Transcript – What is a Watchman? Part 2


The transcript below is an excerpt from a recent Watchman’s Cry Audio Program. This transcript is from Part 2
Transcript Part 1 is here.

What is a Watchman? – Listen to Part 2

Transcript What is a Watchman? Part 2

(Note – Portions of this transcript have been edited for clarity.)

By Nathan Leal

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a malady that is taking place right now in the present Watchman’s Universe that has to be addressed.
Because unfortunately, based on what I have observed, the truth has taken a backseat to deception. This is why hypocrisy and heresy has been allowed to sneak in. And this is why there seems to be confusion right now in the remnant body of Christ.
Folks, it shouldn’t be this way; what’s white is white, and what’s black is black.
– And what is pure must stay pure.
– And what is impure must be kept away from the pure offering of the Word of God.
– And the pure offering of a watchman should be a benefit for the people of God.
But if the information has falsehood, mixture and mud, then the clarity, and the purity of the Word then becomes clouded.
The Bible tells us, Therefore come out from among them.
We cannot have mixture folks. Lies and deceit do not belong anywhere in a presentation that is given to God’s people, and you can’t afford to be listening to information that has mixture of truth because it can lead people astray and it is leading some people astray.


And this is not right folks!
Mixture can lead people into believing the wrong perspective, and it can lead people into believing the wrong remedy. Or give the impression of the wrong remedy, or direction, and it can have grave consequences.
Nathan what you mean it can give the wrong impression? Or the wrong perspective?
This is what I mean folks. When we look at the landscape of the presence climate in America and in the West, and for the most part, the whole world; we can see that it resembles the end time narrative and the things that we were warned about in the Bible.
We can see that prophecy is taking place around us. We can see that evil has invaded the land;
– Deception is invading the land.
– Heresy is invading the land.
The lukewarm church is running rampant throughout the West, throughout the world, and as a Bible believing Christian, you want to be able to make it. Right folks?
The Routine of the Remnant
So in order to do that, there is a routine that many of you may participate in, which includes listening to the watchmen.
This task occurs by getting on the Internet, and tuning in to the radio programs and listening to the words that the watchmen are offering.
And folks, I have a question, Why you do that?
What is the reason for this routine?
Most likely, this takes place because you want information to help guide, navigate, and help you make decisions. Right?
You want to know how close it is the next big event, because if you’ve been at this long enough, you are familiar with the threats. And there are several of them: from the grid going down, to a big earthquake, or an asteroid, or the dollar crashing, World War III, martial law, Civil War. There are a lot of possibilities. So you want to know.
However, do you want to be wasting your time with falsehoods and information that is wrong? Do you folks? Of course not.
And the other thing that I’m noticing is that if the people of God, and the remnant of God give the time of day to a radio program because they want information; then that radio program needs to understand that it is a privilege to get behind a microphone and give information to God’s people. It is a privilege that comes with a great responsibility.
If a person is going to do that, and also offer commentary to let the people know of the threats that are potentially out there, they need to deliver their commentary with truth and with understanding.
Most watchman, whether they are Christian or not, know about the list of potential threats, Which are several like; a terrorist attack, the dollar crashing. I mentioned some of them a few moment ago, but most watchmen know about the threats.
Not All Watchmen are the Same
But not all watchmen are the same, and here’s the dividing line. It has to do with their remedy and their vocalized strategy. And at its very core, it has to do with what they believe. Because a watchman’s beliefs play into their choice of strategy to navigate the threat.
Most of the watchmen know about the many threats that are out there, but they also have core beliefs about how to deal with the threats.
What you mean Nathan?
It’s about what you believe folks. Because we either believe that the Constitution is going to save us, and save the United States, or we believe that we are under judgment here in America.
It is one or the other!
This is the hard truth, aside from national repentance, nothing is going to stop the judgment! Not Donald Trump. Not Ted Nugent. And not the Patriots.
Double Minded Blindness
Folks, we either believe that we are under judgment or not. And I am assured that most of you know this. Most of you know that the cup of iniquity is going to be swallowed down by the people of the land, because they willingly participated in anti-God behavior, and ungodly behavior. The majority of the people of the land have rejected God and they will face the cup.
This thing is going to be reckoned with, and it is called, judgment, ladies and gentlemen.
Unfortunately, I have observed some of the watchman out there have a habit of daily changing their opinion about the remedy that will save America.
One day the answer is a natural earthly remedy like the Constitution, or Donald Trump, or politics,
and then on a different day, they say that America is in judgment.
They seem to go back and forth, and I notice that they seem to change their opinion based on the day on the calendar, or the time of the day. Because one day they talk about judgment and the next day to talk about Trump and the hope that he brings. They can’t seem to make up their minds.


Now ladies and gentlemen, why is this?
My People Do Not Understand Judgment

“Even the stork in the heavens
Knows her appointed times;
And the turtledove, the swift, and the swallow
Observe the time of their coming.
But My people do not know the judgment of the LORD.
Jeremiah 8:7

Because the reality and the understanding of divine judgment is not for negotiation, and if a person is double minded about it, and if a person waffles about the judgment, or about Donald Trump, and goes back and forth, then this reveals, and illustrates, and tells us, and shows us that the understanding of divine judgment and the understanding of the mechanics of a divine judgment is not in their fiber. It is not interwoven into their spirit.
If a person can waffle back and forth about this matter, then it reveals that they really don’t believe what they are saying. And they are unsure, because the mouth speaks from the abundance of the heart. The words of a person reveal what is in the heart of men.
Please think about this. If a person is a “watchman,” or they call themselves a “watchman,” and they waffle between those two things, between judgment or that Trump is going bring hope. Then that means that they are confused about what time it is. It means that they don’t possess the correct understanding.
So let me ask folks, is this the kind of person that you want to get your information from? Is this the type of voice that should influence your decision making? If they do not even know what’s going on?
If a person does not understand what time it is, then they are going to walk blindly as events appear before them.
What Time is It?
By the way, let me just share this brethren, I know, that I know, that I know, and nothing is going to change this.
– I know in my fiber. I know in reality.
– I know in spiritual reality.
– I know in the physical world.
– I know that in the divine court of Heaven.
– I know that in the diary of God, and in the Chronicles of the things of God.
– I know, that I know, that this world is under judgment right now.
And I know that America is under judgment right now. I know, that I know, folks, that this is what time it is!
And no man is good to stop it!
And no man is going to cause America to escape the cup of iniquity and sidestep what she has coming to her. An escape is not going happen folks. Because I have seen the judgment take place, and I have heard from the voice of God and He has explained it. And many of you have seen the same thing.
“Nathan, you just sound negative. How do you know that a reprieve of judgment will not happen?”
That’s a good question. But I see what the Scriptures reveal about the judgment, “If the people humble themselves,” has not taken place.
It hasn’t folks, so judgment is going to transpire. It is going to go forth. It is going to happen and no man is going to stop it. No man is going to slow it down. No man is going to sidestep it, and steer America around the speed bump of judgment.
By the way, I am not saying this because I delight in America’s verdict. I do not. Over the years, I have shared that this message brings me great sadness and lament. And it causes me to grieve because I have children and I know that their future is not going to be easy. I am also saddened because the blame for the present dilemma lies with the spiritual complacency of the church and its leadership.
Which brings me to today’s topic. The leadership of the church includes the watchmen.
Why the Confusion?
But the question must be asked, “Why are some the watchmen confused?”
Because today, I hear many talk of remedies and maybes, that were not uttered from God and if these voices do not speak for God, they are spiritually fatherless. And if a person is spiritually fatherless because they don’t get it, then they are going to attract others to be orphans with them.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is no small matter. Because many of today’s watchmen have allowed themselves broad latitude with their offering. But if their words lack truth and understanding, there is no way that they are going to be able to lead others to navigate through the spiritual reality and the real challenges that we are facing.
Jesus said that there would be a great deception “Take heed, let no man deceive you.”
You know what folks, this situation is not new. In the past, we have encountered and we have seen this thing take place over and over, where you have the warning of God. And you have God communicating with some of his watchmen.
– But then the majority of the other “watchmen” or “voices” or “messengers” or “prophets” argue with it, and bypass it, and ignore it, and try to excuse it, and try to hem-haw around it and talk around it. And dance around it.
If we go to the Book of Isaiah, Chapter 9, there is something written that relates to this.
Isaiah faced a similar issue with the people of his time.
You see folks, when you are listening to a watchman speak about the mess that America is in, and they speak about how bad the economy is with all the layoffs. And they utter a summary about the shopping malls that are closing down, and the businesses that are shutting down, for example, Macy’s is cutting their losses and is going to be closing a number of stores; Barnes & Noble is going to shut down one third of their stores the next few years. Walgreens also made the list, as well as others.
Why is America in Trouble?
We can read the diagnosis and see that America is falling apart. Her economic strength is withering and when you hear a watchman speak about it, please make note of this folks, when you hear them talk about America’s hardship, are they offering the spiritual reason of why?
If not, then it reveals how blind they are. Or are choosing to side step it. And it also reveals that they are spiritually handicapped from seeing the big picture.
In fairness, perhaps some of the watchmen are not knowledgeable about the entire matter, but if they have a handicap which lacks a complete prophetic vision, then how can they offer advice and lead others? By the way, I am not saying this to be mean or unkind. I am saying this because it is true.
When we look at Isaiah Chapter 9, look what it says in verse 13.
But first let me say this, the reason that businesses are shutting their doors, and America is going bankrupt is because God is spanking America.
And the reason for the present weather that’s taking place is so that man can turn back to God, so that man can repent while it’s taking place, so that they can get it. “Oh, wow, God’s trying to get our attention. We need to repent.
Now let’s read from Isaiah 9:13

“The people do not turn to him who strikes them nor do they seek the LORD of Hosts. Therefore, the LORD will cut off the head and the tail from Israel.”

See, this is what’s going on now, folks. The people aren’t turning to God and they’re not associating the destruction of America’s once prosperous position on the planet and the earth as a producer nation, as a powerful nation, as a nation that consisted of blue-collar workers, of a strong middle-class. That’s all gone away because we’re under judgment.

So, when the watchmen talk about it, do they associate the job loss with God’s spanking? See, folks, how often do you hear the two put together? And that’s what it says right here.

“The people do not turn to him who strikes them nor do they seek the LORD of Hosts. Therefore, the LORD will cut off the head and the tail from Israel.”

In this example, it’s talking about Israel but this applies to God’s people today. The LORD will cut off their head, palm branch and bulrush in one day.

Verse 15. “The elder and honorable, he is the head. The prophet who teaches lies, he is the tail. For the leaders of the people cause them to error. The prophet teaches lies and the leaders of the people cause them to err, and those who are led by them are destroyed.”

You see, folks, today’s present watchmen do have a voice. If they are bringing us the warning of what time it is, they are also acting in the position of leadership, to lead. Because they are offering advice. To offer advice that is financial, or advice that has to do with relocating, or doing something with your lifestyle and your living situation, that falls under the category of leading.

But it says right here,

“The prophet teach lies and the leaders of the people cause them to err. And those who are led by them are therefore destroyed. Therefore, the LORD will have no joy in their young men nor have mercy on the fatherless and widows, for everyone is a hypocrite and an evildoer and every mouth speaks folly.”

Their mouths out of the mouths of the watchmen, foolish words come forth. Folks, this is no small matter. This is serious. The watchmen out there have a responsibility. If they are not bringing the truth, and are not leading God’s people to the trough of truth in His word, then what is the purpose?

Is it just entertainment? Is that all it is?


You know what, folks? I have a feeling, based on the communication that I’ve had with many of you, those of you that are regular listeners have a hunger for the Word of God, and you have a hunger for your relationship to be nourished and strengthened. You have a hunger to navigate through the days ahead correctly, with wisdom. You have a hunger to have God involved in your decision-making. You have a hunger to make the right choices. You have a hunger for God’s covering to be over you. You have a hunger to dwell in the secret place, for God’s angels to be stationed around your property, around your house, to protect you and your family. You have that hunger, folks.

So, in order for us to get there, ladies and gentlemen, we cannot be listening to error that’s out there.

Leading With Error

Let’s look at Isaiah Chapter 9:13,
For the people do not turn to Him who strikes them, nor do they seek the Lord of hosts.
This is occurring now, because many watchmen are not associating the present house of cards that is about to tumble with the judgment of God. And I’m noticing that there are some of them that have converted to the Trump bandwagon. They have stated that he’s the new hope.
This is a dilemma, because on some programs, they offer their opinions about the coming storm, but they failed to mention judgment. And they disregard the cup of iniquity, which is going to be poured out upon America.
Folks, when the momentum of God’s judgment gains velocity in America, the rest of Chapter 9, verse 18 is going to happen.
“For wickedness burns as the fire. It shall devour the briers and the thorns and kindle the thickets of the forests. And they shall mount up like rising smoke.”
This is what’s coming, folks.
“Through the wrath of the LORD of Hosts, the land is burned up and the people shall be as fuel for the fire. And no man shall spare his brother.”
Based on the verses above, if the people did not repent, eventually judgment resulted in fire and rising smoke.
Folks, we are living in very serious days, and you cannot afford to be juggling truth from lies and playing hopscotch around words of deception while trying to locate the truth. You don’t have time for that. Unfortunately, this is quite common from the present buffet of the Watchman’s Universe.
So what do we do about it, Nathan?
Well my friend, step one is knowing about it. And admitting that it is taking place. I have watched it take place for too long. So now it’s time to talk about it.
I need to address it in spite of its unpopularity.
You are going to make enemies, Nathan.
We Wrestle Not against Flesh and Blood
I am not saying this to make more enemies. I am saying this because the hour is late and I have no choice. Besides, up to this point, I have not heard others talk about this. By the way, my enemies are not the other watchmen. My enemy is deception.
Because Satan loves it. And his favorite tactics are deception, distraction, misdirection, and confusion.
Speaking of deception, It also serves no good purpose if a watchman has a habit of crying wolf.
In part one of this audio, we read from Ezekiel 33, and studied how a watchmen who was appointed by men, had the requirement of telling the truth. They were not allowed to lie or cry wolf.


The watchman were not permitted to make things up.
We also learned that the watchman that is mentioned in the early portion of Ezekiel 33 was a watchman appointed by men.
Eze 33:2 “ Son of man, speak to the children of thy people, and say unto them, When I bring the sword upon a land, if the people of the land take a man of their coasts, and set him for their watchman:
(Note this information can be found in part one.)
We also learned that a watchman appointed by man was not always a Christian, or a godly person. However, they had the requirement of reporting correctly.
This applies today. Not all watchmen are Christians. Which means you need to have discernment to know if they are telling the truth in their reporting because it’s obvious, some individuals out there are not telling the truth. (I covered this in part one.)
When we look at the ones out there who say that they are watchmen, there’s a tendency to quote Ezekiel 33.
“If the watchman sees the sword come and he doesn’t blow the trumpet and the people aren’t warned, their blood will be on his hands.”
Some watchmen often quote the verse above. They say, “I have joined the Watchman Universe.”
Well, they don’t use those words, but they announce that they are watchmen. But they may appear on a radio show or report it on a blog that, “I’m a watchman and this is what I do.” And they announce that their job is to warn. That’s good. They should say these things.
But the part that many seem to ignore is about truth, ladies and gentlemen.
The verses in Ezekiel 33:1-6 apply to an earthly watchman, who could be secular, but it still has the requirements of truth. Crying wolf is not allowed.
So, when you listen to the alternative media, when you go to a YouTube channel or get on Facebook and you hear the offerings out there. By the way, there are hundreds of them. Folks, there is not just one, or two, or five, or ten watchmen out there.
There are hundreds out there.
But whoever they are, it is VERY important to understand what I have to say in the remainder of this program.
The�Watchman – Appointed by God
I want to shift gears and talk about the other kind of watchmen. Because earlier I said, “not all watchmen are the same, there are two kinds.”
The first type of watchmen is appointed by the people. Make note of this folks.”There is a watchman that is appointed by man.
And then there is another type of watchmen. Now, I also want to say this, folks. Please make note of this. The next type of watchman that we’re going to read about is not very common. This means that there are not a lot of them.
Please turn to Ezekiel 33:7. By the way, up until the first seven, God talked about in earthly watchman. He said, “Ezekiel, if the people set up their watchman, he must do this, this, and this.”
He mentioned the first type so that he could reveal the contrast of an earthly watchman and then a different type of watchmen.
In Ezekiel 33:7, God explains to Ezekiel that his job as a watchman is divinely ordained. In other words, his position is a calling.
Now, watch this, folks. Ezekiel 33:7
“So, thou, O son of man, I have sent thee as a watchman unto the house of Israel. Therefore, thou shalt hear the word at My mouth and warn them from Me.”
Make note of this, verse 7 shows us that there is a different kind of watchman than what we read in the previous six versus. And this second type of watchmen was placed in office by God Himself. Do you see it folks?
“Son of man, I have set thee as a watchman.”
Ezekiel’s position was a divine calling made by God. It was not an appointment of man like the previous watchmen. It was not a secular job. And it was not appointed by the people,
– or a council,
– or other watchmen.
Ladies and gentlemen, this position was ordained of God!


Which meant Ezekiel did not need to have the permission of other “watchmen.” He didn’t have to have permission from the “watchmen” out there who saw themselves as an authority over his job.
Ezekiel answered to God. He was ordained of God. He was called of God. It was a divine appointment. He was called of God and God set him in place.
When Ezekiel was called, he did not have a choice. Because when God calls someone, they either obey the calling or they will die in rebellion.
This means that there are some watchmen out there in the world who have been divinely called of God to do the task.
(Sidenote – “To the recruits who may be reading this and also running from their calling, the best course of action is obedience. Because running from one’s calling never ends well. There will never be peace within. I know this all too well. When the voice of God stirs within and is not obeyed, it will dry up the bones. And may result in the words of one of our predecessors.” the tempest is because of me.” Obey the calling, my friend.)
The Watchman – Appointed by Man or Appointed by God
Out there in Internet Land, there are some who call themselves a watchman. But here is the question, “Are they a secular watchman appointed by the people? Did they just decide that they wanted to do it, so they went?
– Or, are they a watchman divinely called of God?
Before you answer that question, just let it sit there for a moment.
– Just let it sit, folks. Because this question is valid.
How many of the watchmen out there are called? And how many are appointed by man? Think about it. Because there is also another criteria that will help us to determine the answer to this question.
Brethren, we can know the answer. We can know if a person is divinely called when we examine them, when we hear them, and when we listen to them. We can know. But I want to first establish right now that there is a difference between the watchmen out there.
If you are taking notes, write this down. There are two kinds of watchmen.
There are two kinds; a watchman appointed by men and a watchman appointed by God.
My friends, not all watchmen are the same.
Now, I did not say that some of them are better than others. I didn’t say that if they are divinely called, then they are better than the ones that are not divinely called. I did not say that, folks.
But I will say this. Some watchmen have the favor of God that others do not. This is proven by their fruits and it is proven in their words and it’s proven in their history, and in their track record.
Ladies and gentlemen, are you still with me? Is this a hard word? Is it difficult to receive?
Ezekiel 33:7.
“See thou, O son of man, I have set thee as a watchman unto the house of Israel. Therefore,thou shalt hear the word at My mouth and warn them from Me.”
There is something else that is mentioned in this verse that is very important.
Do you see it?
God says that Ezekiel will hear. He will hear a “Thus saith the LORD.”
What is that?
It’s a word from the LORD,
… Which is a word from God,
… Which is a word from the throne,
… Which is a word from the Spirit,
… that is a word from God.
So with this in mind, let’s move on and look at what God tells Ezekiel he has to do. Because the first watchman that we read about was appointed by man. The first watchman had a job to be up on the watchtower, and he was supposed to look. If he saw anything, he was to warn and blow a trumpet.
The Other Type of Watchman
But now let’s look at Ezekiel’s instructions. They were different.
Ezekiel 33:8. “When I say unto the wicked, ‘O wicked man, thou shalt surely die,’ if you don’t speak to warn the wicked from his way, from his evil way, then that wicked man shall die in his iniquity. And his blood will I require at your hand.”
You see, folks, God told Ezekiel. And I paraphrase,
“If I show you that someone is out of line, or someone has strayed, and is going in the wrong direction, or living in wickedness, I am going to use you, Ezekiel, to warn them. You must tell them what they are doing and to pull them back onto the path. Because they are a wandering sheep. And I am going to use you to bring them back. Because they are a backslider. They are away from Me. They have fallen into deception. They have left the narrow path and I’m going to use you to bring them back, Ezekiel.”
It is your job to do it. And if you don’t, their blood will be on your hands.
You see folks, these were in Ezekiel’s instructions, given to him by God.
And his instructions were about shining the light on sin.
Ezekiel’s job was to pull people back from their backslidden condition. His job was to gather the wanderers, or those who were falling into error, or those who were walking in deception.
Now, look at verse 9. Ezekiel 33:9.
“Nevertheless, if you warn the wicked from his way to turn and if he does not turn from his way, he shall die in his iniquity. You have delivered your soul.”

A Called Watchman Deals With Sin

You see, folks, a watchman that has been appointed by God does not only look to the horizon and share what they see. It’s not the only thing they do.
A watchman that is divinely called of God also addresses error in the church, error within God’s people, error in the direction that God’s people are participating in. That’s his job.
Because God places that concern in the watchman’s heart. And because it is in his heart, the watchman has no choice. He has to point it out. That’s what Ezekiel had to do.
Verse 10. “Therefore, you, O son of man, say to the house of Israel (or, in other words, say to My people, say to My church, say to My remnant, say to My brethren), ‘Thus you say, if our transgressions and our sins lie upon us and we pine away in them, how can we live?’ Say to them, ‘As I live, says the LORD God, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked but that the wicked would turn from his way and live. Turn! Turn from your evil ways for why should you die, O house of Israel?’ “
You see, God pleads through Ezekiel that they would turn back. God doesn’t take pleasure in the death of His people. So, before He allows destruction to come, He will send His watchman/messenger to them.
God will do this, ladies and gentlemen, because He loves them.
But doing this task is never easy. Accomplishing the task to warn God’s people that they have error is never easy, because it’s usually met with resistance. And it’s usually not popular.
Most of the time those who observe a watchmen like Ezekiel, who points out that there is error taking place will become angry. And usually the watchman who is trying to point out the error will be outnumbered by man. Sadly, some of the resistance will be from peers and colleagues.
Ladies and gentlemen, today in these end times, we are in a battle that is spiritual. There are invaders from the invisible realm that are working overtime to derail the remnant of God. There are invaders from hell that want to destroy you. They want to destroy your family. They want to destroy God’s people. They want to lead them astray.
Our number one task, your number one task, if you are a child of God, is to endure faithfully with Jesus, no matter what the cost. And in the journey that we have before us, there are going to be deceptions that are placed to confuse God’s people.
But praise be to God, ladies and gentlemen, we also have the Holy Ghost. We also have Jesus. And we also have the gift of discernment with the Holy Spirit to help us navigate and walk around the deception and through the deception.
The battle is raging right now, folks. It is against the powers of darkness. And the powers of darkness do not like you and they don’t like this ministry.
But Saints of God, we are going to prevail because we are not children of darkness.
God said to Ezekiel, “Ezekiel, I have set thee as a watchman unto the house of Israel. Therefore,hear the word of My mouth.”
Ezekiel was sent by God. God said, “Therefore, hear.”
Watch this folks, Ezekiel also had the ears to hear the voice of God. He had a relationship with God because God gave him the spiritual gifts, and the spiritual ability, and the prophetic ability, and the prophetic anointing, and the Holy Spirit tools to hear His voice.
Ezekiel was not a normal person. He heard God. When other people did not hear God, Ezekiel heard God.
And in order to accomplish the task that Ezekiel had, he needed to have ears that were open to hearing God’s voice. And when he heard God’s voice, the Voice told Ezekiel that there were some of God’s people in sin.
Verse 8 tells us. “When I say to the wicked, ‘Wicked men, ye shall die.’ Go talk to them, Ezekiel. If I show you, then you have to tell you that they have error, you have to go do it.
So, Ezekiel not only had the commission, and the assignment, and the calling to challenge the people and tell them what was going on, and what was going to come, Ezekiel had the prophetic gift and the prophetic anointing to know what was going to happen because God told him.
Ezekiel knew his instructions. He knew that there was no room for compromise.
– There was no room for messing with the truth.
– There was no room for allowing deception.
– There was no room to allow embellished words.
– There was no room to trample truth to the ground.
Because Ezekiel knew that if he failed, God would kill him.
God said, “His blood will I require at your hand. God would kill him.
Folks, when a person has the true prophetic watchman calling, they understand the terror of the LORD. And they understand that you don’t play games with God. They understand that you can’t dance around mixture. You can’t dance around the words of Baal and the ways of Baal and the religion of Baal and paganism. You can’t do that because it is serious.
When we look at the responsibility of Ezekiel, he called sin – sin.
He called wickedness – wickedness.
He didn’t hold back. He didn’t pull punches. Because he had a job to do and if he didn’t do it, God would be mad at him.
– He he knew that he would answer to God.
– He knew that he would stand before God.
– He understood the terror of the LORD.
– He understood that God was serious.
– He knew that the assignment could not waver to the left or to the right.

A Called Watchman Knows the Standard

Ladies and gentlemen, a true watchman of God understands this. A true watchman of God, and by the way, there aren’t many out there, there aren’t, but a true watchman of God understands that there is a standard, a standard that must be carried, a standard that must be the plumb line, a standard that must be sought.
A true watchman does not compromise, ladies and gentlemen.
When we look into the Scriptures of some of the references of watchmen in the Old Testament, we often see that when it says, “Call the watchman or set up the watchman or tell the watchman to go up on the wall…”
We also see in the context that the watchman must also set up a standard. We can find this in Jeremiah 4:6.
Now, watch this, folks. Well, let me go back one verse. In Jeremiah 4:5.
“Declare in Judah and proclaim in Jerusalem and say. . .”
In this passage, God is talking to Jeremiah. Jeremiah was also a watchman.
“Say blow the trumpet in the land. Cry, gather together, and say, ‘Assemble yourselves and let us go unto the fortified cities. (Verse 6) Set up the standard towards Zion. Take refuge. Do not delay for I will bring disaster from the north and great destruction.’ “
In verse 6, we read, “Set up the standard.”
The standard.
If we were to do a word study on the word, standard in the Old Testament, we find this over and over. The standard is also a part of the watchman’s blowing of the trumpet.
When the watchman called of God, the messenger of God, said that destruction was approaching, he was also supposed to blow the trumpet.
Let’s move forward in Jeremiah 4:20.
“Destruction upon destruction is cried, for the whole land is plundered. Suddenly, my tents are plundered and my curtains in a moment. How long will I see the standard and hear the sound of the trumpet?”
Do you see it, folks? The word standard is a part of the warning – Standard.
But what is it mean? It was the standard of God. It was the minimal, the standard is what we must attain to.
The standard is the set of rules, the principles, the statutes. We see this over and over as we examine this word in the Scriptures.
In Jeremiah 50, when it talks about the destruction of Babylon, we also, now watch this, folks, in 50:2.
“The word of the LORD spoke against Babylon by Jeremiah the prophet. ‘Declare among the nations. Proclaim and set up a standard. Proclaim and do not conceal it.’ “
There it is again ladies and gentlemen, there is a standard in the eyes of God.
In the next chapter, Chapter 51, by the way this is still the reference to end time daughter of Babylon, which is America, Jeremiah 51:12. Look how it says it right here.
“Set up the standard on the walls of Babylon. Make the guard strong. Set up the watchmen.”

Jehovah Nissi – the Lord our Banner

In this verse, the watchmen also have the standard. When we look and examine the word standard, it actually has three different meanings. The word standard also means “banner,”  and it also means “sign, or the token from God.”
Now ladies and gentlemen, please try to stay with me as I share this.
The Hebrew word for standard also means banner.
If we were to substitute the word banner and say, set up the banner of God,
The word banner also has meaning in the Scriptures. When we look at the reference of the banner of the LORD, then we can go back to the book of Exodus. When Moses was fighting the Amalekites and he held his rod over his head. Remember that account? Where as long as his arms were held up, they had victory. But when he lowered his arms, then the Amalekites started prevailing. So, Aaron helped to hold his arms up with another person, Hur. As a result, the children of Israel had victory.
That account is found in Exodus 17:15, when Moses held his arms up. After they had victory, it says in Exodus 17:15, “And Moses built an altar and called its name Jehovah Nissi  “The LORD is my Banner.”
The banner of the LORD is also the standard of the LORD. The LORD is our banner, ladies and gentlemen.
So let’s bring this all together.

A Called Watchman Knows
The Standard is God’s Holiness

When the watchmen lifted up the banner at the wall to warn the people, the banner represented the LORD. It represented the name of the LORD. It represented the protection and covering of the LORD.
When a watchman was told to “Lift up the standard,” it meant several things. It meant the standard of God, the holy righteousness of God.
It meant lift Him up over the city to warn the people and also to acknowledge that God was going to be involved in what happened from that point on. Because they needed to have God involved. They needed God to watch their back. They needed God to protect them. They needed God to bring deliverance.
And for us, ladies and gentlemen, here in America, we need the LORD to be lifted up as our banner over America.
But unfortunately, that is not going to happen and many of you know that.
And sadly, it gets worse. Because if the watchmen of God who are out there do not understand that this thing is a partnership with God, that it is a holy, righteous partnership with our Lord. Then you know what, folks? The Lord, as our banner, is a holy God and He will not place Himself and He will not endorse something that does not acknowledged His righteousness, or something that does not seek to achieve His righteousness. God cannot bless it.
When we look around, do we see this going on?
– Do all of the watchmen get it?
– Are they lifting up a standard of holiness and sticking to it?
– Or are they allowing mixture on their programs?
– Folks, God cannot bless mixture. And a watchman who allows it, is spiritually deaf.
So, let’s bring that back to the job of a watchman and one that is divinely called of God.
A divinely called watchman has several things that make up his divine appointment. He has been called of God.
His calling was divine.
And make note, It was a calling.
It is not a job, and it’s not an occupation. He has no choice.
And also folks, a divinely called watchman hears from the word of God. He can hear the voice of God. And he hears the instructions, and he also lifts up the banner of holiness and righteousness.
The true watchman of God talks about holiness. You will hear them speak about holiness and challenge the people to live righteous, and challenge the people that without the righteousness of God, as part of your equation, you will not make it. Because we won’t. We need to seek the righteousness of God, the banner of God, the holiness of God.

A Called Watchman Knows The Prayer Closet

That’s why Psalm 91 is so important. We cannot have Psalm 91 without the holiness of God when we try to dwell in the secret place. When a person dwells in the secret place of God, that is the prayer closet.
And the prayer closet is where a person finds out that there are things in their lives that shouldn’t be there. That’s where God illustrates, and shows us, and reveals that our heart may not be where it is supposed to be. The prayer closet is where God nourishes our relationship with Him.
The prayer closet is where God cleanses us, my friend, He can cleanse you.
So, ladies and gentlemen, a true watchman of God will deliver all of these things in a buffet of truth. He will deliver these words in a buffet of information, in an offering, in a table in the wilderness, to show God’s people that, “Hey, you’re not alone.
God’s banner can be there for you if,
– If there is a desire to live by His standard,
if there is a respect for His holiness,
if there’s a drive, an inner commitment to want to live for Him.

A Called Watchman Hears the Voice of God

Ladies and gentlemen, not all watchmen are the same.
God said to Ezekiel, “When you hear the word of My mouth.”
A true watchman of God hears God’s voice. They don’t imagine it. They don’t make it up. They don’t fabricate it. They don’t make a counterfeit of it, or substitute it, or pull it out of their imagination.
A true watchman of God hears the word of the LORD, ladies and gentlemen.
Out there in the alternative media, there are some who are watching.
– There are some of them who are wondering.
– There are some who are waiting.
– There are some of them who are whispering.
– And be warned, ladies and gentlemen, there are some who are pretending.
But this is what I have to say to God’s people tonight. Ladies and gentlemen, please take this to heart. In addition to those watchman,
… there are also some with a word from the LORD.

A Called Watchman Has a Word from the Lord

They have the word of the LORD because they heard the word of the LORD. They heard God whisper to them. They heard God speak to them in a still small voice. They heard God speak to them when they set themselves aside and sought Him. There are some out there with a word from the LORD.
But what is it?
Brethren of the faith, what is that?
What is a word from the LORD?
If I may, Here is a brief glimpse,
A word from the LORD does not fall to the ground.
And having a word from the LORD is the fruit and the proof that what you are hearing is genuine, because the word of the LORD is never born in a mind of man.
A word from the Lord will reach into the spirit of those listening,
and it will quicken the listeners.
It will stir them with an inspiration that stokes the fires of a sleeping soul.
An anointed word of the Lord will enlighten the eyes with hope.
And it will tear down the cloak of fear.
A word of LORD has wings, and it will reach into the farthest reaches, and whisper to the wanderer that is away from God.
A word of the LORD is a geyser of the Spirit,
– and it burns within the bosom,
– and it resonates in the soul,
– and it ignites the heart because it is Holy Ghost unction.
It is able to reach out like a hammer and crush the fallow soil of a hardened heart, and allow the light of God to enter.
The word of the LORD has power to touch the doubting ones.
– To arrest the rebellious ones,
– and to calm the fearful one.


Because it rides on the mantle of the Holy Ghost and it travels like the wind to the one that’s burning with torment.
A word of the LORD, who can know it?
It cannot be tamed and it cannot be harnessed, because when it flows, it crushes the opposition.
And it proves itself and it bears witness that God is real,
… that God is among us,
… and that God has sent it,
… and that the messenger is His servant and His child.
And that, my friends, you cannot fake. You can’t fake the anointing, because it’s either here or it’s not.
…It’s either real or it’s not.
…It’s either present or it’s not.
And it’s either flowing, or it’s somewhere else, waiting in the holy censer of God’s throne room,
…waiting to be issued to those who treasure it.
Because, my friends, the word of the LORD is a treasure. It’s a priceless nugget that contains the breath of God.
The word of the LORD is beautiful.
The word of the LORD, when it is sent out is a morsel. It’s a morsel of His wisdom, and the word of the LORD contains the heartbeat of God.
It is a small glimpse of who He is, what He wants to do in our lives, in our land, in our world.
Because the word of the LORD is a serving from the orchard of His goodness.
When it is heard, it satisfies the bones and it fills the heart, because it’s real.


… And it shows us that God is real.
… And it testifies that you can make it.
When a servant of God has the witness of our Lord, you will hear Jesus in the words.
You will hear the Hope of His majesty.
You will hear His peace because His word is powerful.
– It’s able to sear and it’s able to tear down the walls of opposition and break them.
– It’s able to open up the resistance.
– It’s able to break the chains of bondage.
– It’s able to remove the scales from the eyes.
– It’s able to make one shout yea and amen.
And it’s also able to make another cry out, Woe is me!
Because it can show us that we are undone.
But when it does, it opens the floodgates of the dry-eyed one,
and it makes the sinner quiver as the Lord brings conviction from the Holy Spirit. And then makes one swallow down the weeper’s gulp
…it refuels the passions that have been lost and forgotten.


The word of the LORD, it comes from the Holy Spirit, it nourishes the heart, and it gives witness that you are not alone.
If you are one of His children, you will know the real from the counterfeit.
And you will know a word from His throne room because it’s beautiful and it is poetry.
And it shines with the light of God.
– It drives away darkness, fear, and oppression,
– It banishes anxiety, and it offers hope.
So, my friends, be of good courage and seek the LORD. Be of good courage and know that you are not alone.


So lift up your hands toward heaven and lift them in faith,
– because true faith,
– real faith,
– never-ending faith is the hand that reaches up to God,
– and never… ever… returns empty.
And that my friends, is a word from the LORD for you.
Heavenly Father, I thank You for this message. God, I ask that You would let it settle the hearts of the listeners and let it give confirmation. Let it bring healing. God, give us wisdom. Open our eyes and reveal Your heart to us, God. For those that are hurting, for those that are wandering, for those that are confused and wounded, touch them and reveal to Your people, God, that You do forgive, that Your blood can wash away the stains and the sins and the failures. God, bring Your love down and touch every person listening, in Jesus’ name. Amen and Amen.

A True Watchman

Ladies and gentlemen, a true watchman of God is called. He fears the LORD. He does not fear men. He seeks to please the LORD, not men.
He has the voice of conviction and he speaks with boldness, because he’s been with Jesus. He doesn’t sidestep sin and heresy and he lifts the banner high.
He holds up the standard of God.
A true watchman of God possesses a “Thus saith the LORD.” And he has no choice, because he is called and he must share what he sees, because it burns in his bones.
Ladies and gentlemen, a true, called watchman of God has words that don’t fall to the ground because they are a word from the LORD. They have prophetic gifts and they can see what’s coming.
When they see it and they share it, it makes them tremble.
They know the terror of the LORD, because God took them aside and He showed them His power.
They know that there is no partiality with God.
They know that God lifts up and tears down.
They know that if one abuses their post, God will tear them down.
Ladies and gentlemen, let the Holy Spirit within you bear witness. Allow the Holy Spirit to show you the watchmen of God, and those that are on the wall with a calling, with a burden, and those who are on the wall with a desire to please Him, and those who are on the wall with a concern for the lost souls, and the backslider, and the sheep who have wandered away.
Allow God to show you, folks, because He will. Let Him show you.
Well, I hope that these words will land where they’re supposed to, will take root where they’re supposed to, will explain and reveal and encourage because it’s a word for you, ladies and gentlemen. God loves you and God wants to see you through. As long as I’m on the wall, folks, I am going to obey my calling.
I want to thank all of you that are out there that do appreciate this ministry and that do know, that do see, that God is working. For those of you that bear witness with it, I think you for the prayers that you offer and the words of encouragement. And also for the support that you give us to help us to continue.
In his service,
Nathan Leal
Watchman’s Cry