Donald Trump – What If?


Donald Trump – What If?

He says the right things. His words are hopeful and inspiring.

“Make America Great”- Who could argue with that? Especially if one has children and grandkids.

He is likable, assertive, imposing, and has a history of success. Yes, he has had a few failures, and I could spend some time talking about them, but that is for another session.

Right now, I want to talk about America’s coming future involving Donald Trump. As you know, he is going to be the nominee for the Republicans, and barring anything weird happening, he is going to be the candidate for the GOP. This is great news for a lot of Americans. Millions have been rejuvenated in hopes that Trump is going to do what he says, and make America great again.

His competition? Not much. Hillary is a joke. Her resume is littered with blood and scandal.


She appears to be sick. She wants more of Obama’s crazy policies: liberalism, progressive gender confusion, more American blood letting, and more of Satan.

So why wouldn’t normal folks want Trump? He says what a lot of them are thinking. Including many of those who listen to the alternative media. The evangelicals have joined the Trump train, and they come from many flavors; from conservative Baptists to neo-dominionists.

Evangelicals for Trump

The American evangelicals have made the Trump nomination possible. So in the future, please make note of this. If Trump succeeds in making America great, then evangelicals will be able to pat themselves on the back.

However, if he fails and ends up being something different, then evangelicals are going to have to ask themselves what happened?

Is this possible? More on that later.

In addition to evangelicals, I’ve seen another interesting thing happen. Some of the voices who have microphones out there, i.e.- some of my colleagues, who in the past have promoted what time it is, are now preaching that Trump is going to rescue America. I find this odd, because for the last several years, these same voices have been saying that America is under judgment. But now, they are saying that Trump is going to turn things around.


If it is true that Trump is going to save America, then I wonder, when did the judgment stop?

And why did it? The things that caused the judgment in the first place have not stopped; abortion, gay marriage, corruption, iniquity far and wide. In truth, the iniquities of America are increasing.


…Including the new kid on the block; transgender perversion. Does this one bother you like it bothers me? It is insane?

In moral terms, it is disgusting.

In layman’s terms, is stupid.

In spiritual terms, it is insanity. And it will not bode well for our future.


Ladies and gentlemen, America has turned into a disgusting place with disgusting people who hate God. And I wonder at what point, did her transgressing momentum reverse itself so that:

…The judgment stopped…

…Righteousness returned…

…And the country found herself deserving of the greatness that Trump proposes?


“Well Nathan, America does send missionaries to the rest of the world.”

I’ve heard that argument. But do the faithful acts of an American missionary in Zimbabwe cancel out the dead works of American Christians?

Does this mean that God exchanges the faithful works of missionaries for sin vouchers in America?

I recently came across a prophecy that was given by a retired firefighter. The gentleman who gave this prophecy claimed that America is not under judgment. He also said that Trump is anointed and is going to tear down the gates of hell. And if anyone attacks Trump, then they are going against the “touch not mine anointed” cloak of God’s protection. And will have to reckon with God.


…And also, America is not under judgment?


The Recent Trump Prophecy

Some of you folks who heard the prophecy have wondered if it was true. If you know what time it is, then you already know the answer. Sorry Mr. Fireman. I think you missed it. Because if the prophecy is true, then does that mean that David Wilkerson was a liar? Wilkerson said that America is in judgment, and not only him, but many others who have heard from the Holy Ghost. Folks, this country is in a mess. The four fold judgment is in motion over America.

Mine eyes have seen what’s coming,

… And it’s not pretty!

To propose that Donald Trump is going to tear down the gates of hell, is getting into erroneous theology. Only Jesus can tear down the gates of hell. Not humans.

The prophecy also proposed that the American church has failed to take the systems.

…The systems, ladies and gentlemen!

Seven Mountain Dominionism

What systems? The prophecy sounds like seven mountain dominionism. And dominionism is a deceptive theology. According to what I see in Scripture, it is a dangerous theology, because it bypasses the end time admonition for vigilance. Instead, it focuses on a belief that the Church is going to somehow conquer the wealth of the world and take its riches as spoils.

Enter Donald Trump. Some believe that he is going to be used to plunder the world for America.

…Plundering the world would mean that Trump is going to conquer the rest of the world.

…Conquering requires the military. It requires killing people. It requires using America’s sons and daughters as boots on the ground. Which means it possibly requires that some of YOU sacrifice the lives of your sons and daughters.

Does this bother anyone besides me?

Bloody Foreign Policy

Christian dominionism in America requires a bloody foreign-policy. So if the prophecy is true, then you better make things right with your teenage kids, because in a few years they are going to be sent off to war to conquer the world for Donald Trump. And possibly not come back. Or maybe they will…with PTSD.

This is messed up folks!

Am I being negative? Do I lack the proper patriotism? Do I need to shut up? I know these words are not popular. But I was not called to be popular. God called me to tell the truth.

And right now, there is a great deception that has entered America.

Over the past few months, the Holy Spirit has given me several prophetic visions and dreams.

They involve Donald Trump.

A Principality Has Invaded America

But not just him, I also saw a spirit that has invaded America. It is a very powerful principality that is operating to deceive the country, and folks, he is succeeding. I will be talking about this in the next program.

I also saw something else. A huge crash and crisis is coming in America’s future. This crisis will involve chaos and it will not have a political solution. Or actually not a political solution that you are going to like.  When it comes to pass, the country is going to be thrown into a new chapter of Orwellian domination.

I also saw something else, the bald eagle is going to morph into an orange golden eagle. And this golden eagle is going to feed on God’s people. Persecution is around the corner folks.

I know that these words flow against the tide of what’s out there. But this is where we are.

My advice? Be careful what you listen to. Because even in the alternative media, there is confusion and deception. America is still in judgment folks. And more is coming. So try your best to get out of debt as soon as possible, because when the next crisis hits, it may be too late.

In the meantime, be vigilant, stay in God’s Word, and fill your lamp with oil. One more thing, what if… Donald Trump is a part of an time Bible prophecy?

What If?

Let’s take it even further, what if, Trump is the guy?

Which guy Nathan?

You know. The guy in the Bible…the villain guy, aka – The little horn.

Nathan don’t go there. How dare you!

I said, “what if,” my friend. But what if millions of people are wrong and they’re getting snookered. If this was possible, would you want to know? I would. What if he is more than a guy trying to make America great?

What if he breaks his campaign promises?

“Hey Nathan I am a Trump supporter, and I take issue with this proposal.”

Sorry my friend, but what if these things are true? Some could argue, how could so many people get it wrong?

Well, according to the Bible, that’s exactly how it’s going to happen, which is why I am concerned. I am not only concerned, but I have been digging, praying, and researching for clarity on this matter. And what I have found is disturbing. So stayed tuned for the next Watchman’s Cry GIANT expose on this “what if.”

It will have over four hours of in depth research and Bible study that is going to be very SHOCKING!

Until then, please pray for my family and I, because the enemy does not want me to share this upcoming information.

In his service,

Nathan Leal

Watchman’s Cry