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The transcript below is an excerpt from a recent Watchman’s Cry Audio Program. This transcript is from Part 1 found in the link below. Transcript for part two is here.

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What is a Watchman? – By Nathan Leal

Today on this program, I’m going to explain what a watchman is.

To do this, we’re going to dig very deep into the Scriptures. We are going to have a Bible study. So I want to encourage you to please pay attention and follow along.


The Bible tells us that our number one task is to make it to the end, to endure faithfully to the end, as we navigate the highway, the narrow highway, the road, the journey. Our task is to remain faithful with Jesus and to Jesus and to His Word and to the kingdom of God; we must remain faithful to the very end. Not just right now and then stop, or right now and get tired, or right now and quit, or right now and not stay focused or try as hard. We have to make it to the end, folks. You have to make it to the end.

When I say “to the end,”, I”m talking about till you take your last breath or when God resurrects the church. We have to make it to that point where we get our glorified bodies. We have to endure. You need to endure to the very end, no matter what the cost. And you want to see your loved ones make it to the very end.

Part of the challenge of endurance includes resisting and overcoming deception. Now, folks, think about this. When we join the family of God, when we got saved, born again, that was the beginning. It was not the end. In some churches, Some folks treat it as, you say the sinner’s prayer and you’re done. You don’t have to worry about anything after that. Because you’re done.

But the Bible tells us, “He who endures to the end.” Yes, salvation is important. But it is the beginning. Being born again is the beginning of the journey. That is when our spirit gets sealed.

That happens on Day One. From that point on, we must become disciples. Because when we get saved, folks, when you got saved, the seed planted in the soil. But now, you’ve got to spring forth through the ground, healthy ground, by the way, it also must be good soil and when you sprout, you are a baby plant, a shoot that must get watered by the Word of God. And then it must grow…taller, and then turn into a tree that becomes firm because it has been watered. And then the branches of your tree have to bear fruit.

The beginning process of the sprouting seed is Day One, folks. To endure to the very end means we become full-grown and we stay watered and we bear fruit. Because Jesus said over and over,it’s about the fruit. He’s going to examine us for fruit. The tree that has no fruit, the branches that have no fruit, get thrown away.

This means the journey includes growing, obtaining nourishment, growing fruit, enduring, while at the same time navigating around the deception that will try to derail you. Right now, in these last days, there are deceptive tactics that are playing out, that are trying to destroy the faith of God’s people. It’s out there, folks.

Our job is to walk in obedience with Jesus and to get a hold of the tools; tools that are available to navigate around the deception.

Today’s Topic – What is a Watchman?

Today I’m going to talk about the word “watchman.” If you are taking notes, that  is the topic, folks. Watchman. Have you ever wondered what that word means? Have you noticed that that word has become quite trendy over the last few years?

This ministry, Watchman’s Cry, has been around almost 10 years. Back when I first began, there weren’t many people in Internet Land, in the alternative media, calling themselves a watchman. But today there are many.

And amongst those who are involved in the task, who call themselves watchmen, some of them have been divinely called.

…some of them are called of God.

…some of them were sent,

…and some of them just went.

…They joined Team Watchmen of the Watchmen’s Universe. Some people joined, but they weren’t called.

Now does knowing the difference matter? Whether they were called or whether they just joined? Yes, it does. Especially if you are a Christian. Now, folks, please listen to what I’m going to say right here. It matters because some day, you may find yourself wrestling with information or advice that you heard from a “watchman.”

You may hear some advice and it makes you struggle because the way that the information was presented may be so convincing and have great influence, and it might even be presented in a way that pressures you to either do it or you’ll have consequences of destruction, like maybe or losing all your wealth, or your retirement, or your savings, your house, your job, maybe even your life, or your freedom, etc.

So, we need to talk about this, folks. Because what if some of the advice that you hear is not true? What if it’s not true? In fact, let’s take it further. What if the advice is a deception? Is that possible, my friends? Is it possible that something you heard on Internet radio by a watchman could be wrong?

Well, here’s the answer. Not only could it be wrong, but it could be a deceptive strategy to confuse the Body of Christ and His remnant.

You think so, Nathan?”

Indeed I do. And the more I’ve been examining this matter. And praying about it, and looking into the Scriptures, I’m noticing something, folks. I’m noticing that most people who use the alternative media to source a lot of their information and advice, most people take for granted that if a person has a microphone or a website or a radio show, then they must be correct in what they’re saying.

Now, folks, I’m not saying that you take it for granted, but a lot of people do. They do. There’s something about when it’s a popular personality; they’re on the air, so they must have some sort of celebrity status or intellectual status that placed them there behind the microphone so therefore, the microphone is their resume or their credentials to knowledge that others don’t have. There’s a tendency to treat folks that way.

But, you know what, ladies and gentlemen? The voices in Radio Land are not always correct, even if they call themselves a watchman. If you are a regular listener to most of the programs that are popular in the alternative media, there’s a probability that some of the people that you are listening to now, folks, I’m going to say something right here and “there’s a probability that some of the folks you’re listening to, are deceiving you.

Now, I’m not saying all of them are doing it maliciously, but I will say this. Some of them may be doing it intentionally and some may not know that they’re doing it.

So, what are you saying ?”

I’m saying that not everything is black and white. Now, in the past, I used to think that if individuals said they were Christian watchmen, then it was, “Hey, these guys are safe.” I admit it, folks. I used to think that. I have thought it. I usually started out by assuming that whoever I heard was safe and telling the truth.

But Jesus never said that deceivers would call themselves deceivers, did He? He said that they would come in His name. And He also said something else. He said that you would know them by their fruits. So, what does that mean?

Well, now, will bout this. Because up to this point most people give the free pass to anyone if they say they’re a Christian. It’s a Christian show, or they mention God, or verses, or say that they’re Christians. So, there’s a tendency, at least here in the West, in America, that the minute they say that, there’s a tendency to remove the walls of concern or vigilance. The walls of vigilance come down. “Oh, he’s a Christian? Lower the drawbridge. Let him in.”

“Many will come in My Name…”

Now, ladies and gentlemen, Jesus said, “Many would come in My name saying ‘I am the Christ.’ “ In the past, a lot of people have interpreted that verse to mean that people would come in His name saying, “I am Jesus. I am the Son of Man. I am God.” You know like the Moonies? Or some of those whackos that believe that they are actually Jesus, an incarnation of Jesus? Most of the time when we have heard that prophecy, that’s how it’s interpreted, that it would be a whacko.

But, Jesus said, now, folks, think about this, let me read the verse right here in Matthew 24. Watch this, folks. Matthew 24:4. “Jesus answered and said, ‘Take heed that no one deceives you.’ “

That’s how Jesus started the sermon, the Olivet Discourse. He begins by saying, deception is going to be the rule of the day, so disciples …pay attention!

Jesus said, “Take heed that no one deceives you, for many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the Christ. ‘ ”

Folks, think about this, if we are in the last days, how many people have you seen walking around saying, “I am He. I am Jesus?” Have you witnessed a lot of people doing that? I haven’t.

So, that tells me that maybe we need to re-examine that prophecy and His warning. Perhaps it means something else. And I believe it does, folks, because watch this.

Let’s look at it this way. “Many will come in My name.”

In other words, will come in the name of Jesus. What’s Jesus’ name? Jesus…Christ… Or in other words a Christian. …”Many will come in My name.”

…Many will come saying, “I am a Christian.”

And then Jesus goes on, “…saying, ‘I am the Christ.’ ”

The word Christ means anointed. That’s what Christ means, the Anointed One. So, people will come in the name of Jesus saying, “I am anointed.”

In other words, let’s paraphrase it, they will say, “I am a follower of Jesus. I am a Christian. I am bringing a word from God because I am anointed, because I am His child.”

In other words, they will look like old-fashioned red-blooded Christians. And they will say that they are anointed. Or spirit filled.

So, Jesus wasn’t saying the Moonies are going to be tricking people. He said imposters are going to be tricking people. Imposters who say “I am a Christian, I am anointed. Hey, I have a word from the Lord. I am used of God. I have a verse.” Etc., etc.

Ladies and gentlemen, if the deceivers are going to look like any other Christian minister or speaker or spokesman or representative of Christianity, how can we know that they are deceivers? How can we know? Is there a way to know?

You Will Know Them by Their Fruits

Well, in Matthew 7:16, let’s look at what it says. Matthew 7:16, folks. If you’re taking notes, write this down. Actually, let’s back up to 15. 7:15 in the book of Matthew.

Beware of false prophets who come in sheep’s clothing (sheep that look like Christians, sheep’s clothing) but inwardly are ravenous wolves.”

Now, they look like Christians on the outside. They look like sheep. They look like they are of the fold, but on the inside, they are not.

So, how do we know? What is the signal? What’s the clue?

Let’s read verse 16. “You will know them by their fruits.” Then Jesus says this, “Do men gather grapes from thorn bushes or figs from thistles? Even so, every good tree bears good fruit but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Therefore, by their fruits, you will know them.”

What does this mean, ladies and gentlemen? Well, this is the outline. And it is the method that we should use to determine whether we are getting tricked and bamboozled.

Nathan what are you talking about? What do you mean, fruits?”

Here’s what it is, folks. If you are taking notes, write this down, and please think about it.

The Fruits Do Not Lie

Fruits are the behaviors that guide a believer. Fruits are the way that a person behaves. In the book of Galatians, Chapter 5, we see the list of the fruits of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, long-suffering, gentleness, you know the list, folks. We also have the list of the works of the flesh, which are quite opposite, fleshly actions.

So, when Jesus said, “You’ll know them by their fruit,” this is what he meant and here are some examples.

When we see somebody who exhibits anger and impatience on a regular basis… Let’s look at a person in regular life. Let’s say someone that you work with, or maybe it is a friend or a relative.

When we know a person as someone who exhibits anger and impatience very frequently – on a regular basis, we identify them as being unstable and impatient, right?

If we observe that a person has a habit of insulting others, of maligning others, of saying mean things about others, then we identify them as not having love. It’s pretty simple.

Or, here’s another one. If we observe a person acting as a bully who intimidates and threatens others, we do not identify them as being meek. Because we have a pattern of their behavior. They don’t have the fruits of meekness when they are intimidating people constantly, or when they’re saying mean things about others.

This is what examining the fruits is all about, ladies and gentlemen. And it doesn’t lie.

The fruits of a person do not lie. If a person acts a certain way, then their actions reveal their fruit. There’s no way to spin it. There’s no way to try to justify it or make it nice or say it’s the wrong time of the day.

It doesn’t matter, folks. The fruit is the indicator of what’s feeding the branch. And it’s an indicator of the type of fluid that goes through the branch into the fruit.

Jesus revealed this. This means that if we observe an individual who behaves outside the gentle fruits of the Spirit, then it should be a red flag that they are not walking in God’s love and possibly are a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Now, I mentioned a few fruits to compare fleshly works to, but the list is even bigger than that. The list can be very large.

If we see someone that has a habit of lying regularly, then they are a liar. If we observed that a person has a habit of making things up, a wild imagination, an overactive imagination, then we see them as being confused.

Folks, the patterns that people behave in, in their regular life, illustrate who they really are.

There’s no way to try to spin it.

Because you see, just because someone says they are a Christian, and just because someone says they recited the sinner’s prayer at some point in the past, does not mean that they are truly of the faith.

Again, ladies and gentlemen, key point. Jesus told us they would come in His name. They would say they are Christians.

So, if we observe individuals who had violent tendencies, who want to kill everybody, who talk about when the doom goes down, when the grid goes down, when the lights go down, they can’t wait to kill their neighbors, to kill cops. When you hear people talking that way, folks, that’s an indicator of some fruit that’s not quite connected to what we read in the Bible.

The Bible says, “Be as innocent as a dove.”

Yes, to be wise as a serpent, meaning you understand the craftiness of the other side, but innocent as a dove. We must have love. That is a fruit of the Spirit, the first one, love. If a person doesn’t have love, how can they say that they are a Christian and they know God? Because God is love.

Again, ladies and gentlemen, key point. Jesus said they would come in His name.

Not Everyone is a Christian

Now, if the road to destruction is broad and the road to life is narrow, and few are they who find it, if I were to ask some of you, if I was having dinner with you and we were talking about it, and if I were to ask you, “Hey, do you think that most people who attend a mega church are Christians? Are they all really on the narrow road? Are they trying as best they can? Are they really walking in repentance? Are they trying to obey the Bible?”

Most of you would say, “Of course not.” And I think we would agree to that. Because the narrow road is the narrow road, no matter where we are. Whether it’s in a church or a bar, the narrow road is the narrow road. Few are they who find it.

Is Every Watchman a Christian?

So, if the Bible reveals this, then the math of spiritual algebra would also say that amongst some of the people who call themselves a watchman. . . Now, folks, please consider this. Some of them are faking it.

And I think it is time that everyone who relies on the alternative media for their spiritual food needs to take a second look at who they’re depending on for their spiritual nutrition.

It is time to Examine the Watchman

By the way, this includes me, folks. Include me in the list. In fact if you have a notepad, do it. Write the names down of some of the shows that you frequent, some of the radio personalities that you’re aware of, Blog Talk people, the Christians who bring Christian things and Christian warnings and they talk about doom. There’s different flavors out there. But if you were to write down all the names and include me in there, folks. Take a second look at all of us.

Nathan, why would you want to be included in the list? Why would you do that?”

Because you need to know who you’re listening to and examine the fruit.

Are you serious, Nathan?”

Yes, I am. Examine my sermons. Go to my website and listen to my sermons. Observe my behavior. Do I operate with the fruit of the Spirit, folks? Or, do I threaten others?

Guess what, ladies and gentlemen? They are out there and they are using Christian identifiers to blend in. You need to know this.

So, today on the program, I’m going to explain what a watchman is. I’m going to use the Bible to do it. Become acquainted with the Scriptural definitions that I’m going to show you. Key point, folks. The Scriptural definitions.

Deception is Out There

Why? Because in addition to the watchmen phenomenon that’s taking place right now in Internet Land and in the alternative media, the powers of darkness also have a campaign that’s in motion right now as I speak. It’s called deception. And it was the first thing that Jesus warned about Matthew 24. It was the first warning He gave us. It was the first concern that He placed on the table. “Take heed that no one deceives you.”

When you think about it, folks, when you think about that word deception, by its very definition, deception means that one does not know that they are the victims of deceptive trickery while it’s taking place. To be deceived means we don’t know we’re being deceived. Those who succumb to deception usually don’t find out about it until the aftermath, until later on, when they look back. When they do, many have said that while it was taking place, they never suspected it.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are there right now. We are living in the days where every one of us will have to discern our way out of deception. You’ll have to do it, my friend. So, we need to be paying attention.

Now, of course, we could take that to an extreme and become paranoid and cynical, that we trust nobody and become jaded, that we trust nobody. It could develop into an unhealthy wall around us which allowed no one can come inside. To the point where we don’t want to be intimate with anyone or trusting or transparent, etc. It can work to an extreme. And of course, we should not allow it to get there. So, there has to be a balance of wisdom with caution.

That’s what this is about, ladies and gentlemen, because we are living in the days of deception. And the topic today has to do with watchmen.

Before we begin, I just want to start out with a word of prayer. So, let’s do that. Heavenly Father, I pray that as we examine Your Word and as we examine this topic, God, for those people that may even right now be struggling with decisions because of discernment and they’re not sure, God, open their eyes and make it clear. Bring the answer and bring it with Your Spirit and with Your wisdom. We thank you, in Jesus’ name, amen.

What is a Watchman?

All right, ladies and gentlemen, so let’s begin. What is a watchman? Most likely, many of you could answer that question. I estimate that the answers that I would hear from you if we were having dinner and I was asked you that question, “Hey, what do you think a watchman is?”

I’m sure the answers would be varied and broad and perhaps some of them would be accurate. But, since we’re not all in the same room, I’m going to try to explain it as best I can.

And please know this, I want to say this up front. What I’m going to share right here is not meant to single out anybody that’s out there. That’s not my purpose. My purpose is to offer an examination of what the Scriptures tell us about the term watchman in general. Because there are thousands of watchmen out there.

It is important that we get a hold of this because I haven’t heard anybody talk about this. But I think it’s time that we do because everybody that’s involved in every part of the kingdom of God needs to be accountable. Every part, every block, every stone. We are living stones in the kingdom of God. So, we need to be able to examine every part of the temple of God. Amen, folks?

As I share this information, again, ladies and gentlemen, take it to prayer. Ask God about it. Let this become part of the arsenal of vigilance that you have in the way that you think and the way that you process and in the way that you navigate. Because I believe that as we look at this information, it’s going to help to formulate a vigilant discipline that the people of God today need to have.

Why why do we need it? Because there’s great deception out there. Not everything is as it seems. Ladies and gentlemen, it is very, very important for us to understand and to know, not just understand, but to know, that not all watchmen who are out there are the same. They are not all the same and they are not all functioning in the same capacity and in the same category. They do not all have the same objective.

Watchman Offer Advice – But is it Correct?

Why does this matter? Because many of the watchmen who are out there are not only sharing what they think they see, but they are also offering advice. Have you noticed that, folks? They are offering advice to you. And up to this point, I don’t think that many watchmen have been willing to admit that the watchmen phenomena may have liabilities as far as truth and dependability. I don’t think many people want to admit that.

You know what, ladies and gentlemen? It’s time that this thing was addressed. It’s time that this issue was talked about and placed on the table and looked at. Because God does not take this matter lightly. Anyone who calls themselves a watchman better make sure that they are doing their job correctly because they will answer to God for it.

Unfortunately, I’ve also recently come to realize that great damage and harm can be done to the Body of Christ if a watchman embellishes the report that they’re sharing or embellishes their information, their advice, their counsel, their commentary, their spiritual teaching, and bypasses and ignores their behavior. And these are just a few of the points that matter.

What do you mean, “bypasses their behavior?”

This is what I mean, folks. In order for a person to be a watchman that is legitimate, their behavior has to match the integrity of what they are trying to communicate. The way that they portray themselves must match the integrity that they’re claiming or the character that they’re claiming. Their behavior must match their Christian testimony.

They can’t say one thing and then act different. We don’t get to do that, ladies and gentlemen.

What does a Watchman Do?

Let’s look at that word again. What is a watchman? What does the term mean? To some people, it’s a word to describe an individual who shares the news of world events. In other words, they are a news gatherer or they are a news reporter, and they call themselves a watchman. That’s one description that I have observed in the alternative media.

And in some ways, that’s okay. That’s a good definition. I’m not trying to criticize that objective, or that motivation of these individuals. I’m not trying to criticize them, because it can be legit.

When we look from the earthly standpoint, in the physical, when we just look at the word watchman, we can see that, as an occupation, aside from the alternative media, there are actual jobs where people are, for example, a night watchman.

Or, in other words, they may be a security guard and call themselves a night watchman. Which would mean that they are a guard and their job is to make sure that their location is safe where they work. And in the job of a night watchman, they may conduct regular rounds along their property or their location, or perhaps at a shopping mall or a car lot or a commercial enterprise where inventory needs to be protected and kept safe.

Wherever it happens to be, maybe a campground, there might be a night watchmen that will go out at night and make regular rounds to make sure that all is well. That is a legitimate occupation. It’s a noble occupation. It’s a good thing.

So, from the earthly standpoint, just in the natural, a watchman is a guard. They make sure that there are no crimes taking place and that everybody is safe. If a crime were to take place, then he would exercise his training using the rules of engagement that are allowed.

Now, in the alternative media, there are some watchmen who cannot really operate in the capacity of a guard because they are behind a microphone and just reporting. But they do this to try to make sure that everybody’s safe or, if there are threats, they report it. This is what some of the news people, or news gatherers who are out there, do.

They are news reporters/watchmen. They call themselves watchmen, but their skill set that they bring to the table involves news-gathering and then reporting on it and commenting on it. That’s what they do. Thus, they call themselves a watchman.

The Biblical Definition of a Watchman

But when we look at the Bible, there are definitions that are found in Scripture. If you are a Christian, if you rely on the Scriptures and you believe that this is the only way to navigate these end times, which, of course is true, there’s no other way, we need the Bible to navigate the end times.

If that is the case, then we need to also include the proper definition and understanding of a Biblical watchman. It must include the task that is found in Scripture.

Folks, please make note – there is a difference between a Biblical watchman and a non-Biblical watchman.

We have just entered the new year of 2016. Already the world is shaking. I mentioned that a moment ago. The markets are unsettled. Some of the analysts are saying that the present market structure resembles the pre-2008 crash. In fact, there are now some bankers that are saying, “Sell everything.”

Some of the bankers are saying this because we’re at the pre-’08 crash levels.

So, we’re there, folks. The crash is coming. We have rounded the corner. We are in 2016 and eventually, and I don’t know when,but it is interesting that even now in the secular media, they are even talking about this. The world is eventually going to rumble. It’s going to rumble with a shaking that’s going to bring a lot of people to their knees.

Brethren of the faith, none of us as children of God can afford to be listening to deception or allow ourselves to be sidetracked with things that will not help our walk with God. We can’t do that.

So, if you are one of the wise ones and you are trying to get ready, part of your discipline…

Does this Routine Sound Familiar?

Let’s use you as an example. In this late hour you are trying to get ready. Is that correct my friend? You are awake; you know what’s going on. And Part of your routine may include searching the resources of the alternative media, so that you can stay abreast of the next big event. I know a lot of you folks do this. It’s the habit of so many people.

This routine may include waking up, pouring a cup of coffee, getting on the Internet, and then scouring the bookmarked websites that you regularly go to. Some of the websites are news aggregate websites that will have story, after story, after story of reports on what happened the night or the day before.

For example, Drudge does that. They’re an aggregate news site. So, the habit of many people in the remnant community is to go to the alternative media and scour the news stories.

And this discipline may include browsing the websites of some of the “watchmen” who are out there. And also, the routine and discipline may include listening to their audio messages, their radio shows, their Blog Talk shows, their regular offerings, hearing the interviews and the guests. I know a lot of you do this folks.

There are common names that are a part of this watchmen phenomena that are happening. You folks notice that? It was like a pond that exists. In this pond is the Watchmen Universe. In the Watchmen Universe, there are certain names, some are more popular than others, some are fledgling, some are new, some have been around a while, but there is this Watchmen Universe of common names. Most of you are familiar with the names and you go and listen to them.

In addition to the common names, there’s also the outer ring of other names. And then there’s an outer ring there where people are a part of You Tube and Blog Talk shows. It gets bigger and bigger and it spans the Worldwide Web and the Internet to the point where there are hundreds and hundreds of people out there trying to contribute to the Watchmen Universe in their warnings. Many of them, ladies and gentlemen, many of them are legitimate and they have good intentions. I’m sure of it.

There are a lot of folks out there who say that they are watchmen, but unfortunately, ladies and gentlemen, this is what I have to say, unfortunately, they are not all on the same page. They’re not. Now again, I am not saying this out of malice. I’m not saying this with any evil intent. I’m saying this because it’s true.

Not all of them are on the same page. And I�m about to prove it.

What do you mean, Nathan? What do you mean they’re not on the same page?”

There’s a difference, folks. So, in order for me to explain it, please get your Bible and turn to the book of Ezekiel Chapter 33. I’m going to read a few passages of Scripture and then we’re going to talk about it.

Now let’s start at verse 1 – Ezekiel 33:1.

“Again the word of the LORD came unto me saying, (verse 2) ‘Son of man, speak to the children of thy people and say unto them, When I bring the sword upon the land and the people of the land take a man from their coasts and set him for their watchmen…’ ”

Now let me stop there. Most of you have heard the definition of a watchman that comes from the Bible. I’m pretty sure if you’re a Bible believing Christian, you are familiar with the verse that mentions that a watchman has to warn and if he doesn’t warn, the blood of the victims will be on his hands and he’ll pay the price.

Does that sound familiar my friend? Well this passage is where it is found. This is one of the places that verse is found, where that identifier and that task is found. A watchman has to warn or they will be in trouble. If they fail, they will have blood on their hands.

Most of you have heard this. But I want to focus for a moment on what I just read. Let’s start off with verse 2. Now, folks, make note of what it says in verse 2.

The Earthly Recruitment of a Watchman

It says, “If the people of the land take a man of their coasts.”

That word for “coasts,” reads “from their territory,” in the New King James.

So, in this context, we are told about the recruiting of a watchman. If they take a man from their land, from their neighborhood, from their city, where they live, their village and they set him up as their watchman. If the people do this, then he has a job to do.

But it says,”If they set him as a watchman,” then the recruit he had to do the job. He was supposed to warn. He was supposed to stay at his post and watch and make sure nothing was coming. If he failed to warn the people that they were going to be attacked, he would be held accountable to the point where his blood would be on his own head, meaning that he would be killed.

This Type of Watchman is Appointed by Man

Now most people think about this complete passage when referencing a watchman, but folks, make note of how this watchman is placed at his post, at his job.

It says, “If the people take him and assign him.” In other words, “If the people appoint him.

Do you see it? This position was appointed by people, by man. It was not a divine calling. Now, folks, make note of this. This is just a village hiring him.

Wanted – Watchman – Requirements: Must Have Eyesight

Now, let’s go on to verse 3. “If when he seeth the sword come upon the land, he blows a trumpet and warn the people…”

Do you see that word, folks? In the New King James, it says “When he sees the sword coming, if he blows the trumpet and warns the people, then whoever hears the sound of the trumpet and does not take a warning and the sword comes and takes him away, his blood shall be on his own head.”

In other words, if the watchmen did his job but the victim ignored it , then it is the victim’s fault for not paying attention. Because he heard the sound of the trumpet and he didn’t take the warning.

In this case, the watchman is excused. But let’s back up to verse 3.

Ezekiel 33:3. “If when he sees the sword coming.”

This verse tells us his job description. Which is an assignment where the watchman must always be looking into the horizon and mindful of any approaching threats.

Because it says, “If when he sees it, …”

So, in other words… Now folks, make note of this. Circle that first word. Make note, ladies and gentlemen, that the verse says, “If he sees it.”

The key word is “if.”… I-F.

This means “if” has to happen. It means that if it happens, then he has to, also… look at the fourth word “if” when he seeth. He has to see it.

“Nathan, what are you trying to say?”

Watch this, folks.

This means that he cannot imagine it, or fake it, or pretend to see it, or say that it’s there, when it is not.

In other words, translation, he cannot tell lies or cry wolf. He was not allowed to make it up.

The Natural Watchman Were Not Permitted to Make Up a Threat

The natural type of watchman that is appointed by the people, when he’s up there on the wall, cannot just start ringing the bell and blowing the trumpet and say, “Hey, everybody, it’s coming”… when it’s not.

He cannot say, “Well, I’m pretty sure that it is right there,” when he can’t see it. He could not cry wolf.

Ezekiel 33 tells us and shows us the key word…If when he sees the sword coming.

Again, ladies and gentlemen, this type of watchman is not called of God.

So, what do we have so far?

This type of watchman was appointed by the people. He was an employee of the people. He did it as a regular job.

Make note ladies and gentlemen, It was a job appointed by man.

Now, folks, watch this. We have several things going on here in this definition. This type of watchman had to see the threat before he could talk about it. He could not make it up and cry wolf. And the only time that he was allowed to blow the trumpet was if he saw the threat.

He had to see the threat with his eyes.

And biblically, this requirement still applies today.

In other words, the modern day watchman cannot get on the Internet and start tweeting, or post on Facebook and social media and say, “I see it, I see it, I see it,” when he doesn’t see it.

He cannot imagine it. It has to be in front of his eyes.

The other thing is that he is an employee of the people.

It is not a divine calling.

It was just a regular job.

This means that when you have a secular watchman/night guard/security guard at post looking, he may have absolutely no Christian influence or opinions as he examines the horizon. A watchman hired by the people does not necessarily have to be a Christian. His job is to merely watch and tell the truth and warn when he sees it coming. That’s all he has to do.

How does this apply to us here in the end times? The situation could apply to the many, and let’s take this category to the many financial watchmen gurus who are out there.

Financial Watchmen

Now, ladies and gentlemen, if you have been at this thing long enough and your routine includes scouring the Internet of the alternative media, listening to various interviews, you have become familiar with certain names. There are financial gurus out there. You could probably list five or ten of them that you are familiar with who are very good at analyzing and summarizing the present world conditions as related to financial stability and a future potential crash of the dollar and of precious metals, the Chinese economy, Euro, etc. You can think of the names. There are several popular ones out there. They are also on You Tube.

At times maybe they are a guest on the TV news channels like, Fox News, CNN, MSNBC. Some of them have gained that kind of notoriety. Some of them are often interviewed by popular Christian radio hosts that are found out there.

So, there are financial watchmen type gurus who are part of the alternative media culture. And there are many of these financial analysts who are offering, now folks, watch this, they are offering their opinion to when the crash of the dollar is going to happen. And some of these gentlemen are not Christians. They’re not.

But nevertheless, some of them may be calling themselves watchmen.

They are Good People…But…

Now, yes, they may be good red-blooded Americans, good patriots, good respecters of the Constitution, good respecters of the family unit. They have a noble message. They believe in all the things that make America in our minds a great nation, like apple pie, baseball, those things. But they are not necessarily God-fearing Christians.

“What’s wrong with that, Nathan?”

I’m not saying that there is anything necessarily wrong with it. Because of they tackle their assignment with accuracy, and look for the threats and report what they see. Then they are just doing their job as an earthly watchman. Because that’s what a watchman, a secular appointed watchman, is supposed to do, report what he sees.

So, they could be doing that. And doing it with integrity.

However, now folks make note of this, however, with their report of what they see, and what they’re concerned about, while they’re looking at the charts; and while they are looking at the potentials for the crash, etc. and while they are verbalizing the summary of their examination, their delivery may be at the scholarly level.

Perhaps it’s done at a highly intellectual and educational level using algorithms and the tools that they have at their disposal.

Maybe they’re legit….Maybe.

But, the summaries of some of these financial watchmen, who are not God-fearing Christians, are regularly mixed into the summaries of many Christian programs.

So, you have non-Christians on Christian programs.

I have noticed this, folks. These financial watchmen seem to be regularly included in the daily briefings of other watchmen websites. I’ve seen it happen. I’ve even heard them interviewed on Christian radio programs.

And here is where the situation becomes muddied; I have witnessed others in the remnant community treat their financial advice of a non-Christian watchman as a word from the Lord.

Here’s where it can become a problem, ladies and gentlemen. And we need to treat it as such. We need to be honest with the situation and place it on the table.

Ladies and gentlemen, I want to encourage you and challenge you to think about this. If they are not Christians and they have a summary or an opinion about what they think they see based on their analysis of present market conditions, does that bridge the trust gap into Christian programs to the point where they are then allowed and encouraged to give advice to the listeners who are Christians?

Two the point where the radio host then advises the listeners to do things that are based on the summary from these financial non-Christian watchmen?

Is that safe to do this? To the point where maybe the listeners are encouraged to invest in gold and silver, or to invest in contraband, because the financial watchman had a warning of a coming crash?

You see, folks, I understand that when we hear a program on a Christian radio show, Blog Talk, website, etc., and the guest brings something that was so outlandish and the threat sounds so legitimate and scary because he had the insider information, because this non-Christian watchman knew something or he read a memo or he knew someone at a bank. Perhaps he had a relative or a friend that told him, at the water cooler that such and such was going to happen, like…. “In two weeks the dollar’s going to crash.”… Or some horrible financial news is going to happen and everyone is going to be caught off guard.

But they claim, whether it’s true or not, they claim that the information is ground-breaking, and their objective and their motivation is to save people from the crash, to alert and to warn.

And some of those individuals may be very sincere.

Do they value the truth enough to vet their information?

But if they are a non-Christian, we need to consider this, if they are a non-Christian, did they go through the proper measures to verify if the information was true?

Did they vet the information properly?

Do they possess the spiritual dash warning lights, and other words, the radar of Christian discernment to know if there information was right, or wrong, or true, or false?

Because when we look back over the last few years. In fact, let’s do that, folks. Think back to how many programs you heard where there was an insider tip that the crash was weeks away because this insider just knew and they had privileged information. When we look back now, we can see that the prediction has come and gone and might have never happened.

Rumors Become Panic

But for a few days, maybe a week, week and a half, that radio program became viral. There might have been YouTubes about it. It might have had everyone talking about it. And it’s possible that a lot of people panicked and reacted to it.

Folks, let’s be honest here. How many times have things like this happened?

“Now, Nathan, what are you saying? Are you saying that we should get rid of all the warnings and not listen to anything? What about Snowden? Didn’t that help us? He wasn’t a Christian, but he disclosed what the NSA was doing, and that was helpful information. Are you saying every insider, every whistleblower has to be a Christian to be legit?”

No, I’m not saying that, folks. But what I am saying is we need to be able to categorize and consider the source.

We need to be able to categorize and examine the information through discernment, through the Holy Spirit, that resides within us.

We have to include the Holy Spirit in our intelligence gathering and in our deciphering of the intelligence that we find out about or exposed to. We need to include God more than we have, ladies and gentlemen. That’s what I’m trying to say.

Because when we hear these programs, and right now I’m talking about a financial watchman, it’s not wrong to listen to a non-Christian who is wise in financial matters. It’s not wrong.

But, I have to qualify this, folks. Think about this.

Is the financial watchman reliable as one who depends on the truth? Is the truth very important to them? Is truth held in very high regard?

Here are more questions.

1. Do their financial reports rely on the motive of fear?

2. And does their advice include a sales pitch?

And if it does, by the way, I’m not saying that it’s bad because I know people have to make a living, but we looked at Ezekiel 33:3. It says if he sees it.

So, an earthly non-Christian watchman must only report what he sees. This means he can’t imagine it or speculate about it.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, this is very, very important. He cannot speculate. Because in the present watchmen community, if a person says that they are a watchman�now, folks, think about this.

When we look at what Jesus said. “Take heed that no one deceives you.” Right? We read it.

Be on the guard, on the look out for deception. Deception means that somebody’s lying to you. Deception means you are hearing a lie. Deception means that you are hearing something that is not true. It means that you may be watching a presentation that is fiction, that’s a fable, that’s not going to happen.

We were warned that this is activity was going to be taking place in the end times. And it is happening right now, folks.

If a person says that they are a watchman and you are using your valuable time, and you are listening to them while you eat or work, and you’re listening to this individual who says that they are a watchman, or a watchman radio host is interviewing them, we must raise the standard and require minimal expectations.

One of them is more vigilance from us.

I have noticed that there seems to be a trend of non-Christian watchman allowed a free pass to share with a Christian audience, with you.

And then offer advice.

Folks, it’s very, very important to identify and to know and to discern whether a guest who appears on a Christian radio show is actually a Christian watchman when it comes to hearing their warning.

Why? Sso that we will be able to source the advice as being either secular or Christian advice.You have to be able to separate it. We need to be able to separate it and digest it correctly, to examine it correctly. Is their advice secular or Christian?

“Nathan, why does that matter?”

Ungodly Advice

Here’s why it matters, folks. Because if a non-Christian watchman gives advice to you and the advice involves doing something radical, like emptying out your bank account, buying gold and silver, relocating, moving, leaving the country, whatever the advice is, and then it’s presented in a way that creates fear and turmoil in your heart.

Number one question, folks. Is the advice from a Christian? Because advice is also the same thing as counsel. Advice and counsel are the same thing.

The Bible tells us in Psalm 1:1 “Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the ungodly.” Meaning, non-Christian counsel.

You see, folks, if the advice that’s being offered in the alternative media, is coming from a non-Christian, it is bypassing Psalms 1:1.

And if the advice is taken and not considered through the filter of other Christians and it this not confirmed with other brethren of the faith who are Spirit-filled, God-fearing, seasoned Christians with wisdom, To just take that advice, and receive it, and act, on it is not the proper way that we’re supposed to walk and conduct ourselves.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have watched this happen often in the alternative media. Because these watchmen are not properly vetting and sourcing the material and then they are feeding it to God’s people.

Now, if per chance some information comes forth that is ground-breaking, whistle-blowing, and is a warning that can benefit the people of God, and maybe the source was from a non-Christian, then it needs to be qualified and then also offered by the radio personalities or the speakers or the hosts or the alternative media voice, it needs to be qualified by saying, “Folks, you need to pray about this.”

I don’t hear that much either. I don’t hear that challenge included very often.

I don’t often hear radio hosts say “I have a guest today. He’s going to share this, but take it to prayer. You let the Holy Spirit bear witness. This information does sound very pressing. It’s very concerning. It’s sobering and, in some ways, it’s scary. If it’s true, the people of God could use this information, but take it to the Lord in prayer.”

See, folks, we need to be more disciplined. By the way, if you may be listening to this and you have a radio program, if you’re on Blog Talk radio, whether you’re a fledging radio type host or you’ve been doing this for a while, please think about what I’m saying right here. We need to be more responsible in the way that we’re delivering the news and offering warnings to the people.

The truth is the truth, but if we don’t see it with our own eyes, we cannot portray it as the truth.

Christian Shows with Non-Christian Mixture

Folks, take this information and consider it the next time you hear someone that falls into this category.

“Well, Nathan, how do I know if a person in the alternative media is a Christian or not?”

You don’t.

But we talked about fruit. Make note of the fruit. Make note of the things they have said in the past. Make note of the way their website looks. Do they quote Scripture on there website? Do they bring God into their verbal offering, to their public offering? Do they mention Him more than for flattery and accolades?

You see, for a program to say, “This is a Christian show and I believe in God.”

Well, what about the guests that they have? Do their guests behave like Christians? Do the hosts have the habit of bringing guests that make you wonder and scratch your head?

You see, folks, instead of worrying and being confused, it’s very simple.

If you are a Christian, and you are a remnant believer, and you know, that you know, that we are in the end times, and that Satan is going to do what he can to make you stumble, and to destroy you and your family and your loved ones, it’s very simple.

Confirm the sources. And make sure that you are sourcing the information, and gathering information from legitimate Christian watchman. Listen to those whose testimony is obvious.

If you have to wrestle with the question and say things like, “Wow, I really like this host, but I don’t know. Why does he have this guest?” … “This guest is obviously not a Christian, but I don’t know. Should I still listen to him for advice?”

Folks, it’s very simple. If you have to wrestle with it, then that is the Holy Spirit’s alarm bells giving you the answer.

If the Holy Spirit tells you, then you should submit to Him. Don’t fight the conviction. Don’t wrestle with it. Move on and stick to individuals who do bring the Word of God, and who do display the fear of God, and who do consider the  guests that are like-minded and are of the faith.

It’s very simple, folks.

Because if you wrestle with it, you may find yourself disobeying God’s leading. Because God could be trying to warn you that program has mixture.

The check in your spirit is not lie. If you feel it when you listen to the program that God may be trying to tell you that the program is going to create confusion.

Which leads me to talk about something else.

Crying Wolf is Never Allowed

The watchman is not allowed to imagine a threat. He has to see it.

In Ezekiel 33:3, it says, when he sees it. This means, by the way, side note, folks, the modern day watchman in the remnant community has a task and a discipline, whether he’s a Christian or not, that if If he calls himself a watchman, he has the task and the required discipline to examine the news and reporting any threats that may be approaching.

But he cannot make them up, ladies and gentlemen. He has the responsibility of not crying wolf.

That means that he cannot sensationalize imagined and presumptuous threats. He can’t sensationalize something that’s going on and add to it, and blow it bigger than it is.

The Jade Helm Episode

Ladies and gentlemen, I saw this happen last summer with the Jade Helm episode. You remember that? Jade Helm never materialized in the way that many people predicted. I remember, and if you are a regular listener, I talked about Jade Helm back then. Based on my research, I saw it as the beginning, and I said this over and over on my programs. You can go back and listen to them.

I saw Jade Helm as the ribbon cutting method of the new way that the military was going to conduct itself. This new method would play a role and evolve into what we will eventually see in Bible prophecy when Revelation takes place and the New World Order beast rises up and there’s a police state and a dictatorship worldwide. The Bible tells us that the mark of the beast will come forth. People will become slaves. The government will become totalitarian.

In order for that to take place, there will need to be methods in place that can control the general population. And those methods will need to be so precise that every nook and cranny of the world for the most part will be able to categorize human beings and know the ones that are threats to the totalitarian government. They will need methods to gather information and spy on people. It will be a police state.

Jade Helm was an exercise in the beginnings of the military trying out some of their new software; the Jade Helm program as well as some others. And I talk about that. The software was used by men on the ground, the people on the ground, to practice using the tablets that the military Special Forces team worked with other Special Forces and Homeland Security. They worked together and they were tuning up the computers and the satellites to their tablets to be able to go through the domestic front of the general population and practice finding insurgents in the general population.

That was the purpose of Jade Helm. It was a practice session. And it is one of many that are going to come. I stated that. I said it on my programs, folks.

Now, the military did gave us hints that the purpose of Jade Helm is to round up people. But they don’t have all the things worked out yet. They have to work out the bugs, figure out the methods that they’re going to use. This is Satan’s way of getting all the ducks in a row for the police state that is coming.

But when it was initially announced last year, there were several individuals who had microphones.I saw this happen, folks, I saw it over and over and I was embarrassed when I saw it.

Watchmen Who Do Not Value the Truth

I was embarrassed for the individuals that were reporting because they failed at vetting their sources and they gave irresponsible predictions that didn’t happen. They made summaries and claims that were very bold, and were not true.

Folks, if you remember, you might have also witnessed it . You might have noticed it. The thing that was embarrassing, in my opinion, was that no one took some of these radio personalities to task.

Now, I did make several attempts to contact certain radio personalities and tell them that this was a problem. In fact, I can remember two different individuals that I spoke to. I said, “You have been having a certain guest on your program who continues to make outlandish claims about Jade helm that are not true and not vetted. They are developing fear and their claims are not based on truth. They are made on assumptions and they are going to be embarrassing because they’re not going to happen.”

I tried to appeal to two radio personalities. I asked them to deal with this individual and tell him to stop it. And nothing took place. The other radio watchman was not addressed. Or, maybe if he was, he didn’t take it seriously. But it didn’t change. And he continued being a regular guest on several popular programs.

So, what that told me, ladies and gentlemen, back then, is that this individual did not value the truth.

Fables of the Watchman

And it also was disappointing to me because the radio personalities, (some of my colleagues) that I challenged with the task of “Hey, you keep having this guest that doesn’t doesn’t respect the truth. What’s up?”

The evidence concluded that several radio personalities that call themselves watchman, or watchwomen, do not value the truth.

Again, ladies and gentlemen, Jesus said, “You will know them by their fruits.”

We read that. If a watchman does not vet information and doesn’t seem to value a report as being true or false or a fable, ladies and gentlemen, that should illustrate that we have a disconnect with that watchman or individual.

I don’t know why there’s a disconnect. I don’t know why the lack of vetting is not important to some of these people. I don’t know.

But what it does tell me, folks, is that the dependability of individuals who continue to promote, and to present, and to offer to God’s people, to you, information that is not true or not vetted should illustrate that these people cannot be trusted because they seem to cry wolf and then, as a result, by crying wolf, shake the mental health of the listeners.

And ladies and gentlemen, this is not right.

It is wrong on so many levels!

It’s wrong because some of those false and crazy reports about Jade Helm should have been taken to task.

They were carried out irresponsibly and they made the alternative media look silly…

And stupid!

Irresponsible Reporting and Tunnels Under Walmart

By the way, folks, it could not be proven that there were tunnels under Wal-Mart. But still several personalities in the alternative media claimed that they were there. And the stories and the false reports were forwarded throughout the pond of the alternative media. Some of the other “watchmen” placed them on their aggregate news sites regularly.

Some of them said…”Hey, look at this story. Wal-mart has tunnels. Look at this story. Wal-mart is going to be a concentration camp. Look at this story. Shopping malls are going to be concentration camps.”

Ladies and gentlemen, to just relay information that is hearsay and not vetted is irresponsible and it casts truth to the ground.

It’s not right, folks. Jesus said they will deceive you.

So, let’s place in the context and in the comparison of what Jesus said. “Many will come in My name (saying they’re Christians) and deceive many.”

Okay. If a watchman comes forth or they’re on the radio, Christian radio, and they say they’re a Christian and they offer stories that aren’t true, folks, come on. What does this tell us? Are they fulfilling the verse where Jesus says they will deceive?

I’ll let you decide, ladies and gentlemen, but I find it scandalous that the present community of the Watchmen Universe does not value the truth enough to take others to task when the truth is thrown to the ground.

I do not understand it.

I don’t get it. Because it makes me ask the question, and it makes me wonder. “What is this all about?”

Why is a supposed watchman up on the wall looking to the horizon and then reporting things that they did not see? And why is this allowed and why is it allowed to be bypassed and overlooked?

And Why is This Sidestepped by My Colleagues?

It’s not right, folks. Because Jesus came to bring us the truth. The truth is the truth and lies are not a part of the kingdom of God. Lying and making things up is not, it’s not something that a noble person does. It’s not something that journalistic integrity promotes. Which, by the way, is another thing. There are basic standards of journalistic integrity and many citizen journalists that are out there are breaking the rules of journalistic integrity.

Folks, you remember from high school? Back then? I’m 53 and I attended school when it had higher quality back then. If you are old enough, do you remember? We were taught in high school, that when you do a report, or a story for journalism, you have to locate and prove and vet the sources to confirm the who, the what, the where, the why, and the how. It had to be sourced. Citation needed!

But today there does not seem to be much of sourcing. Instead there seems to be a lot of imagination. As a result, there are things that are outlandish that have become mixed into the pond of the remnant community.

And here is where it becomes messed up…

So, now you, a child of God, who is trying to make it, and walk in the light of God , have to filter and wade through reporting that does not value the truth.

And folks, what does this result in? It results in confusion. It’s not right, ladies and gentlemen. This is why I’m talking about it. Because spreading deception is still spreading deception and it’s wrong.

Now, I know that some can argue that some of the watchman out there didn’t willingly spread the falsehood, but my rebuttal is what prevents individuals in our community, what prevents my colleagues from being a little bit more responsible?

What prevents it?

When truth is trampled and thrown to the ground, ladies and gentlemen, hypocrisy and heresy will then take over and that’s what gives fuel to deception.

That’s where we are now. This is why deception decided to take it to a higher level and then add a little bit of sprinkling of heresy and a little bit of sprinkling of the New Age and a little bit of sprinkling of things that are weird, of theology that is weird.

The weirdness is taking over and it’s mixing in. Folks, this is confusing the people of God.

The purity of the Scriptures are now being thrown into the blender and other things are also in there with it. That is not helping the children of God, ladies and gentlemen.

(End of part one – The Transcript for part two is here.)

In his service,
Nathan Leal
Watchman’s Cry

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