By Nathan Leal

  • Over the past few months on our program, we have been talking about how America is morphing into the End Time Creature – Mystery Babylon.

By examining the prophecies that are found in the Scriptures, we have been able to obtain an outline of what America is going to experience in her future.

(Note – Portions of this article are taken from “News from the Wall 17 – Part 4” Originally published Oct.22, 2013)

This is not easy. Probing into America’s coming fate first requires a willingness to read the diagnosis and face the verdict.
If perchance your theology opposes the possibility that America could be Babylon, please take the time to consider the likelihood. I present this information for the student who understands that the prophecies could play out in a manner that is different from the popular philosophies of men.

Having this knowledge can be beneficial because it offers another option for one to anticipate.

From the standpoint of this watchman, I present this viewpoint because at this time in my research, the Nation of America is in the process of turning into the defiled end time organism – Harlot Babylon; and beyond mere suspicion, it is obvious! The USA is visibly in the midst of great change!

These changes are not minor cultural adjustments; neither are they trivial. They are occurring in multiple dimensions, in the natural as well as the spiritual!

In the natural, America’s present course can only be defined as a “constitutional crisis!”

This is not just an opinion. Based on recent political events, America has exhibited her inability to continue as a free Republic. She has now become a fascist state governed by corporations, bankers and thieves.

The poster boy at the helm is Lightning Bolt Obama – and his health mandate will play its role as the scalpel that decapitates America. Unfortunately, it will be a death that is administered by a thousand cuts…

…in slow motion!

Imagine that folks – a nation beheaded by a scalpel! A sword would have been quicker!

…but that would have been too obvious.

Suspect Zero is a very sneaky man, and the glimmer of his Muslim scimitar would have raised too much suspicion among his subjects! So instead, he has chosen to dismember America with an old infected scalpel.Uncle Sam better get a Tetanus shot!

…but then again he probably would not be able to afford the insurance.

…or understand the policy!


By the way, how many of you are confused about it? Guess what? It is supposed to be confusing. That’s what Babylon means – “Confusion.”

As I look around, I am seeing a lot of it!

…confused people!
…confused politicians!
…confusing laws!

During his campaign, Mr. “O” should have placed that word on his placard – “Confusion.”

But as I said, he is sneaky, and besides, many of his constituents can’t read and probably would not have been able comprehend the word if it had been on the campaign poster!

And thus, the nation fell by the dumbing down of America!
It was a part of the great gift exchange, where the minions gave up their literacy for trinkets and a cell phone, and then became the faithful and loyal subjects to the Sheriff of ConfusionVille.

“My people perish for lack of knowledge!” Hosea 4:6

Ladies and gentlemen, did you ever think that you would live to see this day? Is it too late to ask for a refund…?

…or make a suggestion?

I wonder how long it will be when those who make a suggestion will get an extended leave of absence in Camp FEMA?

Oops! Did I say that out loud! Psalms 91, Folks!

But this is where we are! America is changing! And these changes are defying gravity! They’re defying logic!

Can it be stopped?

In the past, many people used to downplay America’s downward course by suggesting that it could be stopped, if only the nation would repent.

If only…!

If only has not happened, has it folks?

Could it? Sure.

Will it? I doubt it.

The dark syrup of evil that slimed the country has become too thick. And it also appears that too many people have become infected with the “IDC – Virus.”

What’s that? It is the deadly strain of a spiritual – “I don’t Care- Virus”

When it infects a person, it lobotomizes them with an apathetic attitude of disregard, disbelief, and complacency. It makes them not care about the present course of America or even of their own spiritual condition.

Is there a vaccine? Yes. It’s called hard work and repentance; but these things require seeking after the truth and dealing with reality. But who wants to accept the verdict that America has exceeded her heavenly grace period and is now in spiritual default?

How many will be motivated to repent?

Will They Repent?

Sadly, I do not see this happening; at least, not on a national level; and thus, the verdict remains and so will the outcome. Because according to what can read in the Bible, most people do not repent until after they experience a terrible catastrophe. Old Testament Israel was very familiar with this cycle.

Repeatedly, it took the judgment of God to motivate their repentance. But sadly, their motivation was seasoned with grief, sorrow and a body count!

Their doom would have been prevented if only they had listened to the prophets who tried to warn them. But they were too busy having their fun! Thus, their judgment was not stopped!

In the same way, America will experience similar things! And just like Israel, most people do not want to listen!

And thus, the judgment will not be stopped!

What Now?

So what are we to do? What will the judgment mean and how are we supposed to prepare for it?

We need to become educated, motivated and situated! But that is not easy. Nevertheless, this must be done if we desire to have an understanding about the road map that lies ahead.

The road map of end time prophecy is not just about the future, because what was once approaching in the, “future” is now arriving in the, “present.”

End time prophecy is occurring before our eyes! Some people can see it…most people don’t! But we need to have a solid understanding of the end times because it is going to affect all of us! No one will be immune. No one will get a free pass to – “sit this one out.”

Ladies and gentlemen, future history is now at our door. And it is about to burst through the threshold with a sledgehammer of reality! As residents of Earth, everyone will participate.

The question is – “To what level of intensity?”

It is my firm belief that as Christians, we must have as much knowledge about the coming episodes so that we can deal with them in a healthy manner.

As we look at the present political landscape, it is apparent that the fuse of destruction has already been lit.

The sparks are traveling down the fiery cord and they are headed towards a matrix of volatile containers which will erupt into an explosion that will set NationUSA ablaze.
In the past people used to ask, “I wonder if the fuse will ignite?”

But now, the new question is, “Can the lit fuse be extinguished?”

The Opening Salvos

There are several fuses that are lit right now:
1.Racial Tension
2. Angry Veterans
3.Angry Patriots
4.People threatened with losing entitlements. i.e – EBT food stamps, unemployment benefits, etc.
5.A Dollar Collapse
7.Political upheaval and revolt

And many others!

I am praying for more time, but realistically this country has exceeded her grace period.

Don’t believe me? Look around. One does not need to gaze very far to see that this place has become:

Too gay!
Too slutty!
And too pathetic!

Based on the recent antics of the EBT fiasco a few days ago and the actions of several communities who took advantage of their food stamp debit cards, we can see that the land is full of thieves who swarm like animals when the situation arises.

Are my words harsh?

…Or are they the truth?

Are you offended? Do you object?

I’ll tell you what’s objectionable – your children watching the vile Miley Cyrus slither her demon possessed carcass across your flat screen TV!

And here’s something even more tragic, Papa Cyrus recently said on Twitter that as long as his little girl Miley is happy, that is all that matters!

On a recent interview – He said: “I’m a singer/songwriter and I’m her daddy. … She’s just Miley. She’s an artist. She’s real.”

Nice going Billy Ray! Your neutered parental influence is insuring that you are going to have an “Achy Breaky Heart” when you and your daughter are burning in Hell!

Welcome to Babylon America, Satan’s playground of the new millennium! The Bible calls her the – “Great Harlot!”

How precise this description is when we observe the abominable spirit of vile sexuality that has slimed nation USA and her maidens! And it appears that there is no shortage of defiled ones to be on the poster.

Sorry for having to be blunt, but Miley Cyrus is an embarrassment to our society and is causing many impressionable young girls to stumble! And that slithering tongue reveals that she is infested with demons!

Folks, our society is broken! And the person above is the barometer of how low we have come! This nonsense should bother everyone who calls themselves a Christian!

Are you still with me? The diagnosis of VillageUSA is dreadful.

People wonder why I do this ministry! They wonder if I am serious. My friends, it is time that all of us got a little, “more serious!”

America is in a “serious” mess!

…And the approaching future is going to be, “very serious!”

…and it is going to create mayhem for the entire world!

The Foundations are Broken!

America is dying. The cracks are forming in her foundation, and the wise ones know the peril that awaits her!

My friend, are you wise to these things? Are you trying to be? Or are you a part of the hypnotized herd; being led about by one of the dangling gifts from the regime?
I hope not!

This is why having an understanding about America’s present course is so vital. We must have a solid understanding of what is coming so that we can “deal” with it as it arrives; so that we will not fall for any of the deceptive lies.

There are many pieces to the puzzle. To find them, it is very important that we examine them through several perspectives,

The natural perspective.
The spiritual perspective.
Through Bible prophecy.

This multi-faceted approach is key, if one expects to find answers about these matters. And to discover them, we must also ask the correct questions.

Hard Questions

Since this topic is about America turning into Babylon, there are a few things that I wonder about:

1. If America is Babylon – what will this mean for America?2. What changes will she go through and will we be able to observe them?
3. How long will the changes take?
4. How will these changes affect us and our loved ones?
5. How dark is it going to become?
6. While it is happening, will people know that it is happening?
7. What atmosphere will God’s people be faced with?
8. Will betrayal be common place?
9. What kind of persecution will we face?

Many questions! How many of you would like to know the answers? I would.

As I asked in the questions above, we must digest the ramifications of America’s metamorphosis because again, we are going to feel the impact of the changes.

I find it disturbing that these changes are happening now! I have children and it grieves me that these changes are going to manifest in their future.

As America morphs into the mysterious creature Babylon – she is going to enact many policy changes. As they occur, it will tighten the noose of freedom and usher in a new age of tyranny.

Land of the Free – R.I.P.

One of the challenges in observing all of these things is that while America is shape shifting into her new identity, the USA is also undergoing a divine judgment. We’ve been talking about these judgment events for years.

I have been observing that when a divine judgment occurs in a nation, it plays out in a variety of ways. It is represented in the landscape of the country, in the lives of the people, and also through the direction of national policy.

So, folks, as I share these things, please know the purpose of this message is not to be scary. My motives are simple: to challenge, to inform, and to notify everyone because everyone needs to get their hearts right with God.

Having our hearts aligned with God is foundational to weather the days ahead.

Obama promised to bring “change.” He kept that promise.

The changes are arriving, but they are not what most people expected. As they arrive, they will implode America into a pile of rubbish and fire.

And out of the ashes, as revealed at the Summer Olympic Ceremony, the Phoenix is going to rise like a – “rocket’s red glare.”

…a red glare…bursting in air…

…and eventually, a new flag will wave.

But the question is, “What color will this new flag be?

…What will it look like?”

And how many former Americans will wave it?

Indeed ladies and gentlemen…indeed!
God bless you and may He have mercy on all of us,

Nathan Leal
Watchman’s Cry