Prophetic Alert – I Saw an Aircraft Carrier Sink


By Nathan Leal 

(NOTE – I have posted a few reader comments at the bottom of this page.)

I am sending out this prophetic alert because God’s people need to pray. If you have followed this ministry for any length of time, you may know that it has a history of prophetic glimpses that have been shared over the years. Some have come to pass, some are in motion, and some are still in the delay of God’s mercy.

A few nights ago, I had another prophetic dream. It happened on December 5, 2015. I shared it that day with Doug Hagmann because I wanted to find insight on the meaning. After several days of holding onto it, I now feel prompted to share it with the brethren. Please take it under prayerful consideration. If anyone has insight on this information please let me know. 

The Dream Begins

I was in the sky looking down and saw three aircraft carriers next to one another. I heard the words, “inland.” It could have been in a shipyard, but I am not certain.

As I watched the ships from above, one of them began to rotate counter-clockwise towards the left. The ground under the turning ship was very shallow. It scraped the earth under it while it rotated. I am not certain where the ship was located. It might have been at a port. (The ship could have been in a dry dock getting repaired, serviced, or it could have even been a brand new ship.)

After it rotated, the carrier left the port traveling south to southwest. When it reached “deeper water” (I heard the words – deeper water,) it began to sink.


It did not sink entirely, but it tilted which caused the end of the ship to begin submerging causing part of its platform to go underwater.


I thought to myself, “Oh no, the platform is going under.” The submerging was enough to cause some of the aircraft on the flight deck to be covered with water.


It remained tilted and partially submerged and in the dream I wanted to rescue it, so I grabbed it and held onto it. (How I was able to do this, I do not know, perhaps holding it afloat represented prayer.)

My efforts were becoming difficult. I was barely able to hold on and I needed help. I became upset, because I feared for the sailors on the ship. As I struggled to hold onto the ship, a giant hand came out of the sky and intervened.


It wrapped around the end of the ship and held onto it. It was the hand of God.

Before I could see if the ship was saved, the dream ended.

What does this mean? I am still trying to understand the vision. But this is what I have thus far.

To understand it, I have dissected it. There are several parts to this dream.

At the beginning, I saw three carriers together. Does the Navy often do this? Do they dock carriers next to each other? In the dream there were three.

Next – One of the carriers began rotating counter clockwise. Does this represent a “rotation” of a location for an aircraft carrier in the future? Aircraft carriers do rotate in their assignments. Again, the rotation was counter clockwise.

As it rotated, I heard the word, “inland.” I do not know what it meant. Was this to signify the location of the event?

The carrier began traveling south to southwest. It then went into deep water. I heard the words “deeper water.” Does this mean that the event will occur when it leaves a channel or a strait and then enters the ocean?

It did not take long before it started to sink. But instead of sinking straight down, it tilted slowly. I did not see an explosion.

As far as the cause, I don’t know if it was non-aggressive like mechanical or structural failure. Or a navigation mishap like hitting something underwater that damaged it. If so, perhaps this was why I saw the ship scraping the ground as it rotated.

I also do not know if the cause was something aggressive or nefarious like sabotage or being hit with a missile.

Whatever the reason, I prayed that it would not sink and then God’s hand showed up.

Conclusion – If this event transpires as I have shared, and the ship is saved, it will be because God’s people acted with prayer to find His mercy. This means that the result is being weighed in the balance. It could go either way.

As I contemplated this vision, I wondered if America can still find mercy from God. And of course the answer is yes! His Word says so.

“It is of the Lord‘s mercies that we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.” Lamentations 3:22,23

My friends, God still has mercy that He wants to show for America. But thus far, as a whole, America is turning its back on Him.

Was this vision literal, symbolic or both? At minimum, it is symbolic.

The Symbolic Meaning

The symbolic meaning is profound. The vision is a warning that in the coming future, America’s power is going to sink. If nothing changes, when she enters the deeper waters of judgment, she will sink!

And without the hand of God’s mercy, all hope will be lost for our beloved country and MANY people will drown in the waters of chaos and misery.

Has the SS America left her port? Presently, she is spinning counter clockwise to the left. As she spins, she is scraping the Earth, or the “ways of the world” by abandoning the only One who can save her, our Lord Jesus Christ.

A Warning? 

If this vision is also literal, it means that in the future an aircraft carrier will encounter problems to the point that it will start to sink. And when it takes place, I do not know if it will be saved!

Depending on how the event is spun, there is a chance that it would start World War 3. When we look back at history, this already happened when the USS Maine sank in Havana Harbor in Cuba in 1898. This event started the Spanish American War.

If an aircraft carrier had an unfortunate mishap that was non-nefarious, would the United States spin the story and blame it on another country? And use it as a catalyst for war?

Is the vision a warning that a false flag involving an aircraft carrier is on the horizon? At this moment in time, I don’t know but I am prompted to make this vision public.

At minimum, we all need to be praying that God will show us His mercy in the coming days. Folks, we need to be asking for it NOW, before disaster strikes. This means that we need to continue seeking Him and make sure that we are getting our houses in order. Don’t delay my friend. Also please pray for our country and our enlisted men and women that they may be covered under God’s protection. I know that some of you have loved ones in the armed forces so may God be with them.

In His Service,

Nathan Leal
Watchman’s Cry


Here are a few email comments that some of you have sent in. Thanks for sharing.


Just came across this article thought it may somehow apply to your dream… very interesting indeed!: US Navy’s newest ship breaks down 20 days after commissioning, towed to emergency repair,

God bless,

Hi Nathan,

I was in the US Navy for 10 years and spent many days at sea as well as forward deployed in Sardinia Italy for 2 years.
Let me see if I can help you a little with your vision from God.

You broke it down well from a sailors view and will start from the beginning so here we go.

Carriers are docked on the deeper piers, usually together.
In Port: In the event of ships rotation the US Navy at times brings carriers and the associated ships in port to “rotate out” if they have been at sea for some time, then these group of ships called a “battle group” swap out and deploy. While in port the often get work performed on them in the ship yard where civilian specialty workers perform maintenance on pumps and steam turbines and associated equipment. I was not never deployed on a carrier but on several smaller ships say 1000 men.

A aircraft carrier has 5000 men, a floating city if you will imagine. They are some of the largest ships in the world and do draft deep in the ocean and can not even enter some shallow ports due to the draft.

It sounds like you are speaking to San Diego because that base has several Aircraft Carriers home ported there. San Diego is a deeper water port which allows carriers to fairly easily enter.

They could still hit bottom!

Carrier port entering evolution: I have watched this evolution several times and have had to experience it on the 1000 man ship I was on and here is what happens:

As the ship gets within 50 miles of the port we “set the watch” as “restricted maneuvering.” The top speed of the ship at that time is about 18 knots, usually it requires certain water tight doors also to be closed and not opened and if opened, re-closed.

This setting of water tight doors settings “compartmentalizes” the ship to keep it from sinking if it runs aground. This way the whole ship will not flood if that happens. Water tight doors will only allow certain spaces to flood in case of a catastrophic event.

The carrier will call the “Port Authorities” and request tug boat assistance to bring the carrier in to port side docking. The carrier will usually have a several hour wait prior to entering port side docking, and will drop anchor while waiting.The tug boats will notify the captain of their approach.

The tugboats will throw lines to the ship, and will be tied off

Winches will take out the slack and allow the tug boats to maneuver the ship due to their power and ability to change speed quickly.

Often they will spin the ship around and place it where certain doors on the side of the ship face the port.

Then the ship will be slowly pushed by the tug boats, (who are now in control) and some use of the ships rudder and power to the location the carrier is to be docked.

Then the ship will tie off and set up the gang way for individuals to exit the ship, hook up shore power and potable water.

Dream beginning:
The watch is set, “restricted maneuvering” all watch stations are manned and everyone is ready to go to sea. Sailors know this well and are well trained to perform the task at hand.
The tug boats are in control and call the shots to the bridge where the captain and executive officer are now located.

Many times the ship has to be rotated around to position the nose (bow) of the ship in the direction of the exit of the port.

Scraping bottom is all bad,bad,bad! This probably damaged the ship: weight is 102,0000 long tons!!!!! this ships nose or bow is approximately 70 ft above the water!!!!
Back to the dream:
As the ship is released it now is under control of the captain on the bridge. This is a nuclear powered ship and is very powerful.
At 50 miles out the normal watch is set. It sounds like the ship just set normal watch standing (“deeper water”)

as this catastrophic event occurred. Water tight doors are opened and a more relaxed watch is set.

Here is what would probably occur:
A “General Quarters” would have been sounded!
Battle stations manned and every one would be running around rapidly manning up their areas and closing water tight doors.

But it sounds like it is too late!!!!!!

The fire fighting teams manned!

Realizing that this is not a normal drill things get tense very quickly!!

Flooding and fire are the worst nightmares!

The sailors probably saved the ship by closing water tight doors and stopping some if not all the flooding by the grace and mercy of GOD!

Dewatering is now at hand using as may installed and portable pumps as possible.

If there is a big rip (steel hull failure) in the hull there are no dewatering pumps that can deal with this problem. Now it would have been all about control flooding and subsequent fires!
People die in this kind of thing and are trapped inside water tight compartments which are now flooded.
If the bow is now under water then the ships screws are pushed out of the water and maneuvering the ship is impossible!
The nuclear reactors being shut down? Power is out except for emergency generators? are emergency generators under water?
EEEEKK! could be many dead…..HUNDREDS….. 5000 man crew.
Radio calls go out! Help is on the way? Yes….
Hope this helps Nathan!



Having served in the Navy a few thoughts came to mind while reading your dream.
You described seeing three aircraft carriers together. This almost never happens in the US Navy (at least not when I served) because this is a high risk formation, meaning that there are simply too many assets to chance losing all at once. However, there is one exception – a “Super Battle Carrier Group” formation and the only way this would happen is if the Navy was anticipating major warfare and they had to assemble and position vast amounts of resources in a hurry.
Three carriers together would signify WWIII or the equivalent in my opinion. This battle formation would very likely be accompanied by several battleships, destroyers, frigates and probably several SSBN nuclear attack submarines as well as high altitude reconnaissance aircraft constantly circling above monitoring for any possible threats..
In short, three carriers together is a very big deal!!!
Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication Nathan,



Dear Brother Nathan and Family,

Could it be that God’s hand on the half sunken American aircraft carrier shows us where America is now? I have often wondered with all the prophecies against America if there is any use in praying, but I guess God has not yet said as He did once to Jeremiah, “do not pray for this people”. Surely we can at least beg God as Abraham did for Soddom and Gommorah to save it for the sake of the righteous who still live in it. Or maybe, since you saw three carriers first it represents a third of America. Isn’t there some precedent in the book of Revelation for judgement to come upon “thirds”? (Revelation 8:7-12; 9:15) Anyway surely the verse is still in effect that if we humble ourselves and pray and seek God’s face and turn from our wicked ways that God will hear from heaven and forgive our sins and heal our land.

Sincerely, LE

east – usually stands for WORLD

south usually signifies those who are in knowledge of government and or,

ANTI – GOD OR THOSE WHO HOLD LIBERAL ANTI – GOVERMENT IDEAS also speaks of the land area near or around EYGPT

direction LEFT – also means dryness

the ship on left turns counter-clock wise to south southeast then it sinks

could it have something to do with DONALD TRUMP statement out muslims they are from Eygpt area/ PALESTINE area

his campaign sinking because statement goes against America’s Government of freedom of religion

just a thought best wishes. kq



Dear Nathan;
This is in reference to your aircraft carrier dream. I do remember reading Christian prophecies, dreams, visions years ago about US aircraft carriers getting nuked in the Persian Gulf or similar Mediterranean/Middle Eastern locations. (By the way, Mediterranean, I believe means in the middle of the land-Medi-middle Terranean-terrain, land). These were from years ago back during the first Gulf War.

They also included troop formations getting nuked and our guys abandoning the Middle-East in retreat like the choppers fleeing Saigon at the end of the Vietnam War. It was supposed to be in a new war in the Middle-East, but the warning was that this time we lose big time.

It’s difficult to know when somebody else’s prophecy, dream, vision is from God or their own vain imagination. Tract records are a good guideline…Unfortunately it’s been like a decade or so, so I don’t remember WHO. It might be worth pointing out that under Obeyme’s watch, America HAS INDEED retreated from the Middle-East, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. ISIS/ISIL/IS has taken over and was basically GIVEN the hardware that was left behind.

So, at least THAT part of it seems to have come to pass. Putin has also warned Nukes may be used in that region, soooooooo…

Also, as you know, the Chinese and Russians, and IRANIANS, and North Koreans have all been working on technologies to specifically destroy Aircraft Carriers, since they are both centers of American power and the mobile projection thereof, AND also sitting ducks, and thus VERY HIGH PRIORITY targets. They have torpedoes that can go faster than the speed of sound, so there is NO defense, as well as supersonic missiles that can be fired in overwhelming barrages…

You may be able to take SOME out, but not all if fired in mass…and it only takes ONE of those suckers with tactical nukes. As far as our troop formations getting nuked. We don’t have large numbers there presently, but who knows? Also, there is the prophecy of Damascus becoming a ruinous heap, never again to be inhabited.
Anyway, this is all just what I remember regarding the subject.
God bless always in His service.

Yesterday I felt Holy Spirit say there was going to be a massive false flag in December. I asked Jesus to confirm it with the words ‘false flag’…you mention that this may refer to a false flag. I am praying (from South Africa)


I think the carrier is either our nation going under, or, the economy going under………..which will cause the first.

I believe God will pull us out after we go through a lot.



I do have some ideas about a possible interpretation of parts of your dream – for your consideration…… (over the years God has spoken to me many, many times through dreams – that sometimes were literal – like for 9/11 -but most often are symbolic…..)

Typically, aircraft carriers are representative of protection/safety – partly for defensive tactics, partly for offensive strikes. So this speaks to me of the protection, the defenses, the safety of the country. The fact that they were inland to me meant that they were not yet in open water – not yet needed or deployed. The fact that one of them started to rotate in the wrong direction (counterclockwise) says to me that one part – a third, a portion – perhaps of US defensive systems are going to start going in the wrong direction – counter to what makes sense and is natural. Then the fact that it was heading south…. – again, when something goes south, it usually means it is heading for trouble and going in the wrong direction. (2x confirmation of going in the WRONG direction). When it reached deep water – as in’ they got in deeper’ (more involved) then it got into trouble. When it started to sink, it was confirmation that it wasn’t supposed to be there – it DID get in trouble, and started to go under.

When the hand of God intervened, it says to me that God will rescue and keep the worst from happening and will prevent the total sinking and loss that could have been caused from this mistake.

I would be praying for the US Defense systems to be all aligned, acting on wisdom and with restraint, NOT leaving and heading out into open waters before God’s RIGHT timing ,ONLY when it is the RIGHT time to act, that they would all be of one accord, go together, going in the RIGHT direction, that God would prevent any unwise council that would lead for premature movement or for going in the wrong direction. I think this speaks of something significant happening in the world , perhaps soon, that may call for the US to act in some way…

I see this filled with idioms that God, in my dreams, often speaks through.

Blessings. HH

I think the ship is America and that God is holding back judgement for a time……

Hi, Nathan. My nephew just left the Navy after being stationed on the USS Abraham Lincoln, which is now in dry dock for replacement of its nuclear fuel rods in Newport News, VA. He tells me that frequently several of the carriers are all parked together at the Naval shipyards in Norfolk, VA. At one point, there were as many as five of them all parked along the same docks in Norfolk. The most recent Google Maps sat photo shows two of them parked there, although I’m sure it’s a dated photo. Here is a link where you can find the location of all 11 at an given time based on publicly available info… God Bless.


Jeremiah 49:23 tells us, “Concerning Damascus. Hamath is confounded, and Arpad: for they have heard evil tidings: they are fainthearted; there is sorrow on the Sea: it cannot be quiet.” The ship belongs to Israel and God saves it after they destroy Damascus.

Nathan, this is a dream that is for the “Land”. You heard “” and so it is a message for those In the land. 3 ships were seen, representing the choices as to what kind of ship of state we would have. America chose to steer hard Left in the selection of those at the helm . The result is that the ship of state has turned Counter-Clock-Wise. Clock being Time, we are therefore in a Time when those at the helm have turned our nation Counter to Wisdom. For the carrier to scrape bottom like that represents a weakening to the base or foundations and original intents by the Founders. This great turn Left records a scar to the land, “Because of this the land mourns Hos 4:3” and the soil (or wealth and sustenance) of the land is eroded. The result of this great disruption to the land as we continue navigating this way, is we find ourselves in “deep water” — greater and greater trouble. We are going “south” and a bit “west”. Going south is yet another way for saying things are going wrong and also away from God as He is described poetically in scripture as dwelling in the north. Going west also, the direction of the sunset means time-wise we are edging toward the sunset of this age. The ship beginning to go under says it again — a nation in decline. Even the pictures you included in telling the dream show the carrier sinking at the left side of view saying again that the left is sinking the ship.

The part of the ship and aircraft being covered with water represents our power projection and influence among the nations of the world (ocean) is diminishing. Declines are happening in many ways which you can enumerate better than I: economically (to go underwater financially or in the market is to be ruined), morally (the world or sin flooding in), militarily, government and order etc. Ships often sink when the integrity of the hull, or the walls and boundaries against the sea are broken and we can readily see this at our borders and our lack of control of the flooding in of many nations.

You holding up the ship represents all those who are aware and fervently praying for America. As a result the Lord has by His hand kept us from being totally sunk.

I’m reminded of when Elisha told the king to take his bow in his hands, open the east window and shoot, 2 Kings 13. Elisha put his hands on the king’s hand’s when he shot. This pictorially represents the Spirit helping us in a dark time as we send our prayer arrow toward the east or the place of the sun (Son’s) rising. Elisha then told the king (we are also “kings and priests”) to strike the ground.

The king only struck 3 times for which Elisha angrily told him he would overcome his problems and enemies only to the extent of strikes; he should have struck 5 or 6 times –this speaking of persistence in knocking at the door in fervent prayer for our nation as you have alluded: “If this event transpires as I have shared, and the ship is saved, it will be because God’s people acted with prayer to find His mercy. This means that the result is being weighed in the balance. It could go either way”.


 Hi Nathan,

 I just read your explanation of this vision. What came to my mind, almost immediately, were parts of two famous Civil War era poems. Longfellow’s Wreck of the Hesperus, and Whitman’s Oh Captain, My Captain. I don’t know if you are familiar with them, but I thought they could apply to your vision.

I wonder if the “3” carriers represent Unity, our three branches of government; legislative, executive and judicial. They are all “grounded, aground, Earthly”. One moves out, breaks off, out of sinc, “counter” clockwise, to attempt its mission in deep water, under its “own” power. The fact that the carrier moved “counter” clockwise, “to the left” makes me think it is the first, number 1 carrier, counting from left to right. I would say it is the legislative branch. The flooding appears to be where the power source and propulsion are located. Perhaps, “leaks, sabotage, ‘ the cares of this life'” has caused it to begin to sink, unable to “right” itself. It’s at that point in time, because of the cry to God, by the “surviving” crew, that He intervenes to keep it from TOTALLY going under(much like Israel’s history.}

The legislative branch is what oversees and drives our government:

The branch of the federal and state government empowered to make the laws that are then enforced by the executive branch and interpreted by the judicial branch. The legislative branch consists of Congress and the fifty state legislatures. At both state and federal levels, legislatures are made up of popularly elected representatives, who propose laws that are sensitive to the needs and interests of their local constituents. After a law is proposed as a bill, it is sent to appropriate committees for several stages of discussion, research, and modification. It is then debated in both legislative housesexcept in Nebraska, which has a single-house legislatureand put to a vote. If the law is passed, it is still subject to further modification and final vote by both houses. Under the system of checks and balances, the president can refuse to sign the bill into law (through the veto power). The legislature can then vote to override the veto. Other checks and balances include legislative powers to impeach public officials ( see impeachment ), confirm appointments to the executive and judicial branches, and vote on appropriations.

“Congress” literally means “walk together”, Amos 3.3. There’s 3 again. With the Lord of Life, out of our “branches” of Government and the people of our Land that make up the Congress, they wither and die. The power is the people who dictate our Government. The people have the power to change tyranny and evil leadership. But, if the majority condones and fuels wickedness, then so goes the Government and Nation.

Our form of Government, moving in its own power and wisdom, is beginning to sink already. The harder it pushes, the more it will sink. The Time, Day, Hour, of its complete inability to move forward, is coming rapidly. In smaller boats if you have water inside the hull, it can self bail if you can keep it going forward. This won’t work if there is too much water in it. Then the boat swamps. Once the motor{s} are submerged, you are pretty much done, unless there is a MIRACLE!!

God, out of His Mercy, is giving all those with ears to hear and eyes to see, a heads up of what is coming, both in judgment and redemption. Praise God!

A Brother in Christ,


Dear Brother Nathan,

As R**  and I were just praying about your dream the Lord showed me this: The dream is literally prophetic. It is someone trying to sabotage a U.S. Naval warship. We are guessing the ship is either in Houston, Corpus Christi or coming out of San Diego, but I suspect the fact that is was going south by southwest means Houston or Corpus. We are rebuking the saboteurs and praying God’s divine protection over the entire U.S. Navy as a sunken U.S. warship ship would make us appear weak in the eyes of our enemies and set us up for attack.

I am going to share a thought with you that I ask that you not repeat that we suggested this. We suspect that it could be our own government setting up for a false flag in order to drag the U.S. into war as the country does not have the stomach for more war now… Please do not be dismayed Nathan if people say this did not happen so Nathan is not a prophet. It is set by our enemies to happen I saw it in the Spirit and R. and I are praying for our safety and protection so if it does not occur we will praise the Holy Name of God Almighty that He saved us!!!

God bless you Brother Nathan for your perseverance in the good fight! Please know that R> and I love your ministry and stand with you.


Hi Nathan,I just read your article about the dream you had and you won’t believe this but you are the second person to mention this in less than 2 weeks.If you listen to Steve Quayle on the George Noory show: you will hear the same thing mentioned by another person. I just wanted to share this with you.God

Bless, R.


Hi Nathan,

You are probably deluged with mail on your dream, so I apologize for writing so much.

A few days ago, I listened to (Hagmanns’?) interview on scalar energy and water. Looked up the Philadelphia experiment (cloaking ship )

I was led to wiki page on “ the American shooting season” –how the year before the experiment, 609 US ships on east coast were destroyed by German subs.

I felt that God was leading me to see how quickly war on our soil could have happened — and essentially did. But citizens don’t seem to know about it.

Three: I ran across an article showing strategy change– military realzing they were so much stronger when vehicles grouped. Also triad is a physics concept of strength.

While the ships seemed very literal, they could represent our (country’s or groups’) general effort that protects and oversees the borders of our territory — at all levels. Sea, land, air, cyber, mindsets, alliances.

Spinning seems to disorient, like a clutter of information comes in like a wave and tosses people’s convictions. These days, it has been hard to know what information to trust. If not keeping an even keel, based on what we know to be true, we lose our traction, stability, sometimes leverage.

Deeper water in that case, was safer. But it took the ship further away from what it was protecting. Conceptually (with alliances and concerns), or more literally spreading its radius of responsibility.

Inland — Did you sense pointing inland, or controlled by inland stations?” (Role of protecting land, of course.)

Anyone can buy US property, and many now use shell companies to purchase. Controls and equipment can be based on land. Think of whether inland referred to what you represented, or opposition within. Mbe to look within borders, to find what’s in the waters.

Scraping — such a small simple vulnerability, but could cause the massive hi-tech vehicle to sink. Symbolically, a boat bouyant on water can show support of masses, finances, networks… and here they are scraping bottom. (Like a country in debt, being provoked to divide and crumble.)

“Oh no, the platform is going under.” Realization that this action leads to inevitable sinking.

“Perhaps holding it afloat represented prayer.” – Hope, and call to prayer. Not inevitable sinking.

Such a large object you could never manipulate rescue yourself.

“I feared for the sailors on the ship” Seeing the entity as not just a mission, but comprised of individuals that you cared about. Any large structure holds its value in its people. Material comes and goes.

God’s Hand — handy! His response to our prayers, encouraging us that defeat is not inevitable.

Believers can lose faith in prayer when they look at the circumstances, but God is reassuring that His hand is much larger than man’s largest ships.

For a larger conceptual picture of tipping ships, you’re probably familiar with this: ; (2007)

(Aside, I had a dream last night that might tie in with ships — an entity that we love to care for being in a vulnerable state, then fire rose from below that could burn them. It could have been Haiti at risk of being overthrown, while in vulnerable re-election state.) So if you are looking for locations, south might be a place to start.

It looks like you captured most of the meaning already, but I always enjoy combing through dreams. So feel free to write back with questions.

Happy Advent!



There is a Port in Northwest US, in the state of Washington that
sometimes ports large ships. Some are mothballed but I am sure that it could handle large ships such as a carrier.

Consider this. I speak in the abstract as to not having precise

How many wars have been started over the deaths of innocent people allowed to occur as to put kerosene on a situation to get the public to rally and demand action and have a cause. Thing about our wars? Why fight without a cause? Cannot get people to die without a cause.

Aircraft Carriers are nearly obsolete as were the battleships moored on Battleship row at Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941. Those ships were moved from San Diego, CA and some have claimed to provoke Japan.

In regard to your dream. Rotation can be seem as a lost of direction as in a drunkard stupor. The guiding hand, in the unseen hand.

Another opinion. People, including myself, need to right their ship and plug the holes, set sails straight, decide/reaffirm who they will follow today and the hand from heaven sets them back on course?

Be blessed you and your family

Thank you for posting your dream and as I read it, I had the following thoughts:

I viewed the dream as it affected the people in America rather than the country itself.

I believe the three ships (aircraft carriers) represent the church and the three persons of God – God the father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. In many churches in America members focus on God the father and God the Son but are unaware of the Holy Spirit and these Christians are going to be in deep water (trouble) when chaos comes to America.

Spinning out of control and scraping bottom means they will be rudderless and their only hope will be the merciful hand of God pulling them from the depths of despair at the last minute because they do not have the guidance and comforting of the Holy Spirit.

I believe the ship going south is a metaphor of the phrase “everything in my life is going south”.

I think this phrase – “I prayed that it would not sink and then Gods hand showed up” shows the importance of intercessory prayer.

I pray these thoughts are grounded in God’s wisdom and not just my pious thinking.


I just read about your prophetic dream. I have been getting signs about a breach by sea/ship/submarine. My story/signs is longer than a dream, but I live in Charleston SC, we are a port city, and God has been revealing the esoteric importance of this place. If you recall, this is the site of the AME church shooting and the recent “historic flooding”

We are also home to the USS Yorktown, an old WWII aircraft carrier. its in Patriots point, positioned in the Charleston harbor. This is where Donald Trump recently held his anti-muslim speech which many media sources have called “explosive”, it has gone viral.

Your dream was on the 5th, his speech was on the 7th and i believe it is foreshadowing for a future event.

I have been seeing the water/ocean/sea theme for about 6 months.

Please note that the SC flag has a crescent moon, and looks very similar to the Islam flag.

Thank you for sharing your dream, it was very on time for me and absolutely took my breath away.

God bless, in the name of Jesus Christ


Hi there and I am so grateful for your ministry. It struck me that the 3 ships could be our 3 branches of government (legislative, executive and judicial) and the one turning and getting scraped may well be our judicial branch with the most recent ruling on gay marriage. As an attorney, I fear the judgment coming to this great country for that absurd ruling. Just a thought. God bless you, Nathan!!

B. P.


I also thought the three could signify three powers….US, Russia, China….one about to be sunk, but God will intervene….certainly any attack on an aircraft carrier is an act of war…..inland ports: there are not many, especially with waterways that go south/southwest. Buffalo, NY has a port on the NE edge of Lake Erie, the most shallow Great Lake, traveling south-southwest would bring it into deeper waters, also Montreal on the St. Lawrence.

The Great Lakes now have littoral combat ships and more are being made to patrol that shallow water zones. Never before did we have military combat ships in the Great Lakes like this, so there is a reason they have 32 of these ships already made or pending. It is a huge military investment right now. They are testing underwater drones to take out mines but the tests are failing, so reports are these ships will be vulnerable to attack.

The port in Marinette WI is building ships for this, although I know of no aircraft carriers on the Great Lakes, but research could find this out. It certainly is a strategic inland water area. My other thoughts would be the Black Sea….an aircraft carrier leaving a Ukranian port headed for the Bosphorus would travel southwest/south. We know there are already tensions there.

The US has certainly “turned leftwards” and is heading into deeper waters to sink, but yes, prayer can change things. I will keep an ear open to the Lord in prayer on this.



Immediately upon beginning your post, I thought of the terror attack at the Inland Center in San Bernadino. My mind may be thinking too specific, but as I read I saw the Philadelphia Navy Yard. As you travel south, south-west down the Delaware River, you arrive at Deepwater, New Jersey opposite Wilmington. Don’t know if it is significant, but these are the pictures that came to mind while I was reading.




The following are some thoughts in regard to your aircraft carrier dream.
Probably more than anything else, aircraft carriers symbolize America’s military and industrial strength, as well as its ability to project power across the globe. For the last several decades, we have been the only country in the world that has been able to build them in such impressive size and numbers (although the Chinese are working hard to catch up). For this reason, I believe the aircraft carrier itself symbolizes America’s military strength and global power.
Given that only one carrier out of the available three is dispatched on whatever the mission is, this suggests a routine type mission rather than an emergency that demands a full military escalation (or perhaps no matter what the situation is, one carrier will be sufficient to deal with it). In other words, our command structure is not overly alarmed here. We are confident.
A carrier could not scrape the sea floor and the event go unnoticed. The ship’s crew and command staff would have to be aware of what happened, yet the carrier still goes on its mission and ends up in deep trouble as it starts to sink. Two more ships are available, but we still end the damaged ship. This attitude conveys overconfidence that steps over into arrogance and foolhardiness (along with docking three carriers together in the age of nuclear weapons).
Bottom line: In spite of the difficulties we’re encountering, America’s self-confidence is unabated. We’re still carrying on like nothing is wrong, and we’re about to get into deep trouble. When that happens, only divine intervention will save us. I note that the hand that reached down to help the ship did not lift it back up above the waterline, but only kept it from sinking further. God is going to let us be humbled. He is going to let us hang in the balances between life and death, as this is the only way we will have any hope of turning back to Him.
As you said in your article, God’s people need to pray. Whether this event actually happens in the real world or not, it’s a warning that America is going to be humbled and God’s people need to pray for her salvation.
Those are my thoughts.
God bless, RH

I hope you get this. With the carrier turning counter-clockwise it brings to mind the death swastika that Hitler used, (the life swastika turns clockwise). It seems to me that we’re going to loose a carrier soon unless God intervenes but even if it doesn’t completely sink, it will suffer disabling damage.

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Maybe the ship going counter clockwise means people are
Reversing their course and turning back to Him.
Yes, Nathan, we all need to pray for God’s hand of mercy
To be upon us. Thanks for sharing.
Have a blessed day!


Regarding your last share about the aircraft carrier. I concur with your symbolic meaning. IF more is involved…I did not sense it. However not to long ago I received a warning to Prepare for War….just as I prepare for holidays….cooking and planning ahead so all is ready for the holiday. Water, food and safety were the categories of preparation.
Thanks for your sharing. I definitely sensed the anointing of this message and will pray accordingly.
In His Service, RBS

Hello Nathan,

My wife told me of your dream and these are my first impressions:

The overriding means of understanding what it is about is the words you heard-a word from above.

INLAND means that this doesn’t really have to do with something in the ocean.

The power (represented in those ships) IN the land that are three are the branches of government.

One of them is about to turn hard left (counter clockwise) and in doing so will damage itself, stirring up muck from under the surface.

This is because the ship doesn’t have as much support for such a maneuver as it should. (not being held up by the water)
Approaching deep waters (troubles) and in over its head, there will be a crippling of its power.
When a third of the US is in trouble , ALL the people feel it. That is why you yearned to save it but it will take the hand of God to do so.
South by southwest IS a certain location in the country. (inland) This is doubtlessly the Mexican border.

Now I will relate MY dream. (very short)

I saw what was a wide and long group of people walking toward me and as I looked there was a flood coming behind them.
They turned into a flood/ muddy mass pushing straight at me.
I moved to higher ground and could see when they had passed it was in a geographic area that looked like the desert southwest had they came through a carved out channel kind of what would be left by the wake of a ship!
The next part of my dream was simple. Being in a forest with others. We were all in military fatigues and had what must have been M-60 machine guns on tripods. We were continually firing …nonstop at an enemy we couldn’t really see.
Not too hard to understand, eh?
Anyway, Those are my thoughts on the matter. Let me know what you think If you can.
God (will) bless you!

Hey Nathan,I just finished reading the dream, and may have some insight. If we look at the Carriers, in the context of the Church, instead of America, to me, things become more clear.
The Church is finally starting to wake up, and become the Warship, it needs to be, in these last days. Unfortunately, the leaders and commanders of the Carrier, don’t have a clear direction, on how to fight the War, let alone, how to keep the ship afloat…Hence, the spinning and listing, of the ship…
We Watchmen, have been beating our heads against a wall, for quite sometime. Trying to wake, our Brothers and Sisters up, to the coming Storms. To very little results, and in some cases, spiritual life has gone backwards. This is what our hand, reaching out to the ship to try and save it, represents. We all see the sinking ship, and want to save it. But no matter what we do, the Leaders and Commanders of the ship, refuse to listen to the Watchmen or Prophets. They see, things need to get done. But either are unwilling, or are unaware, that the Ship needs to be prepared, before it goes in to battle…So the Ship, goes into the deep water, and really starts to sink, and like Peter, can only be saved by Jesus…This is my impression, Nathan. It’s sort of scattered, but Hopefully it helps…
Love you Brother,