I am not insinuating that Donald Trump is a homosexual. The purpose of this commentary is to show how deception is taking place in the alternative media. It is doublespeak folks.

The second thing is his admission about his feelings towards homosexuality. After his adamant statement of denial, he added, “not that there is anything wrong with that.”

I’m surprised that Alex Jones did not make a comment about it and say, Well actually Mr. Stone, there is something wrong with it. It is condemned in the Bible. And God does not condone it.

…But AJ didn’t. Why not?

Do you see it folks? Infiltration has occurred in the alternative media. And based on what I am revealing in this report, how can we believe anything that any of these people say? This thing is messed up. It is disturbing. And I have to call it out. Because based on this, I have to wonder.

– What else is the alternative media lying about? And who can you trust?

And I still wonder why do they have this relationship?

It appears that they hang out together.


Here’s another night, more hanging out Folks. What is this?


Roger Stone has studio time. I don’t get it.


Alex can’t seem to get enough of the Prince of Darkness. Folks, is it just me or is this disturbing?


I believe that these are valid concerns. I want to challenge everybody to think about it. And pray about it because the alternative media is a large force that carries much influence. And it appears that the shrewd ones in campaign headquarters of Trump, have figured out a way to slither in.

Again folks, don’t forget that the slithering is infiltrating other venues.


Dear friends, please know that I took no joy in sharing this disturbing information.

I also must say this. After the dust settles, who should be held accountable? My answer, we all should. Including, those of us in leadership, and also, everyone else, including those who listen to the alternative media, and radio shows.

We are accountable!

…accountable to use discernment.

From the top to the bottom, God is going to hold everyone accountable, including the readers who read the articles from the alternative media.

So my friends I have to ask, is accountability taking place? Apparently not, because Roger Stone has slithered in and is taking a few for a ride.

And I don’t like it.

This is why I am speaking out about it. So folks, please pray for Alex Jones. Pray for Trunews.

Pray for me. And pray for yourselves.

Pray that you will not be influenced with the charade. If you are a Christian, you have the Holy Spirit within you to guide you. Don’t be led astray, my friend.

Operation Deception is just getting started, and I have more things to share about it. In the mean time, may the Lord Jesus reveal the truth to you. May he also bless you and keep you.

This is going to conclude this portion of the report. Please share it.

And brethren, please know that by with His strength, we will prevail.

In His service,
Nathan Leal
Watchman’s Cry