America’s Cancer and Sleeping Shepherds

An excerpt from message #142 “A Call to Repentance – The Inkhorn and the Firebrand!”  – December 10, 2009

Nathan Leal

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As I scan the horizon, I see the disturbing condition of America, a condition that glimmers like a beacon which cannot be ignored. I see a land that at this very moment is being shaken to its very core.

But at the same time, its people, including most Christians, are apathetic, spiritually complacent, and indifferent.

The shaking is beginning to awaken some individuals, but that group is very, very, small. Most of the American public is blind and has no idea that the good ole’ USA is infected with a terminal illness, an illness that she claimed by her own choosing.

What is America’s illness? It is the cancer of lost morality. It is her sin of carnal excess and self-indulgence. It is a spiritual venereal disease of harlotry and idolatry!

America has made it known to the entire world, that she is proud of her deviant rejection of God’s laws and statutes. The report of her waywardness and fornication is evident in the appearance of her Christian citizens. It can be observed in how they dress. And in how they accessorize. Harlotry fashion seems to be an accepted staple in “purpose driven” Christianity.

Lost Modesty

It can be testified, that in many churches, modest apparel seems to be an expired and outdated virtue. And according to my observations, it would also seem that Britney Spears is now a Christian and attends church. Why? Because she shows up in one form or another in churches across America: at the expense of hapless young man trying to worship God, standing in the row behind her.

Are the pastors saying anything about this? No! Why not? Because they are too busy also dressing – “cool!”Hello shepherds! You are the last moral line of defense!

And what a tragedy it is, when young men say that they had to quit going to church because the women at their church dressed like hookers and tempted them!

There is a deafening silence from the pulpits about modesty. In addition to the zipped lips about liberal fashion, loose morality seems to also be an orphaned subject. And sadly, this silence is successfully contributing to today’s present moral climate. America’s young people and her adults have an insatiable appetite to satisfy their flesh.

This hunger is testified in her movies. It is displayed in her entertainment and in her digital images. It can also be found in the carnal self portraits stored on millions of cell phones!

America once known as the land of the free and the home of the brave, is now the land of “their own desires” and home to “their own will.”

America, you once taught your children the Ten Commandments. But now, you teach your young ones thatchastity and moral restraint are displeasing to the New American Deity, the god of self.

The Land is Sick

America, you have thrown away your compass that pointed you to the laws of God and now your land is sick. And as a result, your visitation from the God of Heaven has arrived. America, your economic health deteriorates! And now, you are gasping for breath!

America has a cancer! She is dying! But still, the indulgent and self-confident ones think otherwise. They believe that sorrow will never visit their shores.

Part of the reason for America’s blindness is that many of them have listened to the lies from the ministry of propaganda, the controlled media. The hypnotic voice that says, “Hey everybody, drink our Kool-Aid! All is well! The economy has recovered!”

Sleeping Shepherds

Another disturbing part of this apathetic trend is the participation of many pastors, who are presenting sermons that address the search for; “Your Best Life Now!”

It is amazing that the majority of American and Western pastors are out of touch with the spiritual and biblical reality of the present scenario. What scenario is that? It is the new chapter of judgment that is now arriving on the shores of the land.

And because, so many pastors have saturated their sermon schedules and church bulletins with the lopsided, “grace” message, the “holy” and “righteous” part of God has NOT been taught to the people.

The bullhorn of reality is screaming! But the pastors are silent!

The present economy of America has melted like an old candle,
… but the pastors are silent and are ignoring it!

And even though millions of people that attend church are unemployed,
… the pastors are silent and are ignoring it!

And even though more American homes have been foreclosed on in this storm, than during the first Great Depression,
… the pastors are silent and are ignoring it!

And even though city governments are laying off; policeman, firefighters, and are closing city libraries because of the lack of funds, which is a huge indicator to a financial crisis,
… the pastors are silent and are ignoring it!

And even though the voices from appointed messengers are crying out, “Repent! Judgment has arrived!” Many pastors are ignoring their cries! Instead, these many pastors are ignoring the signs and warnings and are telling their people that God does not judge!

And now the land is shaking!

Hard Hearts

The shaking is shouting with a loud voice, “People, return to the Lord your God! Return to the one who made you! Return to the only One who can sustain you and save you!”

But sadly, most people are blind and stubborn. Their worldly conscience has seared their ability to see thetidal wave that is now approaching… with a fury! Most people are also spiritually deaf. They cannot hear the mighty roaring of God’s judgment tsunami!

1 Peter 4:17 says, that judgment will begin in the house of God, first! And if it first begins with us, what happens to them that do not obey the gospel?

The judgment of God is very real! And let me also say this, “We really do not have a choice! The land will shake whether we like it or not; or whether we believe it or not!”

This thing is happening very fast, my friends!

I am amazed at how quickly “world events” are occurring. I am also sobered at the thought that the present judgment is leading every one of us to an unpleasant destination. The best way to illustrate it is to say this, “We are all on a train that is traveling very quickly! This train has no breaks and just ahead of us, along the train tracks, the bridge is out! It is gone!

The typical American history cycle has expired. The Rubicon is behind us.

Now more than ever, during this season of chastisement, we need to be hearing from the throne room. Not from the mind of man or the lies of the enemy.

What lies ahead? Certainly not what I heard Joel Osteen say last night on TV, “That the year 2010 will be a year of overflowing prosperity!”

For those that have the eyes to see and ears to hear, 2010 needs to be a year of repentance and returning to God, and after that, seeking shelter for His protection and provision.

Multitudes reading these words are in the valley of decision. Doing something about this warning has a price. Doing nothing also has a price.

Jesus said to count the cost.

What will your cost be?

The door is closing my friends. Do not wait too long!

Nathan Leal
December 10, 2009