By Nathan Leal – October 17, 2015

Interesting title, huh folks? I am starting with a question that is difficult to answer. Perhaps it is something that you have visited?

Ten or fifteen years ago, the question would have been unthinkable. Today it is a different story. Because today the United States of America is in a mess.

…She is sick.

…She’s also no longer stately, nor is she united.

Nation-USA is not well. She’s fractured and hobbling along. There are cracks in her facade. Her walls are leaning, and her mortar is decaying.

If her mortar were tempered, perhaps her stone walls would remain intact.

Unfortunately, America’s mortar is untempered,

…and crumbling.

How long can this continue? Can the teetering facade of America survive the shaking of the ground?

Will the walls of Jericho America hold true and withstand the trumpet blasts of God’s divine voice?

Is wishful thinking enough?

Perhaps if enough people got together and sang a patriotic song, then the thunder of judgment will cast aside its mandate from Heaven?

If only.

But are patriotic words enough?

Perhaps America’s answer is a charismatic politician?

…with hopeful words.

But can hopeful words to cheering crowds stop the wind?

…or tame the whirlwind?

The Fourth Quarter

Folks, we’ve turned the corner. We are in the fourth quarter and within the landscape of the world, flames are igniting volatile fuses. Any day could bring the next course that will change everything.

I know that for many of you, preparation is a key ingredient of your life.

Some of you may have wondered about leaving the country. I have. But it is not an easy thing to do is it? Over the past few years, I have thought about it. My wife and I have wondered if it was God’s will for us to leave the USA. And up to this point, we have not been led to pursue it.

By the way, if you have left America and if you are reading this from somewhere else, please pray for us. Because there are many remnant people, who are within the borders of the USA, who have not left.

…and may never leave.

Why? Because many of them could not work out the details. When one considers leaving America, the obstacles are in the details.

…like the guy on oxygen.

…or the man with a wife in the nursing home suffering with an ailment.

…or the family living hand to mouth… and month to month.

Can you relate? Perhaps you considered leaving, but the numbers didn’t calculate? And as a result, it seems that you are stuck here. I get it. I’ve been there.

I have discovered that leaving the USA is not easy and immigrating to another tolerable country has rules, requirements, and conditions established by the target nation.

(My definition of tolerable country – I must qualify that not all countries are the same. Because there are a few places that have little to no requirements, like Yemen or Somalia. But moving there may be a recipe for unintended consequences, like getting beheaded! So an ex-pat destination country must be a place that is chosen because the goal is to find an alternative to the USA. Not a graveyard. So in addition to escaping from Babylon America, the destination country must be tolerable.)

Some of the requirements of the countries include having a minimum amount of money in the bank. Retirees are required by many countries to prove that they are the recipients of retirement funds. Destination countries require this because they do not want migrants moving there who are welfare cases. Unlike America, which advertises, bring us your tired, your poor, your unemployed.

And may I also add…

… and those who want to take advantage of us.

… and those who want to invade us.

… and those who have a nefarious purpose of bringing terror.

… the turnstile at the border is wide open. But if the gateway entrance is too inconvenient for you, you are free to enter under the moonlight. We will look the other way.

Rules, Rules, Rules

For expats who are searching for a better place, most of the desired destination countries have rules. And many of their rules are excluding a percentage of the relocation candidates.

Has it happened to you? Have you thought about leaving, but discovered that some of the variables were prohibitive to your finances or fiscal ability, or even your age? I.e. – New Zealand has an age limit for immigrants!

If you can relate to this, I feel for you. Because I have gone through similar things, and I wrestled with them. I know the cycle.

Waiting for the Answer

Since I am married, I discussed these things with my wife. I had the family conferences. I prayed. I waited. I listened to hear God’s direction.

…and I waited some more.

I even bugged my wife about it. I would ask, “Has He said anything to you?”

Her answer, “No. Did He tell you?”

My shrug and sigh, “Not yet.”

Days or weeks would go by. I would ask her again.

Sometimes, she would answer with an attitude, “You’re the Watchman. Why would He tell me?” (note from Nathan in a whisper – please don’t tell her I disclosed this.)

My response, “Well perhaps, He may tell you instead of me because you’re a …ya know…a girl. And God does speak to females…and handmaidens.”

She would then take it up a notch, “Yes, but the book of Joel says, ‘Old men will dream dreams,’ and since you are old, you should be the one having the dreams.”

Wow! Talk about pressure! You see folks, even my wife can jab at poor “old” me.

And of course, I do jest…

But where was I? Oh yes, the struggle of finding God’s will about whether to move from the USA. It is not easy when one tries to decide to become an expat. And the older one ages, the harder the process seems to be. I know that some would say that if a person has enough faith, they should be able to do it.

Some may also argue that many of today’s immigrants who come to America, come here by faith, but there is a difference in the aftermath once they arrive.

For one thing, America is very generous and has many free handout programs that are available for immigrants. This is why many of them are coming.

In other countries, welfare programs are non-existent for immigrants who are struggling financially. They do not want poor Americans over there.

Note – Some nations like Panama do have social programs for people who have consistently paid into a retirement fund over the course of five or ten years. Unfortunately, many ex-pats would not qualify if their residency was not long enough to season their contributions into their social retirement fund. Also, most retired ex-pats do not pay into the national fund because they see no reason to participate, or they cannot afford it.

So side note with a question – if one wants to immigrate to South America and plans living on their USA Social Security check, what would happen if the US Social Security program crashed or had funding problems?

I know that part of the reason that people want to leave America is because the Dollar is expected to crash at some point in the future, but if the migration plan is dependent on funds from the United States Government, and the economy collapses, then what?

Imagine living in South America and then going broke with no way to pay the rent or the bills. Will South American countries suddenly have compassion for broke Americans?

I have thought about these things. And I am concerned that there are some who jump the gun and decide to leave the country without God’s complete and absolute permission or leading.

Some could argue that even though they do not have clear direction, they have still decided to leave America by faith. And the details should not matter because God will work them out. I believe that this can be very dangerous because if it is God’s will for someone to leave, I believe that God will provide in advance.

Divine Provision

Remember when the wise men visited the child Jesus, and they gave gold to Mary and Joseph.

“And when they had come into the house, they saw the young Child with Mary His mother, and fell down and worshiped Him. And when they had opened their treasures, they presented gifts to Him: gold, frankincense, and myrrh.” Matthew 2:11

The gold was God’s provision that was used to fund a relocation journey to Egypt for a few years. This account gives support to financial rationale merged with God’s divine provision. Joseph was also told very clearly in a dream that he had to flee to Egypt.

“Now when they had departed, behold, an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream, saying, “Arise, take the young Child and His mother, flee to Egypt, and stay there until I bring you word; for Herod will seek the young Child to destroy Him.” Matthew 2:13

For many Americans who desire to leave, the desire must include God’s leading, provision, and absolute assurance that it is the right thing to do.

Remember the children of Israel? When they left Egypt, they left with gold from the Egyptians. Another example of God’s provision in advance.

So if you may be wrestling with the decision to leave. May I suggest seeking God about provision? And to include it in your escape plan? Relocating to another country is not just getting on a boat and going there. Because once a person arrives in a new country, there will be many details that will need to be worked out. When God’s will is part of the equation, common sense and rationale must also be included. Walking in obedience does not mean that wisdom is thrown out the window.

Regarding Obedience

Deciding to leave America is not only a faith thing. It is also an obedience thing and a will of God thing. In other words, is it God’s will to pursue leaving? Perhaps you have wondered the same thing. You have also probably wondered if it was the correct thing because you do not want to be out of God’s will.

But what if it is not God’s will to leave America? The Bible says, “…let the peace of God rule your heart…” Colossians 3:15

What does this mean? It means that if we are thinking about doing something, but it is not God’s will, God will show us by placing a check in our spirit. Or in other words, we will have no peace about pursuing the idea.

Folks, sometimes the answer is yes, no, or wait a while.

For some of you who may wonder if you should leave America, the answer may be – “No.”

Why? I don’t know. But God may have His reasons. And if a person who is destined to stay is thinking about leaving, God will interrupt the planning process with roadblocks and closed doors and an unpleasant gut feeling that just won’t go away.

Has this happened to you? You wonder if you should leave, but when you start examining the details, you find them to be prohibitive. Or maybe even toss and turn when you try to sleep on it?

Tossing and turning while trying to sleep is NOT the peace of God! The lack of peace is a hint that it may not be God’s will.

It’s happened to me. I have wondered, “Why it was so difficult to leave the country?”

Am I too afraid?

Am I not willing to do what it takes?

Others did it, why can’t I?

I have also wondered if this is just the way it is. Am I meant to stay here in America?

I am sharing this disclosure because I know that there are many of you out there who have felt the same way and processed similar equations.

Thus far, I have concluded something, and I want to share it. Some of these things are based on my observations, research, and conversations that I have had with other remnant people.

Staying in America

First of all, I know that there are many of you who have decided that you will never leave America. The reasons are varied, but the number one reason seems to be because you cannot bring yourself to leave your family members behind; like your children who are grown up, and your grandchildren.

I hear this a lot. Many of you who are awake have children who are not awake, and you do not want to leave America because you feel that if you did, you would be abandoning them, so, as a result, you will stay.

If this is you, my friend, you are not alone.

But has this also happened to you? – While you have decided that you are going to stay, you have heard others talk about leaving, and it has put pressure on you. And thus, the cycle of confusion continues? And to make matters worse, the summary of America’s future predicts that those who stay will probably be here to see some of the scary fireworks that are approaching. Which means, to stay in America may be a sure ticket to experiencing the doom.

…and its consequences! Which may mean mortal doom.

But in spite of the ramifications of staying, you’ve thought about them, and for you, they are a risk that you are willing to take because you love your children.

Ladies and gentlemen. I understand. I get it.

…and I feel for you.

So I wonder if this is why I cannot leave. And thus, I am concluding…

Before I mention it, I want to qualify that this conclusion is subject to change because God is my pilot. But I am wondering if the reason that God wants me in America is because there are many remnant believers who are stuck in the States who will need someone to comfort and minister to them?

If that is the case, then it is okay. If God wants me here because there will be a need, then that is what I want to do. But staying here and enduring the coming mess will not be easy.

I explained this to my family. We talked about it. I have a wife and three children who understand the task at hand. They also understand that their future is going to be challenging here in the USA, but they want to be involved in helping me minister to the remnant. For this. I praise God folks. I am blessed to have supportive wife and family.

So this is where I am folks. I can see that right now in America, there is a great famine for the Word of God and this famine is bugging me.

Ministering to the Remnant

I want to see those who are weak or starving obtain a meal in the wilderness.

I also want to see those who are hurting find healing in God. There are many wounded Christians out there who have fallen by the wayside. And God wants to touch them and restore them. If this is you, God wants to restore you and give you back your strength.

…and your joy!

As America continues its downward spiral into darkness and spiritual desolation, many remnant believers are going to need encouragement and words of hope. God’s people can get involved. And possibly, this is where you can get involved.

Folks, as Christians, we all have a job to do. The darkness and fireworks that are approaching Babylon America will be challenging, but they are also going to offer ministry opportunities for those who are ready to be used.

Do you bear witness with these words my friend?

And for me, I cannot offer words of hope, and minister to the hurting if I am hiding in another country. It is hard to bandage a spiritual wound from another continent. And today in this late hour, there are many people with spiritual wounds.

But Jesus is the balm of Gilead. He is the Spiritual Ointment, who can heal those who are hurting and wounded.

He also wants to minister to those who are backslidden.

America is full of backsliders. Many of them are wandering in confusion. They have strayed from the narrow road. Some of them have become entangled in the thorny bushes of Babylon.

It is Time for Revival

I have a burden to see the backslider return to God because there is hope for the backslider. A backslider is a wandering lamb who strayed too far while they were not paying attention. I own sheep. I have watched baby lambs wander away. And I have seen how they began to cry while trying to return, but do not know where to go.

Jesus is the Great Shepherd, who is calling the wandering lambs to return. It is His voice that is being heard in the hearts of many.

Can you hear it my friend? Have you wandered too far? Follow the voice. It will bring you back home.

Ladies and gentlemen, I want to see God move in the remnant here in America.

And if God has decided that I must be here for the fireworks. I want to make it count. So my plan is to do what I can to help the slumbering find repentance, restoration, and revival in their lives.

America is in the final chapters. I believe that war is coming soon. I also believe that many sparks are going to fly. But in the midst of the coming drama, I also believe that God wants to awaken His remnant people and bring healing to families.

I am not just talking about an intellectual awakening. I am talking about an encounter with a holy God. I want to see the Church in America encounter Jesus the way it used to be in the old days, in Holy Ghost power!

In the coming weeks, I am going to be doing a revival service in Priest River, Idaho. It is going to be a two-day meeting where God is going to set people free and heal them of their hurts. After that, God will show us where to have the next meeting. In March, God is going to blow the roof off of the Hilton in our Texas gathering.

Ladies and gentlemen, please do not lose heart. In the days ahead, we are going to be hearing some reports that are bad. But in the midst of what’s coming, we are also going to be hearing some good reports. They will be spiritual reports of how God is moving in powerful revival services. I want to see you be a part of it.

I plan to keep you posted on these things. I am excited about them. And I want to invite you to become excited with me. If you want more information about the upcoming revival, please click this link.

So my friends, if you feel that you are stuck here in America. The wise choice is to focus on Jesus and become strengthened in Him. He is waiting, and He can give you peace as you navigate the road ahead. Be blessed.

In his service,
Nathan Leal