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Hello folks. Who am I? I am Nathan Leal, a Minister of the Gospel. My message is the same message found in the Bible. It is a simple message which is - "Get your hearts right with God." Find revival in Him. Return to Jesus. My friends, the hour is late for America. God's people must get prepared to face the approaching season that is going to be challenging. I do not consider myself holier than anyone. Nor do I see myself as better. Like the Apostle Paul, I am striving to daily crucify my own flesh. I am also trying to prepare my family for what lies ahead. What do we do? How do we prepare? First, we must get our hearts right with God. We must all put away the vices in our lives that keep us from growing close to God. "What vices?", you ask? You know what they are! And if you don't, then get on your knees and ask Him. He will tell you. In His Service, Nathan Leal

So many loved ones and friends have left us. Many of you are in the midst of grief, including me. This message is a word of encouragement for all of you that are hurting. I pray that it blesses you. Nathan

Some theorize that the antichrist will be a Muslim. In this video we will examine the theory and weigh it against the Scriptures. We will also examine End Time Bible prophecy about God's coming judgments which will allow the enemy to step up his attacks and unleash an onslaught of evil...

The End of Time has arrived and eventually, the Rapture will occur. It is our Blessed Hope, but unfortunately, many folks in the Church are confused about it. NOTE - This study will end any confusion about the Rapture and answer many questions that so many people have about it.

The threat of nuclear war is becoming normalized. In this video, we will look into current events and how they match Bible prophecy. We will look into: 1. The Rapture 2. Verses about the Little Horn 3. The "Left...

In this video, we look into the Scriptures and compare Trump's behavior with the Bible's description of the Antichrist. .... And folks, it looks like we have a match! In this program we examine a few signature events that point to Trump. Before commenting, please watch the video in its entirety.

Donald Trump has come out of the closet about his intentions. He wants civil war. .... and worse, he wants to do a power grab for the USA. This is madness ladies and gentlemen! He has also revealed that he follows Q-Anon, and is now grooming their followers to be in...

He is all over the news. It's time for the church to choose! Nathan Please help support this ministry. This helps us to reach more people with the gospel message of warning and preparation.

The title speaks for itself. May it speak to the heart of those who are awake. Nathan Please help support this ministry. This helps us to reach more people with the gospel message of warning and preparation.

Are you weary in the Good Fight? Do all of the efforts that you do for God seem to be a waste of time? Don't lose heart my friend. God sees your effort. This message is an encourage for the Body of Christ, where we will look into...

There has been a lot of confusion about Russia's Invasion of Ukraine. But aside from theories, there is also the truth. Sadly, Ukraine is just the beginning. Russia's long range goals include invading several other European countries. This program explains why Putin plans a wider war. Please share. Nathan