Third Day Faithfulness, a Resurrection Sunday Message


Third Day Faithfulness, A Resurrection Sunday Message

By Nathan Leal


The resurrection of Jesus sealed the hope of our salvation. He rose on the third day. This message offers a glimpse of the beauty of the third day. I pray that it will bless you.

Does it sometimes seem that you are all alone, and tired when you want to seek God? Does it seem that at times, He’s not there? This message is to encourage His people, He sees your endurance my friend. And the reward is coming.

The gospel account of the feeding of the four thousand contains a beautiful message of what God wants from all of us. It has to do with faithfulness. Jesus makes note of the faithful ones. For those who may struggle, or wonder if God is there, the answer is yes. He sees the endurance of the hungry, and those who are pressing on.

The passage of Scripture for this message is found in Matthew.

“Now Jesus called His disciples to Himself, and He said, ‘I have compassion on the multitude, because they have now continued with Me three days and have nothing to eat. And I do not want to send them away hungry, lest they faint on the way.’”
Matthew 15:32

As we examine the verse above, on the surface, it reveals that Jesus appreciated the tenacity of the multitude who stayed with Him for three days in the wilderness. This was the setting of the feeding of the four thousand. But in addition to the surface account, this passage of Scripture contains hidden truths that are beautiful.

The Beauty of His Word

So let’s examine the treasure.
The third word of verse 32 is the word – called.

Now Jesus called His disciples to Himself.

He called His disciples. But who are His disciples? Yes, it was the twelve. But His disciples are also the faithful ones who have answered the call for the past two thousand years.


…The faithful ones are those who struggled in their time, lived for a promise, and died with a hope.

…The faithful ones are those who answered the call when they heard His voice.

…The faithful ones are those who said, “no,” to the world, but, “yes,” to Him.

…The faithful ones are those who became His disciples, but then fell asleep and joined the other witnesses.

“…He called His disciples to Himself….”

And someday my friend, He will make the final call. It will be a call when His voice, shakes the heavens like a thunder.

It will take place when, “…the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a shout.” When the Lord shouts on the day of resurrection, He’s going to call all of us WITH A SHOUT! It will be a shout to all of us that says, “Rise again! Come forth!”

In the third word of the verse, it says, “Now Jesus called His disciples to Himself.”

The Scriptures are full of shadows and treasure. This passage has acres of diamonds. In the next sentence, Jesus said, He had compassion on the multitude. Why?

…“because they have now continued with Me three days.”

This statement, “they have now continued with Me three days…” speaks volumes.

Let’s examine the verse, piece by piece;

1. Jesus had compassion…

2. – on the multitude…

3. – they continued…

4. – three days…

The Compassion of Christ

The first part of the verse mentions the compassion of Jesus when He saw the multitude; Think about that. When Jesus saw the assembly of people who were there to see Him, it resulted in compassion from Him.


This means when He sees a multitude of followers gathered together, His response is compassion and loving-kindness, back then as well as today. It also reveals that when Jesus is moved with compassion, His desire is to give us His heavenly bread.

As Matthew 18:20 says – “Where two or three are gathered in My name, I am in the midst of them.”

Folks, when we gather for the express purpose of worship unto God, to sing songs of praise unto Him, to pray, to break bread, and open His Word, it will result in His compassion. The assembly of the saints will get His attention.

The passage says – “…He had compassion on the multitude.”

He saw the multitude. And wanted to give them bread; Life bread, healing bread, restoring bread.

The bread is Him. Therefore, He wants to give of Himself to us. But what sparked this? It was the multitude. And here is a question, are you a part of the multitude?

…Of this kind of multitude?

…Of the kind that gathers with others to listen to Jesus?

…To be with Jesus?

…To lift up Jesus?

…To worship Jesus?

…To strive for Him?

No matter how difficult it is?


Are you?

Do you love to assemble with others who are hungry for Him? Would you find joy in that multitude?

Multitudes. Multitudes.

Today, there are multitudes in the world. But how many have a desire for Him? How many of the world’s multitudes want to seek after Jesus?

Most likely, not many.

Most likely, they would rather gather for themselves,
…to party and to celebrate the things of now.

The multitudes of earth would rather meet with one another to find pleasure,

…and tickle the flesh.

But on this day, in this passage of Scripture, the people gathered for a different reason. They gathered because they wanted to be with Him and listen to what He had to say.

They were a multitude that got His attention. Just like another multitude…


We can find them in a passage of Revelation 7:9, where it says,

“After these things, I looked, and behold a great multitude, which no one could number, of all nations, tribes, peoples, and tongues standing before the throne and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, with palm branches in their hands.”

This multitude is the great multitude in Heaven; This is the desire of Jesus, to see the people make it into the multitude of Heaven.

Then He said, “I have compassion on the multitude…”

Why did He say this?

…Because they were faithful.

They Continued

“and He said, ‘I have compassion on the multitude, Because they have now continued with Me three days.”

This statement has several components. “They have now continued.”

Who are “they?”

It was the multitude. Was it just any multitude? No. They are the multitude of people who endured with Him.

Jesus said, “They have now continued with Me…”

Who were they continuing with?

Was it Buddha?…No.
…A New Age guru?
…A Hindu god?
…A pagan god?
…Was it the world?
…The ways of Babylon and Egypt?

No. No…a thousand times NO!

Jesus said, “They have now continued with Me.” This is Jesus talking. And the multitude who stayed with Him are the ones that received His compassion.

So make note. How long did they stay with Him? Was it temporary?

The passage says…“They continued with Him for three days.”

Third Day Faithfulness

This statement is a shadow of how we, His followers must navigate. Our journey is not temporary. It is not supposed to be.

The people in that passage CONTINUED with Him; meaning they endured to the end.

…to the third day.

Now, folks, PLEASE make note of this. The third day is significant.

On the third day, Jesus rose again. The third day represents new life and it represents salvation for you and for me. It represents salvation for us, and for the church. The third day is the final part of the journey where we will rise again with Him to an incorruptible body. On the third day that He rose again and became perfect.

Think about that folks – The third day.

There is so much here, ladies and gentlemen. This passage is incredible, because the term – the third day – has so much profound significance.

… the third day was when Jesus rose again. It made salvation possible for us. Also when He rose, He became the first fruit of the resurrection, which means that His followers will someday be resurrected.

…And in order for us to get to the third day – now, folks, watch this…

…to get to the third day where we rise again, we have to first make it through day one and day two.

Day One – The Cross

On day one, what happened to Jesus?


…He experienced the cross on day one.

…He experienced forsaking the ways of the world on Day one.

He experienced it for the joy set before Him. And He went and He finished what was before Him on the path.


And then He died. That was Day One.

Day Two – The Tomb

Then it was Day Two…

…when He was in the grave.

On day two He was dead to the world. He was dead to temptation. He was dead to insults. He was dead to betrayal. He was dead to all the mess.



And for us, ladies and gentlemen, we must also experience the first day of the cross, the first day of death, the first day of choosing Him.

And then after we die, then we have to experience Day Two.

Day Two is the burial of the old man.

…Day Two is when the flesh can no longer be in charge.

…Day two is when the flesh can no longer lead us to the wrong places.

…Day two is when there can no longer be vain imaginations.

…Day Two is when we go into the grave.

…Day Two is when we are baptized under water, under the earth.

But it doesn’t stop there.

…Day One is the cross, Day Two is death to the flesh, but we have to continue to the end. We don’t stop on Day One.

My friend you cannot stop on the first day.

We don’t stop at the cross and we don’t get to change our mind on Day Two. We don’t get to say, “I don’t like being in the grave. I don’t like the flesh being dead.” We can’t do that, folks. We don’t change our mind on Day Two.

We need to make it to the third day!

You need to make it to Day Three, my friend!

“Now Jesus called His disciples to Himself and said, ‘I have compassion on the multitude because they have now continued with Me three days.’”

Saints of God, it is about making it to Day Three!

This is what endurance is about…Making it.

…And continuing with Him.

“…They have now continued with Me to the third day.”

We have to endure WITH HIM to the third day.


A lot of church folks are confused about this. They falsely believe that all they have to do is commit on Day One, to the first day, which is the sinner’s prayer with a hearty amen, on the first day, and then continue to live their life in Egypt.

Sadly, a lot of people were not taught about Day Two and the hope of Day Three.

Day two happens in the tomb.

…Day two means we’re dead.

…Day two means our flesh must be useless to sin. It means the flesh must become familiar with the altar, it means the flesh must become acquainted with sacrifice, burning away the old nature, renewing the mind, learning a new thing, the ways of God, His Word.

Day two, ladies and gentlemen.

…It is the narrow road.
…It is the road less traveled.
…It is the road of solitude,
……and walking alone,
………..alone with God.

…Day two is the narrow road.
…Day two is that time when you say, “no,” to temptation.

…It is the moment when you look the other way.
…It is that decision when you choose what is right instead of what is convenient.

Day two is that moment when one can say ‘I was wrong,’ to the person who already knows it.

It is that moment when we gather with our children and repent to them. It’s that moment when you hug your wife or husband and tell them, “I’m going to do better. I plan to do better. With God’s help, I’m going to do better. I am focused on doing better. I don’t have a choice. I am following you to the third day.”

…The third day, my friend.

Because it was on the third day that He rose, just like He said He would.


Because He is the Resurrection and the Life. He is the life. He gives life. He restores life.

Pressing On to the Third Day

Saints of God, Day two is the day that we leave behind us as we go into the third day; the third day of resurrection into newness of life, walking as a new creature, nourishing the spirit within and continuing with Him because, well, there’s nowhere else to go. After all, my friends, is there?

…Is there anywhere else to go?

Can you like Peter look into the eyes of the Lord and say, “Lord, where else can I go? You have the words of eternal life.”

Folks, I can’t go anywhere else. And you can’t go anywhere else. Because there is nowhere else.

And Jesus said, “They have continued with Me three days.”

When we continue with Him, we’ll find His compassion. And when we continue with Him, we’ll know that there’s no one else to continue with.

…He’s the only answer.
…He’s the only remedy.
…He’s the only choice.
…He’s your commitment.

So my friend, are you committed? Are you resolute in your faith?

…Or do you keep looking backwards? Backwards to yesterday, backwards to Egypt, reliving the past, wishing that your flesh could get one more portion. Is that happening, my friend?

If so, may you have the strength to stop. And may you have the strength to say, “no.”

May you have the strength within to press on and move forward. Because going backwards is to step out of the will of God.

…And to step out of the will of God,

…… is to step into nowhere.

That’s the choice, ladies and gentlemen. In the valley of decision, there is a choice. A choice of stepping into nowhere or continuing with Him.

“But, Nathan, it’s hard out there.”

My friend, I know it is. That’s why most people give up. But you are not called to give up and you are not called to throw it all away. Because people are depending on you and people are praying for you and loved ones care about you and others are waiting for you.

“Jesus called His disciples to Himself and He said, ‘I have compassion on the multitudes because they have now continued with Me.’”

He called His disciples to Himself.

Have you heard the call, my friend? Can you hear the call? Can you hear His Spirit wooing you? Can you hear the whisper of the Holy Ghost within?

Beloved, if you’ve wandered, He’s calling you back. Because when one wanders too far from the road, the hedges become thorny. And out there, the briars are sharp. And they scratch the soul. And out there, it’s dry and there’s not much water, and it scorches the bones.

And how long can a man live without water for their soul,

…how long?

How long can a person wander in a drought before they pass out? Before the cares of life overtake them and drain their spirit?

…How long, my friends?

“I have compassion on the multitude because they continued with Me three days and have nothing to eat.”

Ladies and gentlemen, when you continue with God, He will feed you. And sometimes He may wait until Day Three. Sometimes He will, but He’s doing it for a reason because He wants to see if you are going to continue. Because for someone to say, ‘I am a Christian’ means nothing unless they continue with Him and prove it.


How do you prove it? By bringing forth the fruit of REPENTANCE. And then living it. By walking in it. By becoming a good tree with good fruit. By being a witness. By saying, “no,” to the enemy and “no,” to evil.

Continuing with him means standing for righteousness. And it means no compromise.

Continuing with Him is shown in our testimony.

…and the testimony does not lie.

So, my friend, the message in these words is this. Continue in Him. Make it to the third day.


Make it through Day One and Day Two where the flesh is put in the grave, and then rise up in victory on Day Three as a living testimony.

Be a testimony, my friend. And if you haven’t done it up to this point, then make today Day One, and tomorrow Day Two, and put everything inside the tomb. And then continue into Day Three.

Because the course is set before us and the witnesses are waiting, and God wants to see you through. And He wants you to be one of those who have continued with Him for three days.

Heavenly Father, have mercy on your people. Have mercy on us. Give us the strength to continue to day three. Wash us in the blood of Christ.

We thank you for the resurrection.
We thank you for the third day.
We thank you that the tomb is empty.
We thank you for resurrection power, and the hope that it brings to all of us.

Amen… And amen

In His service,
Nathan Leal