Trump Expose – Part 1 – News from the Wall


Trump Expose – The Golden Man, Part 1 – News from the Wall

He is the Republican Nominee and is probably going to become the next President. He has the Midas Touch. He is successful. He loves to win.

…And he is winning the support of evangelical Christians.

He is also being prophesied to be the rescue for America.

…and will slow down the arrival of the Antichrist.

…and also expose evil and corruption.

But is this true? Should the remnant of God believe it?

In this new series, Donna Leal joins me as I explain why I am VERY CONCERNED with the coming Trump Presidency.

This program will also reveal several new prophetic warnings from me, Nathan Leal and please note, they ARE NOT PRETTY, like the Candy-land Trump prophecies that are being promoted by others…

1. A spiritual invasion of deception that is taking place in America.

2. The attack of the Golden Eagle.

3. A coming catastrophic crash.

4. A vision about Donald Trump and an ORWELLIAN aftermath.

Based on these and other prophetic warnings, I am very concerned that the present message of a Trump victory and peace, peace, is a delusion.

I do not make these claims in a vacuum. In addition to the prophetic warning, I will offer the findings of massive research including proof from Trump’s own words. That’s right folks, Donald Trump is not hiding that he is deceiving the country. This program is NOT a hit piece against Trump. This is a warning for God’s people.


…To him that has the ears to hear, let him hear…

So my friends…be vigilant. If you want to know the truth about “what time it is” and also this election, then please listen to this program.

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In His Service,

Nathan Leal –
Watchman’s Cry