The Border Crisis & the Bible – Updated – Youtube Link is Up


Updated – Youtube Link is Up. Below

News from the Wall with Nathan & Donna Leal

The Border Crisis & the Bible. What is the Real Truth?


Note#1 – I am NOT for open borders so anyone who thinks that I am for open borders is mistaken. My commentary on this issue is about those seeking AMNESTY and about the inhumane detention of BABIES! … bottom line, there is ALWAYS more than one way to skin a cat! And the USA needs to use methods that are not embarrassing or ANGER the God of Heaven. The program explains the details.

Note#2 – I may post some of the hate mail that I receive about this program below at the bottom of this page.

It is a heated issue. Illegal migrants are being apprehended at the US border and some have had their children taken from them.

Many have opinions about it. Unfortunately, the viewpoint of most evangelicals is not aligned with Scripture, nor is it based on truth. Why? Because President Trump has LIED about it and has given FALSE information to support his policy.

Do the Scriptures reveal how Christians should examine this issue? Yes they do, and we need to make sure that our viewpoint on the crisis matches the Bible.

In this program, Nathan and Donna Leal dissect this issue and compare it to the Scriptures. The facts are presented and prove from Trump’s own words that the White House is once again, lying to the American People.

Does it matter? Yes it does, because the cries of the “orphaned,” children will not go unpunished. This program also comes with a strong warning. America has turned the corner into darkness, and has sealed her fate with God’s reckoning.

This program is one of the most important topics that we have ever discussed. Please share it with your friends and family.



Updated – Youtube Link is Up






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Email responses and hate mail …..

I am posting the first hate email that we just received. The guy wrote it within 10 minutes of me releasing the program. This means he did NOT listen to the proof that I presented… here you go folks…

“I’m done with you after hearing your brainwashed – taking scripture out of context – pro 3rd world invasion into our country. God is not guiding you, He’s NOT with you, you’ve become mental and you need help. See .. a lot of us Christians are STREET WISE and it’s unbearable for us to hear your left wing milk toast approach to the DARKIE 3RD WORLD JOB STEALING DEMONCRAT VOTING LIVING STANDARD LOWERING INVADERS. Get off the air and get a job. I hear MSNBC’s hiring. Now beat it.”

D. Walker

Nathan’s Response – The border issue is not a Democrat / Republican issue, it is a Matthew 5 issue.