“Sorry Folks – The 2014 Election Did Not Save Us!

The Stampede of the Elephants”

Nathan Leal – November 5, 2014

The 2014 mid-terms are now history. The results are in. The people of America have spoken. The Republicans had an overwhelming victory. The Democrats took a thumping.

So does this mean that all will be well? Has America been rescued? Is the recovery certain? Some people on talk radio may think so. Others may be thinking that Obama can now be stopped with his undertaking of insanity.

I have already received a few emails from those who are well meaning, who have said that this will turn things around.

But will it make a difference?

I don’t think so. Because in spite of the election results, I am left with the same concerns that I had the day before the election.

What are they? It is biblically simple. Before election day, I did not see any tent crusades or revival meetings. The TV preachers did not gather the people in a corporate solemn assembly.

Long story short, corporate repentance did not take place in Wilderness America. So if it did not take place, how can this recent election be our rescue?

Ladies and gentlemen, I do not believe that it was. I believe that it will play out as the next step in America’s demise.

My spirit is telling me that there are troubling days approaching this nation.

The Elephant Stampede

A little over a year ago, I had a prophetic dream that illustrated a political event that will take place in America’s future.

I have often wondered about this vision and have not spoken about it very much.

…until just recently.

This is what I saw. —————————————

I was driving on a two lane freeway on the right lane. As I drove, I saw that ahead of me, the road was badly damaged on my lane. It looked like there was a large crater in the road. There were large pieces of concrete piled around a hole in the road. The hole was as wide as a car.

The damage was only in the right lane. As I drove closer, I changed lanes to go around it, so I got in the left lane. As I passed the road damage, I began to increase my speed until I was traveling about 30 MPH.

When I went beyond the crater, I was going to return to the right lane but suddenly, elephants appeared in the right lane next to me. The elephants were normal sized and they all had red blankets on their backs.

There were many of them. They were walking in a line, holding each others tails, like you would see in a circus. Almost as soon as they appeared, something spooked them and they began running. They remained in the right lane as they ran, but I could hear their voices of fear. Some of them trumpeted as they ran in a stampede. But even in their panic, they remained in a line.

Their speed increased until they were running as fast as my vehicle which was about 30 MPH.

I kept watching them as I traveled next to them but then they all began to take an exit that appeared on the freeway.

As I passed them and looked back, I could see that there were many of them, about thirty to fifty, running on the exit ramp. There could have been more, but I could not count all of them. They were still in line as they ran.

The dream was over. ———————————————

The Elephants are the Republicans

I struggled with this dream for awhile because some of the images seem to be obvious.

The elephants with the red blankets represent the Republican Party. I was traveling in the “right lane,” meaning the “Conservative / Right Wing / Road.

But from there, the meaning became interesting and challenging.

1. A crater in the right lane – What caused the crater? What destructive event is going to occur within the Republican Party? What could it be?

Will it be self-inflicted by their own policies?

Will it be because of a failed strategy? If so, what strategy?

…trying to repeal ObamaCare?

…trying to impeach Obama?

…voting on a new war?

2. The elephants appeared, walked in an orderly fashion…

We just had an election where new freshman senators and congressional representatives will appear. They will operate in an orderly fashion…at first…

3. The elephants got spooked and all started running in a panic!…

I am expecting something to take place where the Republicans will find themselves, “spooked” by what they see. This will result in many of them panicking and running for the exits.

But what will it be that “spooks” them? Will it be something that Obama says or does? Is it possible that Obama could scare the Senate or the House with future Executive Orders or unilateral policies of madness?

Ladies and gentlemen, I am very concerned that Obama is going to continue his demolition of the country. One thing to remember is he is not acting alone. He is merely, “the wrecking ball!” There are others pulling his strings. He has his instructions by unseen “handlers” of the Order.

The New World Order is not just a “good idea,” as Papa Bush once said, it is a plan that is being fueled by Satan himself.

And speaking of Bush, the NWO Party does not only involve Democrats. It has had a lot of help from the Republicans. Let us not forget that 9-11 occurred during Bush Junior’s watch.

As a result of the September 11 attacks, the Bush Cabal gifted America with many tyrannical trinkets –

…The Patriot Act was passed by Georgie Boy and Christians at that time overwhelmingly supported it. I remember Jay Sekulow of the 700 Club endorsing it.

The Project for a New American Century

…The Republican Neo-Cons also created the think tank “Project for a New American Century.” or PNAC, pronounced; (pee-nack).

This group wrote a political report known as “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” which is the manifesto for a one hundred year war in the Middle East. This body of work has been the template for the USA’s foreign policy over the past 15 years.

That paper contains an admission that the USA invents bio-weapons. From page 60:

“…And advanced forms of biological warfare that can “target” specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.”

Inventing race specific bio-weapons is the brain child of the neo-con wing of America, i.e. Dick Cheney and company. The PNAC document was written in the late 1990’s and today we are witnessing the release of one of their wicked viles. The Ebola outbreak is not a coincidence. It is part of a devious script.

But back to the elephants…

Why were they running? What future event will the Republicans seek to escape? Is it possible that their congressional plans will go awry? Will Obama succeed in cutting his leash and become a pit bull at large? Thus, causing them to flee?

I was speaking to a friend and he suggested, “What if the elephants also represent Republican Conservatives? Meaning regular citizens? What if the panic includes regular conservative folks who feel the need to exit ….THE COUNTRY!

Is this possible? If it is, then I must propose that this dream might also apply to everyone who considers themselves an Old Fashioned Conservative American.

Who Will Flee?

At some point in the future, political events are going to cause absolute mayhem and panic as they begin to take place. The panic will erupt into chaos and then into destruction.

Friends, I do not believe that America has been rescued. Unfortunately, I think that the election will give many people a false sense of hope and security. It will also work to lull Christians back to sleep.

One of the worse things that it will do is give Obama someone to blame. Like Hitler who blamed his opposition, Obama will milk this for all its worth. This could work in Hillary’s favor in the 2016 elections.

That is, if there is an election in 2016!

For the most part, Americans are uneducated and have short memories. When Congressional stalemates begin happening in the next two years, the general public may turn on the Republicans. I can also see Obama writing some very dangerous Executive Orders that will bring further pain.

We are not finished watching Obama destroy this country. The next few months are going to be tense.

The election did not eradicate ebola, or the approaching collapse of the Dollar, or ISIS! …

…Will the winning Republicans bring an end to TSA molestations?

…Will the new freshman demand disclosure on why the regime has purchased so many bullets?

…Will they stop the California drought?

…Will they reverse the poisoning of Fukushima’s Pacific Ocean?

…Will they bring back the factories to America?

..Will they tell us once and for all who the strange man is who abides in the White House?

…Will they reverse same sex marriage? Abortion?

…Will they stop common-core education?

…illegal immigrants? I could go in…and I think that you get the point. Folks, we have not been rescued!

According to what I see approaching, the only thing that can turn off the spigot of judgment is nationwide repentance, not a bunch of freshman politicians!

Therefore….sadly, the next phase will come. And the next stage of destruction may be closer than we think or anticipate.

So my friends, please continue your vigilance. Get your spiritual house in order. Also while its possible, purchase supplies, food, preps, precious metals, etc.

If you are struggling in spiritual matters and need to repent but you do not know how, I have many sermons on my website that address our relationship with God. Try them out.

May the Lord lead you and guide you.

In His service,

Nathan Leal

Some Response from readers:

…Thank you for sending me this, It’s very interesting! I kinda think the interpretation is different though.

The crater in the road description sounds like a bomb crater. The Republicans showed up just after it was seen. This makes me think of terms being used by the media right now like; ” explosive victory, or unexpected wins not forecast by the polls, etc…”.

It was like shock and awe, then the new troops showed up, but the bombs hit first!

The elephants panicking then leaving the road I think represent the chaos and panic that will come when O, pulls out the stops on his agenda before the new Republicans can take office. Then he will declare martial law forcing them to exit the political scene.

I don’t know if it will play out this way but it seems like this is what the Lord is saying in this dream.



Someone sent a link about Glen Beck saying a similar thing. Whatever you may think of Beck, I find this interesting:

Glenn Beck warned that a “very bad scenario” is “headed our way” following Tuesday’s midterm elections during an appearance on Fox News Wednesday evening.
Responding to a question from host Bill O’Reilly, Beck said he fears President Barack Obama will move even further to the left in the wake of the Republican tsunami that swept the country.
“I think this president, and I hope this is not true, but I think this president is going to go more radical,” Beck said. “He doesn’t have anything to lose. He is going to super-serve the uber-left, and the Republicans are not prepared for this. They’re playing politics circa 1975.”
The talk-show host then warned that America is in a dangerous place.
“And I think we have a very bad scenario headed our way where somebody, because the Democrats won’t be blamed on it,” he said. “Somebody is going to be able to play the middle ground between the evil Republicans and this president, and I think it could get ugly.”
“I think we’re in the most dangerous period now [that] the Republic has been in since the Civil War, from now until the spring of 2016,” Beck concluded….


Hello Nathan,
Listen to you on H&H and read your Elephant dream write up. Being that these were circus type elephants, they had to be Indian/Asian elephants because the African elephants can’t be trained for circus tricks, work or military purposes. While I agree with your take on the dream with the GOP wins on Tuesday, there could be another layer to the dream to think about.

That is conflict between India and Pakistan over the water of the Indus River in Kashmir for drinking, irrigation and hydro electric. Both nations have a combined million soldiers on that border and both have some 235 nuclear weapons. Could the elephant also represent India and a war that would draw in other nations, thus bringing panic to the GOP elephant?? The India-Pakistan troubles are generally off the radar for most and is paid little mind, but it is a world hot spot…



Nathan I’m in total agreement with you on this Only God can save this world but do we want him too. As the wickedness of man is so great and getting greater that if God slows his wrath even the body of Christ will slip down into a slow death. People fear worldly authorities more than God and that’s the problem I found myself guilty of this and I working on the way back to God but I find myself slowed by the demons that slipped in my backsliden state so on that note please keep me in your prays I need it very very desperately for I fear that I’m not finding my way back into God’s grace

May God keep you strong and bless you in keeping the message going


hmmmm…I sense “false flag” event


I concur. Peace only comes through repentance.

A strong warning was dropped into my Spirit when the election returns began to show “the wave”.

( Peace, peace, when there is no peace.) All we have gotten is new set of seat warmers.



The curtain is about to raise on yet another act in the great plan of God as the Scriptures continue to be fulfilled.

The current turn-around with Republicans now in control of the senate​ mean nothing as it relates to the Great Plan of God Almighty. The so-called “turn around” will have virtually no effect on the outcome of America and the world.

It is too late for that; nothing has changed and nothing will change. The only thing that can change the world is the return of the Jesus Christ!

Oh sure, evil will have a pretense of slowing; sort of like the 9-11 event when churches were packed… for about 2 weeks and then everything went right back to their previous conditions:

– Homosexual “rights” continued and even blossomed
– Abortions have risen to over 50 million
– The world financial system is about to collapse (probably this year) Etc., Etc.

Things will retail the same and actually grow worse and worse.

I am reminded of what Jesus said in Matthew 24:6

“And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.”



Dear Nathan,

Your message today is so good. I often think about George Washington’s Vision and the growing crescendo of seers and prophets confirming it, especially for World War III. Our present difficulties were foreseen over a century ago — which are total lack of national unity and regard for our Christian heritage — in this Vision.

It gives me a feeling that America has been predestined much more than generally realized. In the beginning God gave us more good things than we deserved and now it seems that we are receiving more bad things than we actually deserve. This is the effect of a double blessing (the Joseph blessing) bringing in a double cursing.

Rick Joyner mentioned he saw that the US will go too far to the right and then too far to the left trying to correct the mistakes of the past. If we have another 9-11 incident now it would probably push everyone too far to the right.

As of now, there is no hope for a two thirds majority overriding Obama’s veto, so gridlock will likely continue. When the elephants leave the main road in your dream it means that the Republican Party has left the main stream of public life – the Democrats will control everything. This reminds me of a dream years ago by Jeanne Dixon where she saw the elephant disappearing and leaving only the donkey to govern the country in the 21st century.

Cordially in Christ,



Some years back I had a vision, I saw in a straight line elephants, each elephant had hold of the tail of the elephant in front of them.

The elephants were going into a circus tent. The whole vision was in black and white except Obama, he was in color wearing a black suit, white shirt. Obama had hold of the last elephants tail pulling on it like he was trying to stop it. He couldn’t stop it, he reached down by his ankle and grabbed a knife, he started slashing at the elephant and wounding it a little.

Then the scene changed, I could see inside the tent, there were the elephants stacked up on each other to form two pyramids. It was smokey inside the tent but I could see, I had a bad feeling for these elephants, there were lions in the tent, not caged but lurking around in the shadows.

The scene changed once more, the elephants had been attacked and ravaged by the lions, I didn’t see any elephants that were alive. They were massacred. All this was in black and white.



In reading your vision , I can agree with what is happening. But Brother the damage has already been done, the repubs. are getting Damaged goods I believe the scare comes from damage done as they begin to see the damage.

That even those repubs that have been in office have taken part in the damage. Yes, Obama is pressed on finishing the damage he has started.

It’s not time too sit back and rest and feel safe. Because this is when the evil power in this nation will move. We need to continue to pray for this nation and that God will save a remnant. Those that will honor God, and not man.

Pastor DH